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Hulu Autoplay Not Working

Whether you are sick in bed, are in the middle of a lazy rainy day, are catching up to the final episode, or simply don’t feel like moving from the couch, Hulu Autoplay allows you to watch as many episodes as you want, without ever needing the remote. But what if the Autoplay stops working?

If Hulu Autoplay is not working, check if the Autoplay menu setting is enabled properly, clear watch history, update Hulu, check to make sure that you haven’t reached the end of a series, and look for any Hulu outages in your area.

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At the very start of streaming services, every subscriber was forced to always have their remote in hand so that they could watch the next episode of their favorite show. Although this may not seem like that big of a deal, when people found themselves scrambling to find the remote, many thought of how convenient it would be for the series to simply keep playing: in walks Hulu Autoplay. If you have Hulu Autoplay set up but there is no sound, continue reading below.

Hulu Autoplay No Sound

Hulu Autoplay is a setting that can be engaged when you find yourself constantly looking for the remote to watch the next episode of your favorite show. If you’re tired of having to tell Hulu that you want to continue watching and are sick of being asked if you’re still there after three or four episodes, Autoplay is a feature that allows you to watch as much as you want without ever having to press a button. What do you do if there is no sound when using Autoplay?

If Hulu Autoplay has no sound, check first to see if any other titles are affected by the issue. To do this, exit out of the series that you are currently watching and select another title. Once you have selected the title, press play and see if you are able to hear audio from the title.

If you play another title and you are able to hear audio from that title without a problem, then the issue is limited to the previous title you were trying to use Autoplay with. If this is the case for you, you will need to report a problem with the affected title to Hulu and wait for the problem to be resolved. In the meantime, try finding another series or show to watch until the affected title has been cleaned up and freed of any bugs or viruses causing the sound issue.

Hulu Autoplay Not Playing Next Episode

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Hulu Autoplay works as a service that allows users to sit back and relax as they are guided into the next episode of the series of their choice without ever having to physically select what they want to continue on. This alleviates the need for the remote constantly and also helps to seamlessly flow from one episode to the next without being directed back to the home screen of Hulu. If you are using Autoplay and the next episode will not play, what can you do?

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If Hulu Autoplay is not playing the next episode, be sure that you have Autoplay enabled. If you have the latest version of Hulu, go to your account and select settings from within this menu. Once you are there, find Autoplay and be sure that it has been turned ‘On’ before exiting.

Hulu Autoplay Starts Episodes at the End

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If you are using Autoplay, how this feature should work is that once you end an episode, you should be able to jump directly into the next episode and start from the very beginning. This allows you to seamlessly watch the most relevant content without ever getting out of order. However, some Hulu subscribers who are using Autoplay have noticed that once they start another episode, they are taken to the end of the next episode rather than the beginning.

If Hulu Autoplay starts the next episode at the end, clear your watch history by going to the show’s detail page and click on ‘Manage Movie’ or ‘Manage Series.’ Once you are here, click ‘Remove From Watch History’ and then confirm the selection so that the series is forgotten.

If you are, in fact, watching a series for the second or third time and you are experiencing issues with Autoplay playing subsequent episodes at the end, you can remove the series from your watch history to avoid being started at the end of the next episode. Since the content has already been watched, it will save to the individual profile and will thus result where you left off: at the end

Hulu Autoplay Plays Same Episode

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The entire point of enabling Autoplay on your Hulu account is to be able to move forward to the next episode without ever having to lift a finger or search for the remote control. However, some Hulu subscribers are plagued with the issue of the same episode playing over again once it has completed, rather than moving forward to the next episode. If you have Autoplay enabled while using Hulu and it is playing the same episode over and over, continue reading below for the fix.

If Hulu Autoplay plays the same episode, it is likely that Hulu simply needs to be installed with the latest firmware update. To complete this process, the sequence will vary depending on the device you are watching Hulu on, but any updates can typically be found within Settings.

Hulu Autoplay Goes to Different Show

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The intention of Autoplay within Hulu is to give users the ability to move forward with their binging without having to be interrupted by requests, however, this binging cannot be possible if you are in the middle of one series but are suddenly led to a completely different show. If you are watching a specific show while using Autoplay within Hulu, but are suddenly directed to a different show once the episode has stopped playing, what could be the cause?

If Hulu Autoplay goes to a different show, it could be that the series you are watching has no more episodes available. Go back to available episodes and see if there are any subsequent episodes following the one you just completed, and if not, this explains the redirection.

If you have come to the end of a series and you are redirected to another show, this is because Hulu automatically suggests shows that fit your particular viewing tastes. When this happens and a series ends while using Autoplay, the suggested show will automatically begin to play. Although this may not be exactly what you want, you can exit out of the playing title and select one that you prefer to use Autoplay on.

Hulu Autoplay Skipping Episodes

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When you are in the middle of a series, you want to be able to play the subsequent episode without having to worry about episodes playing out of order. After all, the entire point of watching a series is to be able to follow along with the planned storyline, therefore, when this gets out of order, subscribers are left wondering where the plot is going and are confused with the sequence of events within the episode. If Hulu Autoplay is skipping episodes, read below.

If Hulu Autoplay is skipping episodes, check to make sure that Hulu servers are running properly in your area. If they are, be sure to try deleting your watch history. To do this, refer back to the previous section titled “Hulu Autoplay Starts Episodes at the End.”

Once you have checked for any outages and have deleted your watch history, check back to see if Hulu is still skipping episodes. If it is, try updating the app to see if the firmware update helps to clear Hulu of any bugs causing the issue. To do this, refer back to the previous section titled “Hulu Autoplay Plays Same Episode,” but be aware that each device will take different steps to update the app, depending on what you are watching from.

Hulu Autoplay Random Shows

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Whether you are at the beginning, middle, or nearing the end of a series, when you have Autoplay turned on within Hulu, you should be immediately directed to the next episode of the series once the previous episode finishes. If you, however, are redirected to a random show that has no relevance to the show you are currently watching, continue reading below to see what you can do to get this setting back into working order.

If Hulu Autoplay keeps playing random shows, first start by clearing your watch history. Once this is done, log out of your account and back in to see if this helps to reset the app. Try once again to play the title and see if you are able to use Autoplay properly without issue.

If Autoplay is still not working as it should and you are being taken to random shows once the selected show has ended, try updating the app. The process for this will vary depending on the type of device you are watching from, but once you have the app updated, log back into your Hulu account and play the same title you were previously watching. This might be a quick fix to your issues of random titles playing without your prompting.

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Can You Turn Autoplay Off On Hulu?

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Autoplay is great for those who don’t want to have to worry about fussing with playing the next episode, but if you are someone who likes a bit more control, this feature may be more of a hindrance than it is a benefit. If this is you, you may be wondering if there is a way to turn Autoplay off so you have complete control over how much you watch of something, when you watch it, and how quickly you can access content.

You can play Autoplay off when watching Hulu. To do this, press the ‘down’ button on your remote control so that the playback bar is revealed and then navigate to ‘settings.’ Once you are there, find Autoplay, and if it is on, switch the option to ‘off’ and confirm your selection.

How To Stop Hulu Autoplay

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Using Autoplay when watching Hulu is a way to add quick convenience to your viewing experience, especially when you are in the middle of a series that you don’t plan to deter from any time soon. However, if you decide that you want to momentarily take a break from the series you are currently watching and navigate to different content, you may be wondering how you can stop Autoplay to avoid being automatically thrust into the next episode.

If you want to stop Autoplay on Hulu, simply turn off the feature or exit out of the next episode before it begins. If you would momentarily like to turn Autoplay off, see the previous section titled “Can You Turn Autoplay Off On Hulu” to see the exact steps for the process.

If Hulu Autoplay has no sound, clear your watch history, log out of the app and back in, try turning Autoplay off, and check to make sure that no other titles are affected by sound issues. If sound problems are widespread, try updating the app with the latest firmware.

How To Make Hulu Play Continuously

To make Hulu play continuously, first, ensure you’re logged in to your Hulu account. Navigate to ‘Account’ and select ‘Settings’. Here, you’ll find the option for ‘Autoplay’. Turn it on to enable continuous play, ensuring episodes or movies will automatically play one after another without manual intervention.

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