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Frigidaire Dishwasher Not Draining Properly

Frigidaire dishwashers come at an affordable price and have a simplistic design that makes them easy to use. However, this does not mean that they cannot break down, and some users have noticed that their Frigidaire dishwasher won’t drain properly. If you have noticed these draining problems, this article will provide a number of simple explanations to help you get to the bottom of it.

A Frigidaire dishwasher cannot drain if the drain hose is blocked, the drainage valve is shut or the pump is not working. If the water drains, water may still flow back in, such as if there is no drain loop or the valve is broken. There could also be water leaking into the tub at the water inlet.

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You can find out about each of these issues and how to fix them in the article below. If you are experiencing issues with the drain continuously running, this is also something that can be easily explained and you can find towards the end of the article.

Frigidaire Dishwasher Not Draining

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Drain Pump

The role of the drain pump is to pump water out of the dishwasher into the drain hose. The pump is powered by a motor, which spins the impeller within. This is what forces water out of the dishwasher and into the drain.

If the pump is broken, this process will not occur. If you do not hear any noise when the dishwasher is supposed to be draining, chances are that it is the motor that has broken and needs replacement. If you still hear the pump running, but the dishwasher is not draining, there could be damaged components within the pump housing, such as the impeller.

Drainage Valve

The drainage valve opens to allow water in the dishwasher to be pumped into the drainage hose, and then closes to prevent water running back into the dishwasher. This valve is operated by a solenoid, which is controlled by the min circuit board.

If this valve remains open, dirty water has the potential to freely flow back into the dishwasher, which can make the dishwasher appear as if it is not fully draining. This can occur if the valve is broken because, even if it closes, water can still pass through.

If the valve does not open, the water cannot be drained at all and a large amount of dirty water will be left in the bottom of the dishwasher. This is the case if the solenoid is not working, or even if there is an issue with the main circuit board.

Blocked Drain

A blocked drain pipe has the same effect as if the drainage valve does not open. All the dirty water from the dishwasher will not be able to drain. This can occur due to limescale build-up in the hose, or from food debris becoming lodged in the pipe.

This is one of the simplest explanations for a dishwasher that does not drain, and is also the easiest to fix. Simply disconnect the drainage hose from the dishwasher and check for blockages. You can also disconnect the hose from both ends and run water through to double-check.

Drainage Loop Missing

Dishwasher drain hoses connect to the main drain under the sink, which then drains away into sewerage. All dishwasher drains should have a loop in the hose that sits higher than its connection to the main drain. This uses gravity to prevent backflow of dirty water through the hose towards the dishwasher.

If you notice that your dishwasher drain hose does not loop above its connection to the sink, you may have an air gap installed instead. This is a cavity of air along the length of the drain pipe that can usually be accessed from your benchtop.

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Both serve the same purpose, but if you have neither, this will prevent the dishwasher from fully draining. However, this issue is another easy fix. You simply need to reattach a section of the drain pipe higher in the under-sink cupboard to create a high loop.

If you have a different brand dishwasher please check out our dishwasher not draining article for other brands.

Frigidaire Dishwasher Not Fully Draining

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As you can see above, there are a number of reasons why water will not drain from your dishwasher. However, of these reasons, there are some that will allow some water to drain, but not fully. These are listed below.

  • The drainage valve is damaged and therefore cannot fully close
  • There is no high loop (or air gap) installed in the drainage hose

Normal Amount of Residual Water

There should always be a small amount of water left in the sump housing after a dishwashing cycle. The sump housing describes the area at the bottom of the dishwasher where the pump can be found. The purpose of this small amount of water is to prevent components of the sump housing from drying up and cracking.

This small amount of water may cause users to think that the dishwasher is not draining properly. One way you can distinguish this is that the water should appear relatively clean. The residual water is a small amount left over from the rinsing cycle, which occurs after the dirt and food debris has been drained away.

Another way to determine whether or not you are seeing normal residual water in your dishwasher is by checking the amount. There should be no more than about one cup of water remaining in the dishwasher after each cycle. This water is also drained immediately before the next cycle begins.

Frigidaire Dishwasher Drain Pump Keeps Running

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The drain pump will continuously run if the dishwasher detects excess water in the bottom of the tub. Therefore, if your pump keeps running, it is likely that the water is not draining, there is a water leak or the float switch is broken. As mentioned above, some reasons why the water may not be draining and causing the pump to run are as follows.

  • The drain pipe has a blockage or is backed up
  • The drainage valve will not open (due to broken solenoid)

Broken Water Inlet

The water inlet to your dishwasher has a valve that opens to allow water in, and closes when the dishwasher has registered enough water. Similar to the drainage valve, if this inlet valve becomes damaged, it could allow water to continuously leak into the dishwasher tub.

Having water leak into the tub means that water could be filling the tub as fast as it is being drained, causing the pump to run continuously. You should see if water is leaking in through the inlet valve. If this is the case, this can easily be replaced.

Broken Float Switch

The float switch will alert the dishwasher to the levels of water in the dishwasher tub. When the float is lifted by the water, the float switch is activated to stop water entering the tub. If the float switch is broken, this could either allow too much water into the tub, or make the dishwasher think there is water in the tub when there is not.

Frigidaire Dishwasher Keeps Draining

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Your Frigidaire dishwasher will keep draining water if there is a leak. As mentioned above, this can be caused by the following.

  • Blocked drain pipe
  • Closed drainage valve
  • Damaged water inlet valve

To determine which problem you are facing, check the water inlet. If this is leaking, you have a problem with the valve. If there is water in the bottom of the tub but the water inlet is closed, you may be experiencing a blockage or broken drainage valve.

Frigidaire Dishwasher Not Draining and Leaking

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A Frigidaire dishwasher that is not draining and also leaking could be caused by a leaking water inlet valve, as mentioned above. If this is not the case, below are some other possibilities you should investigate.

Loose Drainage Hose

A drain hose that is blocked may have excessive pressure within, which can loosen the hose from its connection point to the dishwasher. When this happens, your dishwasher will not be able to drain and will also leak from the bottom. Check your drain pipe for blockages and then make sure it is secured tightly to the dishwasher.

Dishwasher is Not Level

A common cause for your dishwasher to leak is that it is not sitting level. You could check this by putting a spirit level on top of the dishwasher. Being unlevel can also affect the effectiveness of the drainage system, making it appear that your dishwasher is also not draining properly.

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Damaged Door Seal

If you have any of the issues mentioned in this article causing the dishwasher to not drain efficiently as well as a damaged door seal, the excess water in the dishwasher may leak out. You can inspect the door seal by placing towels down in front of the door and carefully opening it. Once you are able to see the seal, check for any cracks or warped areas as these will break the seal.

Frigidaire Dishwasher Not Draining Not Clogged

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I have discussed many possibilities for why your dishwasher may not be draining in this article. The drain pipe is usually the first thing people check when they suspect a clog, but if this is not the case, it could still be a number of other issues. These include the following issues.

  • Drain pump or motor is damaged
  • Drain loop has not been installed
  • Water inlet is leaking
  • Float switch is broken

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