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Polk Soundbar Not Working

You purchased your Polk Soundbar to give you that ‘theater-vibe” at home, not “sitting in your car” vibe. The Polk Soundbar is designed to elevate your entertainment experience. When it doesn’t work, it can be frustrating.

If your Polk Soundbar is not working, check the HDMI connection. Make sure the HDMI cable is in the correct port. To prevent the soundbar from connecting to other sources, use only the HDMI connection between the TV and the Polk Soundbar.

Soundbar in front of TV

If your Polk Soundbar is not working, we are here to help you figure out the problem and the solution. The solutions are simple and fairly quick to resolve themselves. Here are some suggestions to get you started.

Polk Soundbar Not Working

As the saying goes,” Expectation postponed makes the heart sick.” When you get the Polk Soundbar home and set it up, only to find it doesn’t work, the excitement of that night’s movie quickly leaves you. All hope is not lost, though.

If the Polk Soundbar is not working, check the audio settings on your television. Make sure the speakers on the TV are turned off. Use the soundbar remote to navigate to the audio setting indicated on your tv.

Check the HDMI Cable

HDMI cables wear down over time. If your HDMI cable is several years old, it may be time to replace it. As HDMI cables age, they are no longer able to support the bandwidth needed for digital audio.

If your television was manufactured before 2008, it may not have the HDMI Digital Output port. You will need to use the red and white analog cables for the Soundbar to work. Match the cables to the corresponding color on the back of your TV and your Soundbar.

Check TV Speaker Settings

Audio settings within the tv allow you to turn the internal speakers on or off. To check your TV’s speaker settings, follow these steps:

Step 1: In the main menu, go to Settings.

Step 2: Open Sound settings.

Step 3: Open Sound Adjustments.

Step 4: Open Sound Mode. This will open preset audio profiles.

Step 5: Select your Sound Mode. The Standard setting is a good choice for getting started and should resolve this issue. If you want to experiment with the different sound settings, proceed to step 6.

Step 6: Open Advanced Settings. This setting provides additional sound controls, such as:

  • Common Settings – Offers controls for regularly used settings, such as turning automatic volume leveling on or off and adjusting the right-left balance of the stereo speakers.
  • Input Sound Settings – Gives you settings that apply to specific digital audio formats. It also allows you to match volume levels from your device and the tv.
  • Sound Mode Related Settings – You can adjust the level of surround sound coming from the tv or you can open the equalizer to manually adjust audio levels by frequency.

Reset The Sound Settings

If going through the above steps does not solve the problem, you can do a factory reset to work from a clean slate. Following the steps below will initiate a factory reset of your Polk Soundbar.

Step 1: Open Sound Settings.

Step 2: Go to Sound Adjustments.

Step 3: Open Advanced Settings.

Step 4: Click Reset.

Step 5: Confirm reset.

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Contact The Manufacturer

If, after trying the above suggestions you continue to experience issues with your Polk soundbar, you will need to contact the manufacturer. The problem is most likely a manufacturing defect or pre-existing hardware defect.

Polk Soundbar Connected But No Sound

Polk soundbars are popular for their high-quality sound and easy setup. However, like any other electronic device, they can sometimes encounter issues. One common problem that Polk soundbar users may face is the soundbar being connected but producing no sound. This can be frustrating, especially when you want to enjoy your favorite movies or music.

If your Polk soundbar is connected but there is no sound, you should verify that your soundbar is connected to your TV’s Audio OUTPUT. This can be the analog output, optical, or HDMI (ARC). Depending on the TV’s make and model, you may have to disable the TV’s speaker. If you are using an HDMI connection, make sure the HDMI cable is in the correct port. If these steps do not work, you may need to contact customer service for further assistance.

Another possible reason why your Polk soundbar may not be producing sound is because the volume settings are too low. Make sure the volume on the soundbar and the connected device (such as a TV or mobile device) is turned up. You can also try adjusting the bass and treble settings to improve the overall sound quality. If the soundbar is still not producing sound, try resetting the volume settings to their default values.

A third possible reason why your Polk soundbar may not be producing sound is because of faulty cables or connections. Check if all cables are properly connected and not damaged. If you are using an optical cable, make sure the connectors are clean and free of dust or debris. You can also try using a different cable to see if that solves the problem. If the soundbar is still not producing sound, there may be a hardware issue with the soundbar itself. 

Polk Soundbar Keeps Disconnecting

Black speaker on the table

Few things in life are as aggravating as when you are in the middle of a movie or a game and the sound disconnects. Before you threaten to return your Polk Soundbar, here are some suggestions to try and resolve the issue.

If your Polk Soundbar keeps disconnecting, check the power source. If the electrical outlet is faulty or if the Soundbar plug is not securely inserted into the outlet, any movement of the power cord could cause the soundbar to lose power.

Power Surge

A bad storm or electrical work being done nearby can cause an electrical power surge. A power surge will cause your Polk Soundbar to go into Standby Mode. Reset your soundbar by simultaneously pressing and holding the Power button and Volume Down button on the soundbar for 10 seconds.

Sleep Timer Activated on TV

Another possibility is the audio settings on your tv. Check the settings on your tv to see if the sleep timer has accidentally been activated. You can navigate to that setting by going to Menu> Sound Settings > Response Time.

Bluetooth Interference

The simplest way to know if the reason your Polk Soundbar keeps disconnecting is if it only happens when you connect via Bluetooth. If this is the case, limit the number of Bluetooth connections when using the soundbar.

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Reset The Polk Soundbar

Much like our cell phones or computers, sometimes the solution is the simplest – turn the device off and then on again. The Polk Soundbar may simply need a quick reset. To reset the soundbar:

Step 1: Turn the soundbar off.

Step 2: Simultaneously press and hold the “Microphone Mute” and Volume Down button.

Step 3: Hold the buttons for 3 seconds.

Step 3: Release the buttons when the light ring flashes blue. This light means the device is successfully rebooting.

Step 4: When the light ring flashes orange, the soundbar is ready to be paired with your tv.

Polk Soundbar Not Connecting To WiFi

Soundbar below the flat screen TV

The beauty of the Polk Soundbar is that you can connect wirelessly to your tv. You no longer have to contend with wires everywhere. Or using strategically placed plants or picture frames to hide the wires.

If the Polk Soundbar is not connecting to Wi-Fi, the problem could be a poor Wi-Fi signal. Make sure the Polk Soundbar and router are close to each other. Rebooting the router will also help with any connectivity issues.

If restarting the router does not resolve the issue, the next step is to check your network connection. Make sure your tv and the Polk Soundbar are on the same Wi-Fi network.

Polk Soundbar Not Connecting To TV

Black Polk behind the flatscreen tv

It’s hard to enjoy the full effect of the Polk Soundbar if it will not connect to the tv.

If the Polk Soundbar is not working on your tv, make sure you have the correct audio settings selected on your tv. The soundbar may be connected, but the audio is not being routed thru the soundbar.

Sound Settings

It is recommended to use an HDMI cable to connect the Polk Soundbar to your tv. However, if you do not have an HDMI cable or if your tv or soundbar does not have an HDMI outlet, there are other options to try.

Digital Optical or Digital Coaxial

Digital optical or digital coaxial are big words for two different types of cables. The optical cable has a square connector and the coaxial cable has a circular cable. They attach to the port with the corresponding shape.

Coaxial connections tend to produce better audio quality than optical connections. However, not all TVs support a digital coaxial connection. Depending on your tv, the solution is simple – try the digital optical cable.

Check The HDMI Port

If you regularly stream apps onto your TV, HDMI ARC will give you the best sound. To use this connection, do the following,

  • Connect to HDMI ARC on your TV.
  • Connect to HDMI OUT (TV ARC) on the Soundbar.
  • Change source on the soundbar to D.IN. Setting.
  • “TV ARC” will appear on the Soundbar display. The TV will now transfer audio through the soundbar.

Polk Soundbar Won’t Connect To Bluetooth

Soundbar below the flat screen TV

The Polk Soundbar not only elevates your movie experience but also your musical experience. By connecting the soundbar to Bluetooth you can play your favorite playlist directly from your phone.

If the Polk Soundbar is not connecting to Bluetooth, make sure the Bluetooth signal is turned on. Switching between networks and different devices could cause the Bluetooth signal to be turned off.

To pair the Polk Soundbar with Bluetooth, press Source on the remote or soundbar until the soundbar’s display reads BT> Wait> BT Pairing.

Faulty Bluetooth Sensor

Another possibility is a faulty Bluetooth sensor in the Polk Soundbar. To test this possibility, try connecting the soundbar to a different device using the Bluetooth setting. If you are unable to connect the soundbar, the sensor is faulty and will need to be replaced.

Polk Soundbar Not Connecting To Subwoofer

Soundbar below the flat screen TV

What could elevate your home theater experience more than connecting the Polk Soundbar to a subwoofer?

If the Polk Soundbar is not connecting to the subwoofer, make sure the soundbar and subwoofer are pairing. Here is how you pair the two devices:

Step 1: Turn off the subwoofer.

Step 2: Hold down the ‘sync’ button on the back of the soundbar until the LED lights start to blink

Step 3: The devices should now be ready to pair. Once the subwoofer is turned on, the LED light should turn green to signal the devices have paired.

If your Polk Soundbar is not working properly, check the settings on your tv. Make sure the audio settings are set to forward sound through the Soundbar and not your television set. You can check these settings by going to the main menu on your tv.

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