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Maytag Washer Is Not Spinning (How To Fix)

We come to rely on our Maytag appliances because they are well known for their quality. That doesn’t mean, however, that they aren’t going to experience problems. What can you do if your Maytag washer is not spinning?

The most common reason why a Maytag washer is not spinning is due to user error. If you have the wrong cycle selected, it may be spinning slowly or perhaps not spinning at all because the cycle was made for delicate fabrics.

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If this is the problem you are experiencing, it is one of the easiest to fix. All that is necessary to do is to set it on a cycle that is more appropriate to the type of clothing being washed.

That being said, if you are washing something delicate and it is not spinning, it may be exactly what you want to happen. The spin cycle in a Maytag washer can be harsh and it may end up damaging your delicate items if you are careful.

As you will see in this article, there are many different reasons why a Maytag washer may not be spinning any longer. Each of them can be checked relatively easily and in most cases, they can be fixed easily as well.

Maytag Washer Is Not Spinning (How To Fix)

When you work on a Maytag appliance, including a washing machine, it’s important to do so safely. The energy that goes into these appliances could easily cause a severe shock or could even kill you. That is especially true of a washing machine, which could use more energy.

That is why one of the first steps you should take when working on a Maytag washer is to turn off the power. The proper way to do this is to unplug the machine. If you do so, you will have access to both the receptacle and the plug so you will have control over it.

Another option that you can consider is turning off the circuit breaker. This will also lock out the power but it is easy for someone else to walk up to the breaker panel and turn it back on again while you are in the middle of doing a project. If you turn off the circuit breaker, make sure you lock it in some way or another in the off position.

Your hands are also something to consider when it comes to working safely on a Maytag washer. There are many different sharp edges and you could easily get cut if you aren’t careful. Always make sure that you keep your hands within view and wear all-purpose gloves whenever possible.

Finally, you should be wearing safety glasses if you are doing any type of repair work on a washing machine or any other appliance. It is very easy to injure your eyes and safety glasses can help to prevent that from happening.

We will now consider some of the possible reasons why your Maytag washer is not working. We have identified 7 specific reasons and we will tell you how to fix them as well.

Top 7 Reasons Maytag Washer Is Not Spinning

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Why a Maytag Washer is Not Spinning: Overload or Not Balanced

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Your Maytag washer is able to handle a large load but that doesn’t mean that it is not possible to overload it. In fact, overloading or unbalancing are some of the biggest problems associated with a machine not spinning.

The first thing to check when your Maytag washer suddenly stops spinning is if you are overloading it. That is especially true if you are washing a single large item, such as a comforter or a dog bed. It can be difficult to balance things out properly, which leads to the possibility that the machine will not spin.

One of the benefits of using a Maytag washer is the fact that it has automated systems that help to keep the machine safe. One of those happens when you have an unbalanced load and the machine will automatically reduce the speed of spinning.

This can happen in any type of load if you don’t line things up properly but it is more likely to happen if you have a single large item that bunches up on one side of the machine. Try to spread things out if at all possible and avoid this unbalanced problem.

One other thing you can do is take the larger item to a local laundromat and have it washed in an appropriate machine.

Why a Maytag Washer is Not Spinning: Wrong detergent

Man putting clothes inside the washer

Most of us tend to purchase detergent that is on sale. This could be one of the reasons why your Maytag washer is not spinning.

If you have a high-efficiency Maytag washer, you should only be using HE High-Efficiency detergent. If you use the wrong type of detergent, it is going to cause too many suds to build up and that will reduce the spin speed.

If you have fallen into this trap, it is a relatively easy problem to fix. Quite obviously, you will have to purchase the right type of detergent for the next time you run the washing machine but in the meantime, you can prepare things for the switch.

Run the washing machine through an empty cycle with only water. You can use warm water if desired but cold water would achieve the same goal. You’re trying to force as much of the old detergent out of the system as possible without creating a lot of suds in the process.

Sometimes, you may not notice the fact that the machine is not spinning until you remove the clothing and it is extremely wet. You might also notice that your dryer is not drying as efficiently. This is not always a problem with the dryer, because it could be the washer not spinning as well.

Why a Maytag Washer is Not Spinning: Wrong Cycle

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We appreciate the fact that there are many different settings on our Maytag washer that can handle any type of load. This can also be a problem that can lead to a machine not spinning.

It can be complicated when you first look at a Maytag washer and don’t understand all of the settings that are available. Some of them may seem redundant or unnecessary, but they actually serve a useful purpose.

It is important to set the settings properly for the clothing you are washing. In some cases, this may mean that you will select a ‘no spin’ option and it can help to save some delicate fabric.

Unfortunately, it can also lead to additional problems because without spinning, the washer is not going to remove water from the load and you will have some problems as a result.

This is a very easy problem to fix. Familiarize yourself with the settings on your Maytag washer and set things on the proper spin level.

Why a Maytag Washer is Not Spinning: Bulky Item

Woman putting clothes in the washer

If you decide to load your washing machine with a bulky item, then this can be a problem. In fact, it is one of the more common reasons why a machine may stop spinning.

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Although we discussed this briefly in the section about keeping things balanced, it’s worth mentioning again. A single item that fills the washing machine, such as a dog bed or comforter is practically impossible to balance within the machine.

If you notice that the machine is no longer spinning, try to balance things out as well as you can by spreading the item around the machine. This is going to be hard on a frontloading machine but on the top-loading machine, it is easier.

As was mentioned, one option that you may want to consider is taking your laundry to a laundromat when you have a large, bulky item to wash.

Why a Maytag Washer is Not Spinning: Not Draining

Woman putting clothes in the washer

One of the features that we appreciate about our Maytag washing machine is the fact that it drains the water after it cleans the clothing. This is something that takes place almost automatically but if problems happen, it can stop the spin cycle from happening.

If the water isn’t draining, then the safety feature of your Maytag washer kicks in and keeps the spin cycle from happening. How can you correct this problem?

Remove the drain hose and check to see if it has an obstruction. You can also check for kinks in the drain hose.

You may be able to force an obstruction through the drain hose by using the water from a garden hose at full force. Otherwise, you can buy a new drain hose if you find that yours is damaged or can’t be cleared.

Why a Maytag Washer is Not Spinning: Low Voltage

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You need to have enough power flowing to the washing machine for it to spin properly. If the power isn’t there, the spin won’t happen.

You can use a multimeter to test the power coming out of the receptacle. It is also a good idea to visually inspect the power cord for any damage. If problems are noticed, repairs should be made.

It is best if you contact an electrician to help you through this process. They can take care of the matter so your machine is working again.

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Why a Maytag Washer is Not Spinning: High Drain Hose

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The pump in your washing machine works to very specific standards. If you don’t have your drain hose set up properly, those standards may keep the machine from spinning.

In order for your machine to spin, any water that is removed from clothing during the spin cycle needs to travel through the drain hose. If the drain hose is blocked, it will keep this from happening.

One problem can be installing the drain hose too high off of the floor. The standpipe should not have an opening higher than 96 inches from the floor. It should also not be closer to the floor than 30 inches.

If you have a drain hose opening that is outside of those numbers, the pump is not going to be adequately able to push the water out of your Maytag washer.

The fix to this is easy. Adjust the drain hose so it enters the standpipe between 30 inches and 96 inches from the floor.

If your Maytag washer is not spinning the first thing to check is the cycle settings. You may have set it on a delicate setting or hand wash, which does not include a heavy-duty spin cycle. In addition, you may have turned off the spin cycle directly.

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