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Disney Plus Not Showing Up/Found On Smart TV

Disney Plus is a dream come true for any mover lover. You can relive your favorite childhood classic, follow your favorite Marvel character, or be educated by one of National Geographics’ many stunningly produced series.

If Disney Plus is not showing up or found on your Smart TV, your TV may not be compatible with the Disney Plus app. TVs manufactured before 2016 do not have the operating system required to download and run the Disney Plus app. An external streaming device is needed to view the app on your TV.

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Excitement for the movie night ahead of you is quickly dashed when you realize your smart TV is having issues with the Disney Plus app. This article will cover issues ranging from the Disney Plus app not being found or not installing.

Smart TV Disney Plus Not Showing Up/Available/Found

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Smart TVs allow you to download a variety of streaming apps however these apps can be fickle at times. They work great one day and then may not work the next. Oftentimes it is the simplest of reasons for why the app will not work.

If the Disney Plus app is not showing up or is not found on your smart TV, soft reset the TV. Unplug the TV from its power source and allow it to rest for a few minutes. Once the TV is plugged back in, this should force any pending updates to be installed.

The majority of the time, issues with apps installed on a smart TV are due to pending updates or network issues. More people are working from home or doing school from home. The high demand now placed on networks can affect a device’s connectivity ability.

Network Connection

A strong network connection is required to download and run apps. The connection ensures you get the best quality from the app and any updates are automatically installed.

If there are too many devices on the network, this will affect the strength of your internet connection. Reduce the number of streaming devices and devices that require a lot of bandwidth, such as gaming devices.

Internet Bandwidth

Bandwidth is the amount of data that can be transmitted. If there is not enough bandwidth to support the Disney Plus app, you will not be able to download the app. Not all TVs are created equal in this area. 4K TVs require more bandwidth than standard or high-definition streaming.

  • 5 MBPS is required to stream movies or play TV shows.
  • 25 MBPS is required for 4k UHD titles.

Uninstall/Reinstall App

When all else fails, start over. Uninstalling the app will, in effect, give you a fresh start. After uninstalling the Disney Plus app, wait for 5 to 10 minutes for reinstalling. This will allow your TV enough time to clear its memory cache.

Reinstalling the app will force any pending updates for the Disney Plus app that were affecting its performance. Once the app is reinstalled, go through the process of re-entering your credentials.

Disney Plus Not Casting/Stream To Smart TV

If your smart TV is not compatible with the Disney Plus app, there are other options available to you. While not as convenient as having the app already installed on your TV, many smart devices enable you to mirror or cast to your TV.

If the Disney Plus app is not casting or streaming to your smart TV, make sure your smart device is capable of streaming. Download the Google Home app for both Android and Apple devices. Make sure your smart device and TV are on the same network.

TVs that were manufactured before 2018 may require a hardwire connection in order to cast or stream.

HDMI Cable

If you are using an HDMI cable connection, make sure the cable is in the correct port. Check the cable for any loose, bent, or broken pins as this will prevent the cable from working properly. HDMI cables that are several years old may not be capable of supporting the video feed for streaming.


Chromecast is commonly used to stream video content from mobile devices. If the Chromecast you are using is outdated, it will not support the Disney Plus app. Go to the Chromecast app to view any pending updates.

If Chromecast is built-in to your smart TV, use your phone or other smart device and go to the Google Home app. Open the app and make sure your TV is on the correct network. Once on the same network, Google Home will detect the Chromecast and will install any pending updates.

If you are using Chromecast to stream Disney Plus, follow the steps above and then go to the Disney Plus app and check for updates. After installing the pending updates, restart your TV and streaming device.

Update iOS Setting

If you are using an Apple device and no longer have the option to use Chromecast, check your privacy settings. New iOS settings require permission for Disney Plus to access your network. Go into Settings on your apple device. Select Privacy and then Local Network.

Can’t Get Disney Plus On My Smart TV

If you can’t get Disney Plus on your smart TV, it might be because the app is not supported on your TV model. Check if your TV model is compatible with Disney Plus. If it’s not, a workaround is to use a streaming device like Roku, Chromecast, Amazon Fire Stick, or Apple TV. Connect the device to your TV and download the Disney Plus app on it to start streaming.

Another reason could be an outdated TV firmware. If your smart TV’s operating system is not up to date, it might not support the Disney Plus app. To solve this, go to your TV’s settings and look for an option to check for software updates. Install any available updates and then check again for the Disney Plus app in the app store.

In some cases, the issue might be related to regional restrictions. Disney Plus might not be available in your geographical location. To check this, visit the Disney Plus website and see if the service is offered in your country. If it’s not available, you might need to wait until Disney Plus launches in your region or consider using a VPN service to access it, although this might not always be a reliable solution due to potential violation of service terms.

Smart TV Disney Plus Won’t Download

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Installing the Disney Plus app should only take a matter of minutes. A couple of clicks with the remote and you’re on your way to reliving childhood classics. If you are experiencing trouble downloading the app, here are some possible suggestions to troubleshoot the issue.

If your smart TV will not allow you to download the Disney Plus app, the problem could be due to the TV not being connected to the internet. Use your remote to navigate to your TV’s settings and then to Network. Make sure you are connected to the internet.

Disney Plus App is Down

Another possibility is if the app itself is down. You can go to and see if anyone else in your area is experiencing issues with the Disney Plus app. You can also report the issues you are having and read troubleshooting ideas from others in your community.


A common theme with anything Wi-Fi-related is the router. If you have verified your smart TV is on the correct network, there are no reported issues in your area with the app, the next best thing to try is rebooting your router. Simply unplug the router for a few minutes and then plug it back in. This should refresh your router and Wi-Fi signal.

Update TV Firmware

TVs need to be updated too. If your smart TV is behind on any updates, it will not be able to support the specs needed to install and run the Disney Plus app. You can verify if this is the issue by trying to install a different app on your TV.

If you are unable to install any other apps, you need to update your TV’s firmware. To do this, you will use your remote and press the Home button. Navigate to Settings > Others> Software Update. Follow the onscreen instructions and then restart your TV.

Smart TV Disney Plus Won’t Install / Update

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Updates are crucial to any smart device. Updates provide better security and faster performance from the installed applications. If the Disney Plus app won’t install or update on your smart TV, this can be very frustrating.

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Clear TV Memory Cache

If your smart TV will not install or update the Disney Plus app, your TV’s memory cache may need to be cleared. The memory cache stores information for quick access. As more apps are installed and used, this cache becomes full and eventually prevents the TV from accessing previously stored information.

To clear your TV’s memory cache, go to your TV’s Settings and then to Applications. Click on “Clear Cache and Clear Data”. This will refresh your TV’s quick memory storage and should allow for more information to be stored and accessed.

Delete Special Characters

Security is more important than ever these days. There is no limit to the personal information hackers can obtain online. Due to this increased risk, we are having to get more creative with our passwords, making them more unique and sometimes harder to remember.

If your TV or device name has special characters in the security settings, this could pose a problem with the Disney Plus app. While your network may be super secure, the Disney Plus app may view your TV or device as suspicious and prevent you from accessing it.

A good way to check this – before changing your TV or device name – is to log on to a different device and see if you are able to open and run the Disney Plus app. If you are unable to log in on a different device, the device name could be the problem.

If your smart TV will not allow you to install or update the Disney Plus app, contact Disney Support. Disney Plus has an online support chat available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help troubleshoot other possible reasons for installation/update issues. They can also check for any account issues.

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