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Disney Plus Not Working On Smart TV

Disney Plus is fairly new to the app streaming family. But it is a welcomed addition! All your favorite Disney movies from your childhood are in one spot and ready to be enjoyed at any time. Unless the app isn’t working, of course.

The Disney Plus app will not work on your Smart TV if there is an unstable internet connection. Unplugging the router for a few minutes will help refresh the signal. Move the router closer to the TV and remove any devices that could cause interference with the Wi-Fi signal.

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There are several reasons why the Disney Plus app is not working. The issues are varied between the Smart TV and the Disney Plus app. This article will help you to troubleshoot some possible reasons why you are experiencing problems with the Disney Plus app.

Smart TV Disney Plus Not Working

Whether you are wanting to enjoy a childhood classic or see if the modern remake does it justice, you expect the Disney Plus app to work. When it is not working, a relaxing evening quickly turns stressful.

The Disney Plus app will not work if there is a conflict between apps on your Smart TV. These unused apps will crowd the memory space needed to effectively run the Disney Plus app. Uninstall any apps that are not used regularly and then restart your TV.

Check Network Connection

More often than not the solution is a simple one. When troubleshooting issues with apps such as Disney Plus, make sure you are using the correct network. With multiple devices streaming from multiple providers, it is easy for the networks to get switched.

Check The Router

The router is responsible for transmitting the Wi-Fi signal to your TV and other devices. If the router is too far away from the TV or is bogged down from use, the Wi-Fi signal needed to effectively run the Disney Plus app will be weak.

Move the router closer to the TV to prevent any signal interference and increase Wi-Fi strength. Restarting the router will help clear the network and produce a stronger Wi-fi signal.

Clear TV Memory Cache

If you have children or are a child at heart, the Disney Plus app is no doubt getting a lot of use these days. Each time the app is used, the memory cache is getting fuller. The memory cache is high-speed memory storage that holds information frequently used.

If the memory cache is too full, this will result in your Smart TV not finding the stored information for the Disney App. It is a good practice to periodically clear out the memory cache. The memory cache can be cleared by going to your TV’s Settings and then to Applications. Navigate to “Clear Cache and Clear Data”.

Update Your Smart TV

Smart TVs typically update on their own but an update may be slow in coming. If the TV is not compatible with the updates from Disney Plus, the Disney Plus app will not work. You can do a manual update by following the steps below:

Step 1: Go to your Smart TV’s Settings and then to Support.

Step 2: Click on Software Update. Download and install any updates. Your TV will automatically restart and reboot itself.

Step 3: Open the Disney Plus app and see if it is now working.

Smart TV Disney Plus No Sound

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Part of the movie experience is the sound. Without sound, you do not get to enjoy the musical scores or the witty banter between the hero and the villain. Even if you know the movie by heart, you still need sound to get the full effect.

When Disney Plus has no sound, it’s often due to an audio settings mismatch. Ensure your device’s audio settings match the format Disney Plus uses, typically Dolby Digital. Adjusting the audio format in your device’s settings to Dolby Digital or a compatible format usually resolves the issue.

Another common reason for no sound on Disney Plus is outdated app or device firmware. Updating the Disney Plus app and your streaming device’s firmware can often fix audio issues. Check for updates in your device’s app store and system settings, and install any available updates to resolve the sound problem.

A third cause of sound issues with Disney Plus could be a problem with the HDMI connection. If you’re using an HDMI cable to connect to a TV or monitor, ensure it’s securely plugged in. Sometimes, switching to a different HDMI port or using a new HDMI cable can fix the no sound problem.

Adjust Roku Audio Settings

Roku apps are not managed by Roku. A problem with Disney Plus is a problem with the Disney app. For now, Disney Plus is not compatible with Dolby audio settings. Go into Roku’s audio settings and change the setting to stereo.

Using Sony Smart TV

Sony TVs come set up with Dolby sound, which, as mentioned earlier, is not compatible with Disney Plus. You will need to switch the audio settings to either LPCM or stereo. Go to your TVs Settings and then to Preferences. Select Audio Description and then Preferred Audio Setting.

Using Amazon Fire Stick

If the Amazon Fire Stick has been used for an extended period of time, background apps can create interference. This can cause the Disney Plus app to lose sound. Clearing the memory cache from the Fire Stick will help fix the problem. The steps are outlined below:

Step 1: On the Fire Stick, press the Home button and go to Settings.

Step 2: Go to Application and then to Manage Installed Application.

Step 3: Click on the Disney Plus app and then Clear Cache.

Step 4: Restart the Disney Plus app.

Smart TV Disney Plus Black/Blank Screen/No Picture

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The only thing worse than no sound is no picture. Whether you are getting a black screen or a blank screen, the issue is most likely with the Disney Plus app and not your TV.

If you are getting a black or blank screen while using the Disney Plus app, run a self-diagnostic test on the TV. This will help to diagnosis any underline problems. To perform this test, open the TV menu, go to Support > Self Diagnosis > Reset.

Hard Reset Your Smart TV

If turning the TV off and on does not resolve the issue, a hard reset of the TV is needed.

After unplugging the TV from its power source, unplug the router and modem. On the TV, press and hold the power button for 15-20 seconds.

Give the system 5 to 10 minutes to reset before turning the router and modem back on. Once the router is on, plug the TV back in and launch the Disney Plus app. The app should now load and be displayed on your screen.

Smart TV Disney Plus Login/Sign in Problems

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Ideally, apps that are downloaded to the TV do not require you to sign in each time you use them. If this is not the case for your Disney Plus app, here are some ideas of what the underlying problem could be.

If you are not able to log into your Disney Plus account, you may get Error Code Message 24 and 43. This message means there is either a login or connection issue. Reset the app by closing it out and logging back in.

If the Disney Plus app is not set up to remember your log-in information, you will have to enter your Username and Password each time you use the app. Any issue with this feature of the app will prevent you from logging in to your Disney Plus account.

Active Profile

The Disney Plus app allows for 7 profiles. One of the account users may have accidentally deleted your profile, preventing you from logging in. Check with the other users to see if this has happened or if the password has been changed.

Disney App Not Working

You could be experiencing login issues if the Disney Plus app itself is not working. It is rare for the app to go down but it’s not unheard of. The Disney Plus app has experienced an unprecedented amount of use due to its popularity and this can cause login difficulties at times.

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The website lets you know in real-time if there are any reported outages with the app. You can also report any issues you are having with the app and read community posts on other issues and resolutions.

The Disney Pus app is constantly updating its software. Any pending updates will affect the app’s usability and viewer experience. The best way to solve issues with the Disney Plus App is to uninstall and reinstall the app. This will clear any bugs in the app and will force any pending updates.

If you continue having issues logging in after trying the above suggestions, it’s time to contact someone at Disney Support. Disney Support offers an online chat with a professional who can help diagnose the issue and verify if there are any account issues.

Smart TV Disney Plus Sound/Audio/Volume Not Working/Lag

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We mentioned earlier in this article that audio issues could be due to the TV’s audio settings. Disney Plus will not work in the Dolby audio setting. Adjust the TV’s audio settings to stereo to see if this solves the problem.

The Disney Plus app will have audio issues if there is not a strong internet connection. A lag or loss in volume could be indicative of a delay in the Wi-Fi signal reaching your TV.

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Check your network signal strength or contact your ISP to purchase high-speed internet.

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