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Pluto TV not Working on Roku

Pluto TV is an amazing app that provides thousands of television shows and movies for people who love to watch them. Unfortunately, Pluto TV doesn’t always work on the Roku TV. You may have issues with the application not loading, not opening, freezing, or missing channels. Each issue has its own unique set of possible causes. 

There are a number of solutions you can use if your Pluto TV app isn’t working on your Roku device. This piece will assist you in uninstalling, reinstalling, updating software, checking your settings, and more. You’ll need to try those solutions to see if you can regain functionality. 

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Pluto TV Will not Load/Open on Roku

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You may experience Pluto TV failing to load when you try to load it on your Roku TV. You might see an hourglass or another figure going around in circles, but the app fails to load. You could also come across an unfortunate situation where you get booted back to the home screen every time you try to launch Pluto TV. This is usually due to an internet connection issue or an issue with the service itself. It might be that many other people are trying to access the service at the same time. In the worst and less common situations, the problem could lie with the television itself. Nevertheless, there are a few tricks and strategies you can try if you experience this never-loading issue. 

If Pluto TV fails to launch on your Roku device, you’ll need first to update your television so that it has the newest version of the software available. You’ll need to go to the home screen and then navigate over to the “Settings” and then “System” menu. 

You’ll then need to scroll your page down to where you see “System Update” and select that. Press ” OK,” and then you will be directed to a screen that says “Check Now.” Once you click on “Check Now,” your television will begin the software update. All apps that need an update will be updated during this procedure. You can then reboot the television and try to launch your Pluto TV application. If it works, then you have resolved your problem. If it does not work, you will need to try something additional. 

Check Roku for System Update
Check Roku for any system updates

The next thing you will need to do if the update doesn’t work is to go to your channel list and select the Pluto TV channel. Then you’ll need to press the star button. Pressing the star button will pull up a menu that will allow you to remove the channel. You’ll need to remove the channel from your Roku TV. Confirm that you want to remove the channel from your Roku device when the screen prompts you to do so. 

Once Pluto TV is removed from your Roku device, you will need to go to the search option. You’ll then need to type in “Pluto TV” so that you can find the application again. What you’ll need to do next is reinstall the application. Highlight the Pluto TV channel when you see it and then press OK to add it to your television channel lineup. Once you add Pluto TV to your list, you can then try to launch it to see if your problem has been resolved. If Pluto TV launches and works fine for you, you can take a deep breath and enjoy your television shows and movies. 

Pluto TV Keeps Crashing/ Freezing on Roku

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You might experience a situation where you get to enjoy the Pluto TV experience for a short while, and then the app crashes repeatedly or freezes. There are a few factors that could cause the app to do that to you. One issue is that you might need to restart your television. Another problem with the app’s software might make it necessary to uninstall and reinstall the app from your device. 

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If Pluto TV keeps crashing or freezing, you can first try to reboot your television. You can do that using the menu items on the remote control, or you can unplug your television and leave it unplugged for 30 seconds to one minute. See if you can use Pluto TV after you reboot your television. 

If that process fails, you may have to go through the next step, which is to uninstall and reinstall the Pluto TV app as described in previous posts. You can easily remove the channel by highlighting it and pressing the star button to launch the special tasks menu. You will see an option to remove the channel, and then you can proceed from there. Use the search menu to add the channel after you remove it. 

Pluto TV Roku Missing Channels

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Another problem you might experience is a lack of all the channels on your Pluto TV service. You may feel like you should have many more channels than you do. This problem sometimes occurs when you have an existing Pluto account and have some channels hidden. The problem can also occur because of your location. 

If you have missing channels on Pluto TV on your Roku TV, you should first check your internet connection and then restart your television, modem, and router. Ensure that your television is in close proximity to the modem and router as well. Furthermore, you need to uninstall and reinstall the app. 

You may have also set up an account in the wrong region. You’ll need to check your internet connection to ensure that it’s in the same region where you originally created your account. If you have an issue there, you can set up a new Roku account in your existing region. 

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The newest version of Pluto TV might enable you to receive the television stations you desire to have. Take your time and try all of those solutions to see if any of them work well for you. If so, you can move on and enjoy all the premium movies and TV shows you get using the Pluto TV service for yourself. 

Roku Pluto TV Remote not Working

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In some situations, you may be unable to operate your remote control for Pluto TV on your Roku device. This can be a highly frustrating situation that you’ll want to resolve as quickly as possible. You can try a few solutions to resolve that problem. 

If your remote control is not working on your Roku TV for Pluto TV, you may want to check the condition of your remote control batteries. Most functional issues on remote control devices occur because battery life isn’t great. Try replacing your batteries and seeing if the problem resolves. 

If that does not work, you need to ensure that no walls or obstructions are in the way preventing the remote’s signal from reaching your Roku device. Sometimes, remote control problems are a simple matter of moving something out of the way or changing your position. 

Can’t Find Pluto TV on Roku

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If you can not find Pluto TV on your Roku device, it means that you have not added the application to the device. You can do so by navigating your screen over to the app store and searching for it. Once you find Pluto, you can highlight it and then add it to your television’s lineup. 

Can You Put Pluto TV on Roku

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You can put Pluto TV on your Roku device if you don’t have it. You can find the app by doing a search in the app store. You can usually do that by typing the name of the application you desire to have. Eventually, you’ll see the application pop up, and then you can select it and add it to your Roku. 

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