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MSI Monitor Not Working

You go to turn on your MSI monitor, and low and behold, the unexpected has happened and your monitor is not working properly. This can happen from time to time and is often not serious, but it doesn’t make the experience any less frustrating. There are a few areas that I have found to be the root of this cause and can be easy to fix.

MSI monitor on the desk table

When your MSI monitor is not working more often than not, it can be related to the connection. Cables can become dislodged or damaged. Always check your HDMI cords to ensure that they are plugged into both of the proper ports on your monitor and computer, 

MSI Monitor is Not Turning On 

MSI monitor on the desk table

If your MSI monitor won’t turn on, it could be due to a loose or improper cable connection between your computer and the monitor. Make sure all cables are connected properly and choose the correct input source for your monitor.

Other reasons for that might cause a monitor to not turn on include incorrect display settings on your computer, outdated drivers, or outdated or corrupted BIOS settings. You can try updating your display and device drivers, checking the display settings on your primary monitor (if applicable), and making sure your BIOS is up-to-date. If these steps don’t work, you may need to reset your MSI monitor to its factory settings.

MSI Monitor is Not Displaying 

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When you go to turn on your MSI monitor and are met with a black or static screen, you can check a few things. Also, take into consideration if you properly shut down your monitors and computers before leaving them on for an extended period of time. 

In many cases, when your MSI monitor is not displaying, it can simply be an issue relating to the backlight on your screen. Sometimes I’ve found that while it may look like there is no display, using a source of light to shine across my MSI monitor shows that there is. It is just very dark.

If you have a display but it is barely visible, check your cables. Be sure that they are in the correct spots. Next, if you can adjust the brightness on your computer or your monitor itself, do so. If this does not work, try resetting both your computer and your monitor.

If this does not work, consider the fact that this might be a computer issue rather than an issue with your monitor. If possible, connect your computer to a different monitor and see if the display comes up. If the display does come up on the other monitor, try replacing your HDMI cords as you may have a faulty connection. 

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MSI Monitor is Not Connecting

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If your MSI monitor is not connecting, this could be an issue that needs to be assessed in your computer’s settings. More often than not, your computer might simply have not recognized it yet, or need an update.

If your MSI monitor is not working and you have a dual monitor set up, enter your computer settings, and under Display, ensure that both monitors are shown as being connected. If your MSI monitor is not, you need to enter the section of the settings labeled Multiple Monitors and then click Detect.

If you are not using multiple monitors as your setup and your MSI monitor is not connected, you need to take a few steps to troubleshoot the process. Disconnect all of your additional accessories from your connection docks. Sometimes I have found that accessories and adapters can cause interference.

Make sure that the cable that is connecting your computer to your MSI monitor is in the proper port and is fully inserted. If it is, you may be facing an issue with the cable itself. Cables need to be replaced as they are submitted to more wear and tear, 

If you have done all of these steps and your MSI monitor is still not working, try attaching it to another system. This can help you determine if there is a deeper problem with the MSI monitor itself, or if it is a compatibility issue and your computer needs to be updated.

MSI Monitor is Not Detected 

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If you have recently purchased a new MSI monitor and it is not being detected, this can be frustrating. I have found that this is an issue that is related more to your computer than the monitor itself. Be sure to double check the connections since any cables are loose or incorrectly plugged in.. 

If your MSI monitor is not being detected, set up a dual monitor setting, attach both monitors to your computer and then enter your settings folder. Once in the settings folder, click Selected System and then Display. This should bring up both monitors.

If one of the monitors is not automatically connecting connected, you need to go under the Multiple Monitors menu and click Detect. After the monitor is detected, your computer will ask how you would like your display to be configured. You can mark your MSI monitor as the primary. 

MSI Monitor Has No Signal 

Frustrated man while looking at the monitor

A common issue that I have run into in the past is that, while my computer and MSI monitor may both be turned on, I get a ‘no signal’ alert on my monitor. There are a few different ways that I go about fixing this issue.

When my MSI monitor alerts me that it has no signal, my first step is to check to see that my computer is turned on. If it is, I have found that restarting my monitor can resolve this issue. I have often encountered a slower connection rate if I have left both my MSI monitor and my computer on for some time.

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If you have left both on for several hours, this could be an issue that relates to your computer. Restart your computer and see if the signal is now detected by your MSI monitor.

MSI Monitor Has No Sound

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I have come across the issue of my MSI monitor not playing sound. I often encounter this when trying to play sound directly from the monitor without plugging in my headphones.

If your MSI monitor is not playing sound, first be sure that you have the proper equipment. MSI monitors do not come fitted with built-in speakers. While sometimes that is something that can easily be forgotten, simply getting speakers and attaching them with a 3.5mm cable. 

After attaching your speakers, you should be able to directly control the sound levels by turning the nob on the speakers themselves. 

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