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Maytag Refrigerator Not Turning On (How To Fix)

Most consumers are well aware of the Maytag brand, due to this company’s longstanding history as a leader in the home appliance business. They have a faithful following of customers who refuse to buy any appliance except for ones made by Maytag. Despite being a trusted brand, Maytag refrigerators can still see their fair share of issues. 

When your Maytag refrigerator isn’t turning on, it could be because of dirty or faulty condenser coils, a bad evaporator fan, or a malfunctioning start relay. The easiest to fix of these problems is dirty condenser coils, since cleaning them to remove the debris will generally fix the problem.

As for faulty condenser coils, bad evaporator fan, or a malfunctioning start relay, those issues will require removing and replacing the offending part. 

If you’re unsure as to what is causing your appliance to not work, consider contacting Maytag directly. This is especially important if your appliance is under warranty, since you may be able to get the fridge repaired for free, depending on the warranty terms and conditions. 

Reasons Why Maytag Refrigerator Is Not Turning On

Unfortunately, there is more than one reason as to why your Maytag refrigerator isn’t turning on. This means that you may have to try more than one troubleshooting process before it works for your appliance. 

The most common reasons as to why your Maytag refrigerator is not turning on are because the temperature isn’t properly set, a setting that is designed to restrict the appliance’s cooling ability is activated, or the vents are obstructed.

The first thing to check when the fridge isn’t working properly is to check what the temperature is set to. A good general rule of thumb is to set the refrigerator to 37 degrees Fahrenheit and 0 degrees Fahrenheit for the freezer. If the settings are higher than that, the Maytag refrigerator may not cool properly. Additionally, if there is a heat source nearby, you may have to adjust the refrigerator’s temperature to a little lower.

Another thing to look for when trying to figure out why the refrigerator isn’t working is whether a setting that restricts the appliance’s ability to cool has been turned on accidentally. Most fridges have a power outage mode or showroom mode, or possibly even a cooling on/off mode. If this setting was accidentally activated, it will prevent the Maytag fridge from working as it should.

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A third possibility as to why the Maytag refrigerator isn’t turning on is because the vents are blocked or restricted. Dirt, dust, hair, and other debris can build up on the vents, blocking air flow. When this occurs, the fridge and freezer cannot keep things cool and may stop working all together. The good news is that you can generally fix this problem by simply cleaning the vents. This includes the vents found inside the fridge, as well as the vents on the exterior of the appliance. Once the vents are free from debris, the fridge will probably start working once again. 

Why Maytag Refrigerator Has No Power

Even though Maytag is often regarded as a trustworthy brand, they still need power in order to work properly. This is, unfortunately, a common theme with home appliances and most, if not all, do require some form of power in order to function. So, when your Maytag refrigerator doesn’t have power, you won’t be able to keep your food and drinks cool.

When the Maytag refrigerator has no power, the issue could be that the outlet the appliance is connected to has blown a fuse or the circuit breaker has tripped. This can be confirmed by checking the fuse box and turning the breaker back on.

Additionally, the actual breaker or fuse could even be bad, which means nothing short of replacing the faulty breaker or fuse will fix the problem. This isn’t just a simple task that you can do quickly. Replacing a breaker or fuse requires contacting your electrical company and requesting they turn off all the power to your home while you are replacing the breaker or fuse. This is an important safety feature that helps keep you, and others, safe from accidentally electrocuting yourself during the repair.

Another potential reason as to why the fridge doesn’t have power is a faulty power supply cable running from the fridge to the outlet. To fix this issue, you will need to replace the old cable with a new one. 

Power supply cables are often available at home repair stores, or you can purchase them online from the official Maytag website. You will need to know the model number of your Maytag refrigerator to ensure you purchase the correct power supply able for your appliance. 

How To Fix Maytag Refrigerator Not Turning On

A refrigerator not turning on is more than an annoyance, it is an expensive problem that could waste several hundred dollars of food you have in your fridge and freezer. 

Sometimes glitches and malfunctions can cause the control panel on your Maytag refrigerator to not work properly. Thankfully, resetting the power to the product can help fix the problem. This will, however, require unplugging the appliance from its power source.

Once you have the fridge’s power cord unplugged, wait for 10 minutes before plugging it back in. Double check that the cooling function on the appliance is set to “ON” and then ensure the control panel is working properly.

If you still need assistance after completing the reset process, reach out to Maytag customer service. They may have to schedule a service visit to repair the appliance. Unfortunately, there are just some issues that cannot be fixed at home and require the help of a professional. This is when Maytag technical support comes in handy. They can not only help determine what could be causing the refrigerator to not turn on, but they also can find and schedule a technician that could repair the appliance. 

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