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Onn Subwoofer Not Working (How To Reset)

Black subwoofer on the floor

When Roku introduced the less expensive Onn range of Subwoofers and sound bars, it made better-quality sound equipment more affordable.

By offering Dolby Audio support, and Bluetooth streaming, as well as the ability to connect via HDMI-ARC, HDMI and optical, it opened a new world of sound for those looking for something special.

However, if the Onn subwoofer is not working, it can frustrate the average user.

When the Onn subwoofer is not working, check that the power cable is attached correctly and that the wall socket has power. Switch off the subwoofer and the sound bar for a couple of minutes. Switch the subwoofer on and then the sound bar. Pair them manually if they do not automatically connect.

The subwoofer is usually paired at the factory, so when you plug everything in, it should pair immediately with the sound bar.

If the subwoofer doesn’t connect, then you will have to reset both the sound bar and the subwoofer. After a few minutes, switch the subwoofer on and press the pairing button. The light should start blinking.

Then switch on the sound bar using the remote and press and hold the dim button for about 5 seconds. Then press the plus and minus button on the bass and the pairing should be complete.

Onn Subwoofer Not Pairing

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If you are not connecting to the subwoofer via the cable connection, the Bluetooth connection is usually pretty reliable.

However, sometimes the pairing function can be a bit tricky.

To pair the Onn subwoofer with the sound bar, switch off both devices and wait for a few minutes. Then switch the subwoofer on and press and hold the mute button on the remote for seven seconds. Switch on the sound bar and press and hold the pairing button on the subwoofer.

The LEDs on both the subwoofer and the soundbar will continue to flash until the connection is made. They will then stop flashing and the lights will remain on.

If the subwoofer still doesn’t pair, then you’ll have to reset the sound bar and start the process again.

Onn Subwoofer Not Connecting to Soundbar

Black subwoofer on the floor

You have the option of connecting the subwoofer to the soundbar with an HDMI or HDMI-ARC cable.  But you can also connect using Bluetooth.

Bluetooth connections are quick and easy to set up when everything is working properly and you follow the correct sequence.

There are occasions though where the Bluetooth connectivity doesn’t work the first time round and you have to reset everything before you can get a good connection.

When your Onn subwoofer is not connecting to the soundbar, it’s best to start by switching both components off. Leave the equipment off for a few minutes and then reset the sound bar. Unplug all cables except for the power cable. Disconnect all Bluetooth devices and only pair them with the soundbar.

If the subwoofer still does not connect with the soundbar, reset the soundbar by following these steps:

  • Press the power button on the subwoofer to switch the unit on.
  • Press the power button and then press the start button on the remote. The soundbar should emit a tone to indicate that it is on.
  • Make sure that the soundbar and the subwoofer are close together, preferably within 3 feet (1 meter) of each other.
  • Use the remote to enable Bluetooth mode by pressing the Bluetooth button. The indicator light on the sound bar should slowly flash blue to confirm that Bluetooth mode is enabled.
  • You can also press the source button on the soundbar to enable Bluetooth mode.
  • Press the subwoofer Bluetooth pairing button and wait for the Bluetooth LED to stop flashing on the sound bar.

Onn Subwoofer Not Turning On

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Subwoofers are generally simple devices that do not have many problems.

But occasionally, you may have a problem with your Onn subwoofer not turning on.

If your Onn subwoofer doesn’t turn on, switch off the power at the wall socket and plug it into an alternative socket. If that doesn’t solve the problem, unplug the subwoofer and carefully inspect the power cable for damage. If the cable is OK, you may have a blown fuse which needs replacement.

When your subwoofer does not turn on, there are three things that could cause you problems.

It’s either the wall socket, the power cable or the internal fuse that’s blown. To replace the fuse, open the back of your subwoofer and locate the fuse on the PC board.

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Onn Subwoofer Blinking Blue

Black subwoofer on the floor

If your subwoofer has Bluetooth capability, then it will usually have a blue LED to indicate when the connection is active.

If your Onn subwoofer has a blinking blue light, then it indicates that the unit is in Bluetooth pairing mode. Once you have pressed the Bluetooth pairing button, the LED will continue to blink until the unit is paired with the sound bar. The LED will then change to solid blue and stop blinking.

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If you press the Bluetooth pairing light and it continues to blink without connecting, you need to check your sound bar.

The Bluetooth LED on your soundbar should be blinking if it is in pairing mode. Once you pair your subwoofer with the subwoofer, the blue light will stop blinking and remain on.

Should the sound bar Bluetooth light not flash after selecting Bluetooth on your remote, you’ll need to reset your sound bar. This requires that you switch it off and wait for a couple of minutes before switching it back on and trying again.

Onn Subwoofer No Sound

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It is not unusual for the subwoofer not to have sound. There are a few different reasons for this that are quickly corrected.

When your Onn subwoofer has no sound, check that it is switched on and has been paired to the soundbar. The subwoofer may also be connected to the soundbar via an HDMI cable. Ensure that the sound is turned up on the sound bar. Check that all the cables are securely connected and in good condition.

A damaged power cable can prevent power from reaching the subwoofer and must be replaced if it is faulty.

If the subwoofer is connected via Bluetooth and is not emitting sound, try resetting your Bluetooth connection. If that doesn’t work, connect the subwoofer to the soundbar with a cable.

If none of the fixes above work, then you may have a blown subwoofer. You can check the PC board inside by removing it via the rear panel.

If the fuse is blown or the capacitors appear swollen, then they must be replaced before your subwoofer works again.

This article and its contents are owned by Ready To DIY and was first published on 07/17/2022.

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Onn Subwoofer Linked But No Sound

Black subwoofer on the floor

After connecting to your subwoofer via a Bluetooth connection, you may find that the sound is not coming through the subwoofer.

If your subwoofer is linked but has no sound, then try turning up the volume on the sound bar using the remote. If that does not work, you may have a blown capacitor inside the subwoofer. The capacitors can be replaced by removing them and soldering on new ones.

Unless you can do the repair yourself, removing the PC board and soldering new capacitors in place may cost more than the subwoofer is worth.

In that case, buying a new subwoofer may be a cheaper and quicker option.

How to Reset Onn Subwoofer

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You may find that your subwoofer just refuses to work. This happens to all electronic components at one time or another.

To fix the problem is as simple as resetting the subwoofer.

To reset an Onn subwoofer, switch it off using the toggle switch on the back panel. Then disconnect the power and HDMI cables after switching the wall socket off. After a few minutes, reconnect the subwoofer power cable and switch the unit on. Reset the sound bar and then try to reconnect.

You may need to reset the soundbar for the subwoofer to be able to pair with it again.

Make sure that when you reset the soundbar, that all the cables attached to it and the subwoofer are removed first and the power is off.

Reset the soundbar by pressing and holding the source button and the up and down volume buttons.

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