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How To Reset Maytag Refrigerator

Resetting a Maytag refrigerator is a relatively easy thing to do. In fact, there are a number of ways to do it.

The easiest way to reset a Maytag refrigerator is to reset the control panel. This is done by using a series of buttons and holding them for a few seconds. The combination of buttons includes holding the ‘power save’ and ‘lighting’ buttons down at the same time until it resets. That should clear the control panel and correct many of the smaller errors.

Refrigerator in the kitchen

Although the power save and lighting buttons are the easiest way to reset most Maytag refrigerators, there are other button combinations that may work as well.

A secondary option is to hold down the refrigerator and freezer buttons at the same time. You will need to continue to hold the buttons and simultaneously until the control panel resets.

A third option is to press the lighting and energy save your buttons at the same time. This will also reset the refrigerator after the buttons are held in for several seconds.

Additional key combinations include the following:

1. Vacation/Quick Freeze

2. Power Cool/PowerFreeze

3. Ice Type/Filter Reset

These key combinations may work on certain Maytag refrigerators but they will not work on each and every refrigerator model. It may be necessary for you to try various options before you are able to find the one that works for you.

In addition, some of them may not have the exact effect on your Maytag refrigerator that you need. For example, some may reset the filter indicator while others may reset the icemaker.

How To Reset Maytag Refrigerator

Pushing various buttons simultaneously is only one method of resetting your Maytag refrigerator. Other methods are going to be more of a hard reset, which can take care of many issues.

A hard reset is performed by turning off the power and reestablishing it after waiting a few minutes. Doing so will clear the memory and remove any power that is left inside of the unit.

Use the following steps to hard reset your Maytag refrigerator:

1. Turn off the Power – The power should be turned off to the refrigerator. This can be done by unplugging the refrigerator from the wall or turning off the circuit breaker in the circuit panel.

2. Wait – You should wait five minutes after turning off the power before restarting it again. Doing so gives the refrigerator an opportunity to dissipate any energy that is stored in the unit. It will also clear the memory, reset the settings, and give the compressor time to reset.

3. Reestablish Power – After waiting five minutes, you should reestablish power by turning on the circuit breaker or plugging the refrigerator into the receptacle. It will take a few minutes for the refrigerator to fully reboot but at that point, it will be reset.

Resetting the refrigerator can correct many of the problems that occur with the unit. Often, small errors continue to accumulate over time until eventually, they show up as a larger problem in the way the refrigerator operates.

There are also certain issues that are not generally corrected with a restart of your Maytag refrigerator. These would often require additional work, sometimes even replacing internal parts.

One issue that is not often corrected when you reset your refrigerator is if you are not getting power to the unit. This is often an external problem that needs to be corrected by an electrician or qualified repairman.

You can still check for electrical problems by taking one of the following three steps.

1. Check the Circuit Breaker – If the circuit breaker has tripped, then it will need to be reset. You can reset a circuit breaker by turning it fully to the off position and turning it back on again.

Refrigerators use an excessive amount of power so it is always a good idea to only run the refrigerator on that circuit. If you have other things plugged into the same circuit, try unplugging them if the circuit continues to trip.

There may also be issues with the electrical system or the circuit breaker itself if it continually trips. This can be a safety hazard and should be looked into by a qualified electrician.

2. Internal Components – Although it may be possible to reset issues with the compressor, fans, or other internal components, that is not always going to be the case. There may be times in which these components need to be repaired or replaced directly.

3. Icemaker or Water Dispenser – If the icemaker or water dispenser is not operating, you can try resetting the refrigerator first but that is not likely to fix the problem. You may need to go in and check the water supply.

If the water supply line is frozen or clogged, it should be cleared. You can also empty the icemaker and ensure that the control arm is in the down position.

4. Door Seal – If the door seal is not working properly or if it is dirty, it can cause issues with temperature fluctuations. It may also allow moisture in the refrigerator and freezer, which is why you may be seeing some frost.

The door seal can be checked with a one-dollar bill. Insert the one-dollar bill and close the door on it. If the dollar bill pulls out easily without resistance, the door seal or door alignment may need to be adjusted.

These are just some of the issues that may not be corrected when you reset a Maytag refrigerator. What is the purpose of resetting the appliance?

Like many electronic appliances, a refrigerator has an internal computer. It comes in the form of a control board, and issues can build up over time. If small errors continue to accumulate, they may eventually result in a big error.

Resetting the refrigerator resets those small errors but it is not a fix-all for all problems.

Is There A Reset Button On A Maytag Refrigerator?

Man getting food inside the fridge

There may be times when you want to reset your Maytag refrigerator but it is not obvious how to do so.

There is not a reset button on your Maytag refrigerator. Maytag has decided not to have a dedicated reset button but they do have options that allow you to reset the refrigerator. The easiest option is to simply disconnect the refrigerator from the power source and reconnect it again after five minutes.

Reconnecting the power after waiting a few minutes gives the refrigerator an opportunity to reset fully. This would include clearing any memory that may have been established for getting rid of any energy that could be causing small errors.

Of course, that is what is known as a hard reset and it isn’t always necessary to go to those lengths in order to correct any problems. In fact, there are various key combinations that Maytag has established that can reset everything from the control panel to the ice maker.

Each unit may have its own key combinations, so it is impossible to list them all in one location. Your best option is to check your user manual or to check the Maytag website for information about your model number. You might just find that there is a key combination that works well and quickly for you.

The reason why Maytag did not put a dedicated reset button on their refrigerators is that it is rarely necessary to fully reset the unit. Doing so may even have negative consequences, especially if you are cycling the compressor while it is working.

In some cases, however, performing a hard reset by unplugging the refrigerator and then plugging it back in is your best option.

How To Reset Maytag Refrigerator After Power Outage

Man and woman talking while behind the refrigerator

A power outage can result in a variety of issues with any appliance. If you need to reset your Maytag refrigerator after a power outage, there is an easy way to do so.

Resetting a Maytag refrigerator after a power outage is possible when you unplug the refrigerator, wait five minutes, and plug it back in again. This will fully reset the memory and remove any errors that may be showing up in the control panel display.

It may seem redundant to cycle the power in your refrigerator after a power outage. It may be necessary, however, because of the possibility of power surges that can cause errors in the control board of your refrigerator.

If errors continue to show up in your control panel display, pay close attention to them and research to find what is causing them. You should fix the errors and if necessary, the control board may need to be replaced if it has become damaged as a result of a power surge.

How To Reset Maytag Refrigerator Control Board/Control Panel

Man fixing the refrigerator

There may be times when you need to reset the control board or control panel on your Maytag refrigerator. It is easy to do.

The easiest way to reset the control board and control panel of your Maytag refrigerator is to perform a hard reset of the entire appliance. This is done by turning off the power, either by unplugging it or shutting off the circuit breaker. After waiting five minutes, reestablish the power and it will be reset when the booting process is finished.

One of the reasons why people tend to reset the control panel on their Maytag refrigerator is because they are getting some type of error message. Although resetting the appliance may work, it is a temporary fix and is not actually a fix at all.

Error messages take place when there is something that needs to be addressed. It may not be a big issue, but it can be an issue that can lead to larger problems if it is not fixed promptly.

Continuing to reset the refrigerator control board or control panel is not going to make the issue go away. In fact, the issue may continue to get worse as time goes by.

Research the error message to find out why it is showing up in the first place. You can then have the problem corrected and after you reset the refrigerator, the error message won’t show back up again.

How To Reset Maytag Refrigerator Display

Confused man while looking at the refrigerator

If you are having problems with your Maytag refrigerator display, resetting the appliance may help to correct the issue.

Resetting your Maytag refrigerator can help to get the display up and running again. This is accomplished by unplugging the refrigerator or turning off the circuit breaker for five minutes. Afterward, you can reestablish the power and the display should be working again.

Of course, resetting the Maytag refrigerator is not going to be a cure-all that will solve all problems. In fact, you may find that it is necessary to take things to the next level in order to correct the problem with the display.

The refrigerator display is directly tied to the control panel and the control board. If those are experiencing problems, it may be necessary to replace parts rather than simply resetting the refrigerator.

The difficulty is, you can’t easily test the control board to see if it is experiencing problems. Your best option is to look at the control board carefully, perhaps even using a magnifying glass in order to identify any burnt areas or damage.

A control board cannot be repaired but it can be replaced. After replacing the control board, if that is the problem, your refrigerator display should be back up and running again.

How To Reset Maytag Refrigerator Ice Maker

Man fixing the refrigerator

Is your Maytag refrigerator ice maker not working? This can be repaired easily with a reset.

The easiest way to get your icemaker working is to reset the Maytag refrigerator. Rather than resetting the entire unit, remove the ice tray and look for the power button to the ice maker itself. Cycling the power to the ice maker may help to free up any stuck parts and get it working again. Otherwise, you may need to check the water line to see if it is clogged.

When you have the ice tray removed from the refrigerator, you will have access to many options. This includes the on-off switch for the ice maker itself, as well as a test button that is included on certain Maytag appliances.

When you press and hold the test button, it will cause the ice dispenser to cycle. You can see if it is working properly but be cautious because any ice in the dispenser will empty on the floor since the ice tray is not in place.

You will also have access to the water line that is used to fill the ice dispenser. If the water line is frozen or clogged in any way, it will not allow the ice maker to produce ice.

You can thaw out the line with a hairdryer but be cautious that you don’t damage the line in the process. Otherwise, you can remove the line temporarily in order to warm it with your hand.

How To Reset Maytag Refrigerator Water Filter/Filter Light

Man looking at the refrigerator

If the water filter indicator light is on, there are ways to reset it. If it doesn’t happen automatically when you replace the filter, try this instead.

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The water filter light on your Maytag refrigerator can be reset using the control panel. Look for a button labeled ‘water filter’ or one that has a water filter symbol next to it. Press and hold that button until the water dispenser light turns on and the water filter indicator light turns out.

In most cases, the Maytag refrigerator will recognize that you have replaced the filter and turn off the light automatically. Although that is true in most cases, you sometimes need to turn it off manually by pressing the button.

This will also work, even if you have not replaced the water filter. It is highly recommended that you do so, however, or you may not be getting the full benefit of clean water from your water dispenser.

Most water filters can be replaced easily by simply removing the old filter and putting the new one in its place. There are videos to walk you through the process but you will be surprised with how easy it is to do.

How To Reset Maytag Refrigerator Door/Temp Alarm

Woman looking at the refrigerator

There are certain alarms included with your Maytag refrigerators that alert you to problems. This includes a temperature alarm if the refrigerator is getting too warm and a door alarm if the door is left open.

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If you need to reset the temperature or refrigerator door alarm in your Maytag refrigerator, it can often be done by pressing the ‘door alarm’ and ‘temperature down’ keys simultaneously. You will need to hold the keys for a few seconds until the alarm turns off. If it turns back on, you may need to perform a hard reset of the appliance.

Sometimes, the temperature alarm may go off inappropriately, such as if the door seal is not operating properly. You may also have a problem with the internal sensor that checks the temperature of the refrigerator.

These issues can sometimes be corrected by unplugging the refrigerator, waiting five minutes, and plugging it back in again. Otherwise, you may need to fix the internal sensors or door seal that is leading to the problem.

Resetting a Maytag refrigerator is possible by pressing the ‘power save’ and ‘lighting’ buttons simultaneously. You can check the user manual other button combinations. Otherwise, you can perform a hard reset by disconnecting the appliance from the power and reestablishing power after five minutes. Doing so will reset the settings and the power to the unit.

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