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Hulu Live Not Working

Hulu Live gives subscribers the ability to not only watch the best series and movies through what Hulu offers, but also gives them the chance to watch news, games, and soaps in real-time without missing a minute. If Hulu Live is not working, what can be done to resolve the issue?

If Hulu Live isn’t working, check to see if there are any Hulu outages within your area, close and restart the app, implore the ‘Browse’ or ‘Search’ functions to find specific titles, confirm you have an internet speed of 8.0 Mbps or greater, or add shows to ‘My Stuff’ for recording purposes.

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When it comes to streaming services, Hulu is one that comes to the very top of many people’s charts, as the content within this domain is expansive, diverse, and always updating. However, when you want to watch the weekend game or tune into breaking news, you need a live streaming service that can give you just that – Hulu Live. If you have Hulu Live for all of your real-time viewing needs but it isn’t working, continue reading to see what can be done.

Hulu Live Not Working

Streaming services are great for those nights when you feel like binge watching a new series or pulling up an old favorite movie, but when it comes to being able to watch things in real-time, some services can fall incredibly short. Luckily, Hulu Live is a way to upgrade your TV experience without ever having to worry about cable or satellite again by simply subscribing to this service. If you do this though and Hulu Live isn’t working, what can you do?

If Hulu Live isn’t working, check to make sure that Hulu is not experiencing any outages within your area. To do this, you can go to Hulu’s website to see the outage list from within. If there are any outages, this can only be resolved by Hulu which calls for waiting the solution out.

When you check for outages, if you see that there are no outages in the area you are watching, you can try to restart the app to see if this gets the service up and running again. Whether you are using Hulu Live from a TV, computer, tablet, or smartphone, you will need to exit out of the application completely and then be sure that it is no longer running. Once the app has shut down, you can then reopen the app and see if it is functioning as it should.

Hulu Live Channels Not Showing Up

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Once you subscribe to Hulu Live, you should be able to see all channels available to you from the home screen of Hulu on whatever device you are using. This means having access to dozens of live channels with the simple scroll or click of the button, but what do you do if you notice that the live channels that were previously there are no longer showing? If you have Hulu Live and the channels aren’t showing up, continue reading below to see what can be done.

If Hulu Live channels aren’t showing up, it is likely that this issue is being experienced across the board by many other Hulu subscribers. This can be checked on Hulu’s website, but to combat the issue while the fix is being found, use the ‘Browse’ and ‘Search’ functions to find channels.

By using ‘Browse’ within the app, you will be given a list of the live channels that are available to you if you do not initially see these options. If you have an exact title in mind and know the specific name, you can implore the ‘Search’ option where you will be able to type in the title of the show, press ‘Search’ and be directed to it. Once you find the channel you are looking for, select it and there should be no problem playing the selected item on Hulu Live.

Hulu Live Guide Not Loading

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When using Hulu Live, you are able to see the live channels that are available to you, but the configuration and display of these channels are more closely aligned with what a cable or satellite display would look like rather than what standard Hulu displays when it’s simply movies and shows. Therefore, when you enter Hulu Live, you are brought to a channel guide that will show you what’s available. What, then, do you do if the guide is not loading?

If the Hulu Live guide isn’t loading, check to make sure that you have the proper internet speed to stream live TV. You need an internet speed of 8 Mbps or more to stream Hulu Live, which can be tested by performing a speed test online for your home or business network.

Once the speed test has completed, you should be given the results of your network speed. If you see that your network is too slow to stream live content, this is the reason for the guide not loading. If this is the case for you, you will need to upgrade your network speed by contacting your provider. Once your network has been upgraded, you can try the app once again to see if the guide will load without an issue.

Hulu Live Did Not Record

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Another great feature that comes along with Hulu Live is that subscribers are not only able to watch live TV in real-time, but they are able to record those live shows when life simply doesn’t allow for them to watch when it is immediately aired. This is incredibly convenient for early morning newscasts, late-night games, and premieres that would have been otherwise missed due to family or work obligations. However, what might the issue be if Hulu Live didn’t record?

If Hulu Live didn’t record a show you thought you had timed for recording, make sure that you are going through the proper steps to set up the recording feature. To record a show on Hulu Live, select the live show you want to record, go to ‘Description,’ and select ‘My Stuff.’

After you have selected ‘My Stuff’ or ‘My Episodes,’ this program will be automatically added and recorded from there on out. This means that you will no longer have to select a series to record, as Hulu has the channel or show added to your favorites list, which means less worry for you and easier viewing when time simply won’t allow for you to watch the live stream. If you don’t want every episode recorded, simply turn off the ‘Record Series’ option.

Hulu Live Not Showing Local Channels

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Hulu is a streaming service that is based upon the subscription you sign up for, which indicates the content that is available within it. When you have Hulu Live, that content is still the same, however, the channels that are available live function a bit differently. Depending on the area you are in, the live channels you have access to will differ due to your location. If you notice though that Hulu Live is not showing local channels, take a look below to see what you can do.

If Hulu Live isn’t showing local channels, try completing a power cycle on the device to refresh the system. If using the app from a TV, unplug the device directly from its power source and allow it to sit for at least a minute. If you are using a phone, simply turn the device off and back on.

Once you have completed a power cycle, you should be able to see the local channels available to you in your area. If you are using a smartphone to stream content from Hulu Live, keep in mind that the channels will change from region to region, which means that you can have access to a slew of different live content within the span of a day if you are traveling a broad distance.

Hulu Live Not Connecting/Keeps Disconnecting

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Hulu Live gives you instant access to content that is happening right in the moment, making it easy to find any game you want to watch, any broadcast making headlines, and watch shows as they come out rather than waiting for season releases. However, this access is completely dependent on a network that is connected, strong, and reliable. If you are using Hulu Live and it will not connect or continually disconnects from your network, continue reading below.

If Hulu Live is not connecting or keeps disconnecting try resetting the device. To reset the TV, unplug the device from its power source, hold down the power button for at least 5 seconds to drain it of power, wait 60 seconds, then plug the device back in to see if it will connect to your network.

This power reset should clear any minor issues that are going on with either your television and may help to reset Hulu as well. If you are having a problem with the app disconnecting, try clearing the cache within the app. To do this, go to ‘Settings’ from within the app, click on ‘Applications,’ select ‘Hulu,’ then choose the option to ‘Clear Cache and Clear Data.’ This should free up space within the app which will allow for a more stable connection.

Hulu Live Keeps Skipping/Cutting Out

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Maybe even worse than Hulu Live simply disconnecting is the issue of this service cutting out when you are in the middle of watching something. You may be able to get into the app, see all available channels, and even start watching live content, but once you are in the midst of the show or game, it suddenly begins to skip and cut out, leaving you wanting for a better connection. If this is your issue, read on to see what you can do to resolve the problem.

If Hulu Live keeps skipping and cutting out, it may be that your device needs to be updated with the latest software. This will vary depending on the device you are using to access Hulu Live, but follow the steps on your device to find an update, download, and install it if available.

If your device is updated with the latest software and you are still having issues with Hulu Live skipping and cutting out, check to make sure that your internet speed is high enough to support live streaming. To stream live content from Hulu, you need a network speed of 8.0 Mbps or higher to accommodate the content. To check your network speed, run a speed test through either your smartphone or computer to see where your network stands.

Hulu Live Keeps Buffering

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Although you may not have problems with the video on Hulu Live skipping or cutting out, some Hulu Live subscribers have found major issues with the video buffering and never playing content. This loop not only leaves users in the dark when it comes to keeping up with live content, but plagues them with the task of figuring out what is causing such an issue. If you’re dealing with this particular problem, read on to see what the likely cause is and what can be done.

If Hulu Live keeps buffering, try uninstalling and reinstalling the app. The process for this will slightly vary depending on what type of device you are accessing the app through, but delete the app and once it has been deleted, search for it again, download, and reinstall it.

After you have deleted the app and reinstalled it, confirm that your device is connected to a network that has a bandwidth speed of at least 8.0 Mbps or higher. You can then try replaying content again from the app, but if it is still buffering, disconnect any other devices that are connected to the network you are using. By doing this, you can allow for a stronger connection when using Hulu Live.

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If Hulu Live isn’t working, complete a power cycle on the device you are accessing Hulu Live through, reset the device, clear the cache within Hulu, update your device with the latest software, uninstall and reinstall the device, and disconnect any other devices connected to the same network.

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