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Maytag Ice Maker Not Working

I recently got a new Maytag fridge that has a built-in ice maker and it started not producing ice. The fridge I had before that had a range of issues that I repaired on my own. So, I’m now pretty familiar with what can go wrong with a fridge. I set about getting the icemaker working again, and thought I’d share what you need to do.

Generally, this is caused by no water pressure, a damaged or clogged water filter, or the incorrect water filter has been installed, the water system wasn’t flushed, or the ice maker is turned off. Newly installed fridges also take 24 hours to begin producing ice.

Ice Maker

In this article I’ll explain how to check all of the steps above, so that you can get your Maytag ice maker working.

Maytag Fridge Freezer Ice Dispenser Not Working (Not Dispensing or Keeps Dispensing)

Ice Maker

When your Maytag ice maker isn’t working properly, it can produce too much ice or not enough ice. Here’s a summary of what causes these issues.

A Maytag fridge that is producing too much ice, indicates the ice bin is out of position. Or, there is something in the ice bin. If there is no ice production it’s generally an issue with the parts of the fridge that supply the water, or the ice maker is turned off.

Even if you inspect your fridge, there’s no real way to know what’s causing it without running through each of the troubleshooting steps until one of them works.

So, I’ll explain how to do all of the troubleshooting steps below. First, I’ll start by explaining step by step what to do when it’s not making any ice. And after that explain what to do if it keeps producing ice.

Maytag Fridge Not Making Ice

Ice Maker

The ice dispenser is very convenient, and I like the fact that I don’t need to worry about filling up an ice tray. But, the ice dispenser can not dispense ice when something has gone wrong, or if the fridge is new. When that happens, here’s the troubleshooting steps you should take.

There are two broad steps to ensuring a Maytag fridge produces ice. They are to make sure the ice maker is on, and it is getting water. Turning the icemaker on is simple. But, if there’s no water it can be a bit more involved to fix.

The reasons for low water pressure to your fridge are a lack of water pressure because the water valve is not open, the water supply lines are bent or split, the filter is the wrong brand, the water filter is blocked, or the water lines weren’t purged after install.

Reason 1: Ice maker is not turned on, so it won’t produce ice

A Maytag fridge can be plugged in and the lights are on. But, the ice maker itself is not turned on. The way to turn it on differs for each model of Maytag fridge. And the best thing to do is refer to your owners manual to see how to ensure the ice maker is turned on.

If you don’t have your user manual you can find it on the official Maytag website by putting in the model number for your fridge.

The model number is located on the top left of the inside of your fridge, on the top front, or on the upper right side of the vegetable crispers at the bottom of your fridge. It will say MODEL NO, and then the model number will be printed underneath.

Reason 2: Water pressure is too low or the water is not turned on

If you have a water dispenser on your Maytag fridge, check that you get a good flow of water from it. If you do then it’s likely not the water pressure that is the issue.

Provided that you don’t have a water dispenser or you have poor water pressure coming out of the water dispenser then it’s likely the issue is caused by low water pressure.

To fix that, visually inspect the lines at the rear of your Maytag fridge to see that they are split, or bent, and there isn’t a puddle of water caused by the water supply lines leaking.

There are only two connections to your fridge, the power cord and the water supply lines, so they should be easy to locate. If you notice any issues with the water supply lines then apply the fix it needs, or replace the lines themselves.

Water valve that connects your plumbing to your fridge

There can be a valve that needs to be in the fully open position where the water supply lines connect to your plumbing. If it’s not fully open for whatever reason put it into the fully open position.

There is a standard water pressure that is used for all plumbing systems in homes, and it won’t ever be too much that it causes an issue when the valve is open all the way.

Provided you’re aware that your home has a building permit, or you’re aware that the plumbing was done by a qualified professional then you can be sure it’s safe to open the valve all the way.

If you’re unsure about the quality of the plumbing then leave opening the water valve all the way until the end after you’ve tried all the other steps. And it’s best not to do that without testing what the water pressure is of your plumbing system.

Reason 3: Water filter clogged not allowing enough water to flow into the ice maker

The water filter can be filled with debris over time, and get clogged. This can stop the flow of water through the filter. You can run your Maytag fridge without the filter, according to the official Maytag website.

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So, if you suspect the filter is the issue then take it out, and give it 24 hours to see if the ice maker is now producing ice.

Incorrect water filter

It’s also recommended by Maytag that you only use a Maytag or EveryDropTM water filter. Using any other brand can cause the water pressure to be too low.

Reason 3: Reverse osmosis machine hooked up to the water supply line

A reverse osmosis machine generally reduces the water pressure. The Maytag fridge has an inbuilt water filter so you don’t need to connect a reverse osmosis machine to it to filter the water.

Reason 4: Water system not purged, water won’t begin to flow

The water system inside your Maytag fridge needs to be flushed for the water to start flowing as needed for the ice maker to function. This short video shows how to purge the water system:

Maytag Refrigerator Won’t Stop Making Ice

Ice Maker

It’s possible to have the opposite problem, and too much ice will get produced. This is relatively easy to fix, here’s how:

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There can be something in the ice bin, or the ice bin isn’t positioned correctly. When the ice bin is out of position, the refrigerator computer won’t recognize that the bin is full and it will continue to produce ice.

First try to turn the ice maker off, and then ensure that the bin is in the correct location. The switch to turn the ice maker off is different based on what kind of Maytag fridge you have, so use your user manual to see where the off switch for the ice maker is.

Ice bin out of place – doesn’t notify the onboard computer

In the user manual also look up what the correct positioning is for your ice bin, and ensure the ice bin is in the correct location. It’s you do both of those steps and it produces ice even when the ice bin is full, then have a repair technician take a look at it.

If you’re good with your hands you can open the entire ice maker, and inspect it to see if you can see any parts that are obviously broken. You can also test each of the components using a voltmeter to see if they have continuity.

But, it’s impossible to know exactly what’s wrong. And the internal computer might have malfunctioned. If that all sounds a bit too hard then have a repair technician take a look at it.

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