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Microsoft Surface Keeps Turning Off

Black tablet on the table

Microsoft Surface is a line of computing devices that includes laptops and tablets. The most notable feature is their touchscreen displays. While many have enjoyed the versatility these computers have provided, some have encountered issues.

Certain generations of Microsoft Surface Pros have been noted to have random shutdown occurrences. This has frustrated many, as many websites and discussion forums have documented various troubleshooting tips and fixes.

If your Microsoft Surface keeps turning off, the most likely cause is from a display feature called Panel Self Refresh. This needs to be turned off by installing and using the Intel Graphics Command Center app. After the setting has been turned off, reboot the Surface device.

The Panel Self Refresh is a power saving technology engineered by Intel. It is the culprit that most people attribute to this problem. Unfortunately, it is enabled by default and requires an app to disable.

To download the app, go to the Microsoft Store and search for Intel Graphic Command Center.

After installing the app, go to System > Power > Panel Self Refresh.

Disable Panel Self Refresh for both Battery and Plugged in.

Lastly, restart the Microsoft Surface device.

You might have to do this after every Windows update, so keep that in mind.

There are also several other things you can try when troubleshooting your Microsoft Surface.

You should always be running the most updated version of the Windows operating system. Check for updates and install.

Issues with any computer are often a result of outdated drivers and firmware. Updates to both can quickly restore a computer back to full functionality and performance.

Surface Drivers and firmware can be found on this Microsoft support page.

Lastly, take a look at the device’s power saving and display options.  As simple as this task is, it’s often overlooked.  Your Microsoft Surface could be just going to sleep early because of a configuration that has been set.  Change the sleep option to something longer than what is currently set.

The Microsoft Surface products are a series of tablets, interactive whiteboards and touch-screen based personal computers. They run on the Windows operating system. All of the surface devices are designed for versatility and easily adapt to your needs. Although the surface devices are highly rated, they may have some glitches from time to time.

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Microsoft Surface Keeps Shutting Down Randomly

Black tablet on the table

Microsoft Surface computing devices have been around for some time now, spanning several generations in both the laptop and tablet lines. Usually, these devices are reliable, but what happens when they aren’t? Have you encountered a scenario where your Microsoft Surface randomly shuts down?

If your Microsoft Surface keeps randomly shutting down, install the Intel Graphics Command Center. Use this app to disable the Panel Self Refresh setting. Then reboot your device.

Intel’s Panel Self Refresh technology helps optimize power saving features. Unfortunately, it needs to be configured using an app called the Intel Graphics Command Center.  This app is not pre-installed on any Microsoft Surface.

To download the Intel Graphics Command Center app, search for it in the Microsoft Store.

Install the app and go to System > Power > Panel Self Refresh.

Turn off Panel Self Refresh for both “Battery” and “Plugged in”

This fix should work for most users. However, if it does not resolve the random shutdown issues, try troubleshooting the device’s Power Management settings.

In your Control Panel, navigate to Surface Type Cover, and choose the Hardware Tab.

Find USB Input Device and click into to see and change the settings inside.

What you want to look for is the Power Management tab. There’s a box that you will want to uncheck, and that is for allowing the device to turn off to save power.

Microsoft is constantly patching up its Windows operating system with updates. Many times, these updates will fix problems that people have noted and submitted. There’s a good chance that this issue has already been resolved in the most current version of Windows, so do a Windows Update and make sure you’re running the most updated Windows.

Software drivers are also something that need regular updates. New fixes are often pushed out for bugs that were not noticed before. Look for any updates, especially ones for your display.

Microsoft Surface Turns Off When Unplugged

Black tablet on the table

A new Microsoft Surface should have no problems when using, but after several years, you might notice a performance drop, especially with its battery. Like many electronic devices that use batteries, battery life diminishes over time. This is because batteries degrade.

If your Microsoft Surface turns off when unplugged, the most common reason is because of its battery. Over time, batteries degrade and lose their ability to hold charge. If your Surface device appears to be charging when plugged in, but shuts off when unplugged, it’s time to replace the battery.

Lithium ion batteries power many of today’s electronics. They allow many devices to be portable and versatile in their uses. However, with every charge there’s a discharge, and over time, the health of the battery deteriorates. The number of battery cycles remaining decreases as more cycles are used up.

Finding a replacement battery for a Microsoft Surface device can be challenging. You can try to do it yourself by purchasing the part and watching YouTube.

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Microsoft can also service out-of-warranty Surface devices. To see the prices visit the Surface Warranty and Services page.

Before jumping into any of the suggestions mentioned, you might want to first examine several components first.

Take a look at the charging port, power connector, or power cord to see if there are any physical damages.

Check to see if your Windows and drivers are updated.

You can follow this list of Microsoft Surface battery troubleshooting tips.

Copyright article owner is for this article. This post was first published on July 25, 2022.

This article and its contents are owned by Ready To DIY and was first published on 07/25/2022.

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