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iPad YouTube Not Working

Whether you are on the go, sitting at home, or paused in the middle of your morning commute, an iPad gives anyone the ability to take content wherever they may be. If you are someone who uses YouTube regularly on your iPad, what steps can you take to fix it when it stops working?

If YouTube on your iPad is not working, check to see if YouTube is down, be sure the iPad has not been muted by either the mute button or internally, disconnect and reconnect the device from Wifi, update the app with the most recent software, and try deleting and reinstalling the app.

Ipad showing YouTube in the screen

iPads give users the ability to take work and play with them no matter where life may lead, keeping the door open to being connected to what you want and what you need, without ever having to sit down at a desk. Even more, YouTube is an app many find to fit in those same categories of work and play, making it rather inconvenient when this app goes down. If YouTube is not working on your iPad, continue reading below to find the best solution to your problem.

iPad YouTube Not Working

When accessing YouTube through your iPad, you will click on the app’s icon which will then either lead you to a login screen or will take you directly to the homepage of either YouTube or your YouTube account. Once you are there, you should be able to search for and access any content that you so desire. However, if you go to use YouTube on your iPad and notice that it is not working as it should, you need a solution that will get things running again.

If YouTube is not working on your iPad, check first that YouTube is not experiencing a widespread outage. To this, search on a variety of different websites that give real-time information for outages. If YouTube is down, the only fix is to wait until the issue has been resolved internally.

If you check for the outage but find that the platform is running, therefore indicating an issue on your end, you will need to move forward with more troubleshooting methods. Next, try closing out of the app completely. To do this, simply exit out of the app from your iPad and be sure that it is not running once closed. After it has been closed, open the app up again and see if YouTube will work without interruption.

iPad YouTube No Audio

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For the most part, those who are using YouTube on their iPad are not only looking for video content, but they want the audio that pairs with the content to work as well. When watching a YouTube video, there may be moments where the audio ebbs and flows differently depending on the content, but you should be able to hear what is displaying without too much issue. If YouTube on your iPad is not emitting any audio, continue reading below.

If YouTube on your iPad has no audio, confirm that you do not have the mute button engaged on the device. If the mute function is on, you will be able to see a small orange dot where the button is located. Simply switch the mute button to the opposite position and the mute function will turn off.

When you turn the mute button off, you should be able to hear audio coming from the video you are watching, but what if you are among the unlucky few that this solution doesn’t work for? Check to see if your device has been muted internally by clicking the ‘Home’ button on the iPad twice. You will then scroll all the way over to the left and check to see if the volume icon has a mute message displayed and if it does, click the icon to allow it to unmute.

iPad YouTube Won’t Play

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When using YouTube on your iPad, you will simply click the YouTube icon from your home screen which will immediately take you to the content within the app. If you are able to scroll through content within YouTube, complete different searches, and even select specific videos, you may be surprised to find that the video you have selected won’t play. If YouTube won’t play on your iPad, take a look below to see what the cause might be.

If YouTube won’t play on your iPad, try turning Wifi off and back on again. To do this, simply go into settings and disable the Wifi you were previously using. Once done, allow a minute or so before turning Wifi on once again and testing to see if YouTube will play.

If you do this and YouTube still will not play, try resetting your network to see if this helps to rid any minor issues that might be causing the problem. To do this, unplug the router directly from its power source and allow it to sit for 60 seconds. Once this time has passed, plug the router back in and allow it to reboot completely before trying to open the app once again to check for any issues with playing a particular video.

iPad YouTube Keeps Crashing

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If you are able to get into YouTube from your iPad, can see content without a problem, and can hear the videos once they begin to play, you may be thinking that you are out of the woods when it comes to potential problems. Although this would be ideal in a perfect world, some users have found that even though they are able to access the app and content within, YouTube will crash without warning. If this is your problem, read on below to see what can be done.

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If YouTube on your iPad keeps crashing, a software update of the app might be the most effective solution. To update YouTube on your iPad, go to the app store on your device and click on your profile. Once you are here, swipe down within this area to check for any updates.

Once you complete this action, you will be able to see any updates that are available for any of the applications installed on your iPad. If you see the option for an update within YouTube, select the option to proceed forward with the installation and allow your device uninterrupted time to complete the update. If there are other updates available, take time to install these as well, as various software updates can affect the function of multiple apps.

iPad YouTube No Video

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There are moments where YouTube users simply want or need the audio that comes from the content within this platform, for the most part though, the most important function is that video is displayed and functioning properly. If you are using YouTube on your iPad and you are not able to see video, this can be an incredibly frustrating problem to try and fix. If YouTube has no video when using your iPad, take a look below to find out the fix for such an issue.

If YouTube has no video on your iPad, clear the cache of the app by deleting and reinstalling the app. To do this, hold down the app icon on the home screen and once it gives you the option, click ‘Delete App.” Once deleted, you can then search for and reinstall YouTube.

When you have finished deleting and reinstalling the app, you can then move forward with logging back into the app. Once you have access to the app, try playing a video again to see if you are met with a black screen. If you are playing the same video as before and are still seeing a black screen, switch to a different video to see if the issue is limited to that particular title. If it is, report the affected title to YouTube so that they can arrange a fix.

iPad YouTube Keeps Buffering

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You may be able to see the content within the video you have selected without a problem when it comes to visibility, but some users have found that once the video starts playing, there is a problem with the content continually buffering. This is often met with a spinning circle, indicating that signal is trying to be found so the video can download and play, but what do you do if you are only able to see this buffering display when using the app on your iPad?

If YouTube keeps buffering on your iPad, the issue is likely caused by your internet connection. To resolve this issue, reset your network by unplugging your router from its power source. After this, allow it to sit unplugged for 60 seconds before plugging the device back in.

Once the router has completely reset, you can then try once again to play content from YouTube. If you still have problems with the video buffering, try disconnecting any other devices that you have connected to the same network if they are not in use. By disconnecting these devices, the signal becomes stronger for your iPad, which means better video performance when trying to play content.

iPad YouTube Keeps Pausing

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Similar to the issue of YouTube buffering is the problem of the app pausing when being used on an iPad. No matter what device you are using, a YouTube video pauses in the middle of a video when the content isn’t downloading fast enough for it to play continually. When this happens, the video will pause so that the content can download and the video can resume playing, but what do you do if this is a problem that keeps occurring?

If YouTube keeps pausing on your iPad, pay attention to the content you are trying to play and check to see if your internet speed can support it. If you are playing 4K videos, you will need an internet speed of 20 Mbps, for HD 1080p, 5Mbps, and for HD 720p, 2.5 Mbps.

If you are not playing any videos listed above, but simply want to stream basic content, you will need an internet speed of 500 Kbps. To see what internet speed you are working with, perform a speed test online from your iPad and see if this is your issue. If your network speed is too weak, the videos you are streaming cannot be supported, which will cause them to buffer and pause to catch up with a poor connection.

iPad YouTube Not Full Screen

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There may be times when you are trying to work in tandem while watching something on YouTube, which will cause the YouTube screen to be minimized to a degree. However, if you are using the app and you want to see content on a bigger scale, YouTube is able to expand into a full-screen mode which allows users to watch their favorite content in a larger area. If YouTube won’t go into full-screen mode, read below to see what you can do to fix this problem.

If YouTube is not in full screen on your iPad, try setting the app to “Desktop Mode” to get a better quality picture while also having full-screen capabilities. To do this, click on the YouTube icon at the top of the screen when within the app and select “Desktop Mode” from the dropdown menu.

If YouTube isn’t working on your iPad, reset your network, disconnect any other devices connected to the network that are not in use, check to see that your network speed can support the type of videos you are playing, and select the option to go into “Desktop Mode.”

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