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Polk Subwoofer Not Working (How To Fix/Reset)

Black subwoofer on the floor

 Polk subwoofers feature a night mode for softer bass and the Polk Room Optimization (PRO) to give you quality sound at the touch of a button. However, some common problems crop up, resulting in the subwoofer not working. Much of the issues revolve around the connections and power components problems, which can be solved easily after finding out the root cause.

Should your Polk subwoofer stop working, check the AC outlet status. Unplug the device and examine the cables, socket, and fuse to see if anything has blown or is faulty and needs a substitute. A reset can also solve many issues — press the Microphone Mute and Volume Down buttons for about 10 sec.

In case you have sound problems with your subwoofer, inspect the connections to see if there’s sound coming from the subwoofer or if the sound is distorted and faint. If using an LFE connection, ensure it’s enabled on your receiver’s setup menu. And if your subwoofer uses a speaker cord for connection, see that the polarity is equal on both ends and the wire isn’t damaged.

If none of the available solutions can fix your Polk subwoofer, you might have a wholly damaged device. In such a case, get in touch with the manufacturer and learn about your warranty. If the woofer is new enough, you may get a replacement or refund directly from the manufacturer. If not, they may refer you to a technician to fix whatever the problem is with your Polk subwoofer.

Polk Subwoofer Not Connecting/Syncing

Black subwoofer on the floor

The subwoofer and MagniFi Max soundbar are connected at the factory. But if your subwoofer has ceased receiving the signal, was replaced, or you intend to pair the speakers, turn on your sound bar.

Whenever your Polk subwoofer won’t connect/sync, press and hold down the sync button at the back of your subwoofer for about 3 seconds. The green LED will start flashing faster to indicate the subwoofer and the sound bar are connecting; the LED appears solid green, connected and produces a tone.

In case your Polk MagniFi Soundbar is connected to power and still, can’t turn on, examine the power cord connection, the power on button, or the AC adapter and troubleshoot or replace whichever may be faulty. If all of the parts are usually working, there’s a chance that the motherboard is damaged.

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Polk Subwoofer Not Turning On

Black subwoofer on the floor

Of all the glitches with your Polk subwoofers, you never want to deal with a subwoofer that won’t turn on. If you haven’t had to deal with the challenge before, you may not even believe that a subwoofer that won’t turn can be fixed. In fact, the issue could be something as simple as a loose cable that you only need to tighten. So don’t return it to the store yet.

With a Polk subwoofer that’s not turning on, check the power setups and ensure all components are in good condition. You can also check whether a ground loop needs a grounding plug or unplug the subwoofer, let it stay for 25 seconds, plug it back,  turn it on and check if LCD lights green.

If your current cables are frayed or have been cut or chewed, consider purchasing new ones sooner than later. Using only quality cables to connect your subwoofer to an external device is recommended. Avoid plastic cables and opt for branded and high-quality optical or HDMI one. That’ll reduce many of your connection failures that hinder your device from turning on.

Polk Subwoofer Keeps Cutting Out

Black subwoofer on the floor

Having your Polk subwoofer cut out in the middle of your favorite show can be frustrating. From wrong cables to spotty connections, there are many reasons why your device could keep cutting out without warning. With a few tips and solutions, you can fix the issue and carry on enjoying the high-quality sound. But if no outlined solution seems to work, the problem may have to do with your hardware. In such a case, contact the manufacturer.

If you have a Polk subwoofer that keeps cutting out, check if cables are damaged and replace them with high-quality ones. Ensure the cable is firmly connected, disable your remote if it’s defective, and test Bluetooth connections — you may need to do a reset to refresh the connection.

Defective cables will make your subwoofer keep cutting out. So, get new and quality cables for more stable connections and better sound. Other times, your cable connections can become loose and affect your device’s function. Ensuring the cables are firmly and correctly attached can save you much trouble.

If it happens that the Bluetooth issue is the culprit, check your device’s Bluetooth version. If it supports a different Bluetooth version, there’s a compatibility problem. Else, consider performing a reset to refresh the connection. The remote may also be the problem. Try installing new batteries, or disabling the remote. This can be a pain, but it can really help.

This article and its contents are owned by Ready To DIY and was first published on 07/17/2022.

Polk Audio Subwoofer Keeps Blowing Fuse

Black subwoofer on the floor

The fuse is meant to protect your equipment from over-current situations. Handling a blown subwoofer fuse isn’t very involving, but avoiding having a blown fuse in the first place is the best thing to do. Several things can make your Polk subwoofer keep blowing a fuse, such as a volume over a long period, under-voltage, short circuit, faulty fuse, or a fuse with lesser value.

If your Polk Audio subwoofer keeps blowing fuse, see if there are avoidable causes like high volume, under-voltage, or a short in the voice coil or wires leading to the subwoofer. Then examine whether the fuse is faulty or has a lesser value than recommended. If so, replace it with the correct one.

Your subwoofer could have two types of fuses: The slow blow fuse that enables the device to endure an over-current condition for a short period and the fast-acting fuse that’d blow quickly in an over-current condition. So, before installing a new fuse, investigate the cause of failure and ensure you substitute the fuse with the correct type.

Inside the speaker enclosure, you can locate the subwoofer’s fuse in line with its wires. If there’s an app dedicated to your subwoofer, you could also find the fuse there. One kind of in-line fuse is found in a tube on the wire or at a junction between the ends of the wire. The fuse is contained within a spring-loaded holder that could be white, black, or opaque. You can unscrew or pull it apart and access the fuse. Another kind can be in a similar location, but it is square and has an ATM or plug-in fuse.

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Once you locate the old fuse, remove and replace it in the reverse order. Remember to substitute with the recommended amperage and type of fuse to avoid further damage.

Polk Audio Subwoofer Buzzing/Popping/Static/Crackling Noise

Black subwoofer on the floor

Having your subwoofer’s eminent sounds interrupted by buzzing/popping/static/crackling noises that aren’t part of the soundtrack isn’t a favorite thing. You’d rather understand why it’s happening and have it fixed immediately. Quite often, the noises are caused by a connection problem — somewhere there’s a lousy wire causing abrupt movements and causing interference. The challenge could be in different places, some of which are easier to address compared to others.

If your Polk audio subwoofer produces some buzzing/popping/static/crackling noise, scrutinize the wire connections and handle any fault or lost connection. Then proceed to check connections inside the subwoofer, a fuse or something may have worn out over some time and needs a replacement or repair.

Your wire connections tend to get moved around, perhaps by your dog or cat. But even if there’s no apparent reason for the connections to come loose or change, just check them. It’d feel ridiculous to jump ahead only to find out that the issue was such an easy fix.

Depending on your willpower and skillset, you may be able to fix the hitches inside the speaker. Most likely, connection issues are so obvious once spotted, like just a wobbly wire that needs reconnecting.

Copyright article owner is for this article. This post was first published on July 17, 2022.

This article and its contents are owned by Ready To DIY and was first published on 07/17/2022.

How to Reset Polk Subwoofer

Black subwoofer on the floor

Resetting your Polk subwoofer can fix several problems. It’s typically recommended as the best and sure way to get your subwoofer working again, more so if the hitches you’re experiencing aren’t so straightforward to solve. 

To reset your Polk subwoofer, press and hold the Microphone Mute and Volume Down buttons on the control panel for 10 sec. Once the indicator light blinks blue, the device is resetting and will restart — release the buttons. Wait for the orange indicator showing it has reset and entered setup mode.

After your device has successfully reset and entered the reset mode, go through the setup procedure like you did when you bought it. Reconnect your Bluetooth and plug the subwoofer into the TV and other components. 

Though it takes some work to get the setup done, since resetting wipes your device memory by the end of it, many of your subwoofer issues should be gone. But if you’re done with the process and still have problems, consider further actions like seeking professional help.

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