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RCA TV Remote Not Working

RCA is one of the more well-known electronic brands out there. They have been around for decades and have a reputation for lasting a long time. But even the best of products still have issues from time to time. One such issue is having a remote that does not work.

If your RCA remote is not working, the batteries might be depleted or inserted incorrectly. First, open the battery compartment and ensure the batteries are positioned with the correct polarity. If they’re correctly placed and the remote still doesn’t work, replace them with new batteries and test the remote again.

Holding a remote while pointing in the TV

Another potential cause for a non-functional RCA remote is that it may have lost its programming or pairing with the device. This can happen after a power outage or if the device’s settings were changed. To resolve this, you’ll need to reprogram or re-pair the remote to the device. Consult the remote’s manual for specific instructions on how to do this, which typically involves entering a code or pressing a combination of buttons on the remote.

Remote controls are not complicated devices; troubleshooting issues with the RCA remote is a simple process. This article will provide several simple suggestions to help you identify the problem and get you back to your favorite show.

RCA TV Remote Not Responding

Woman holding a remote while watching tv

Remote controls are not essential to life, but they sure are convenient. We can change channels, adjust the volume, even change electronic devices all with the push of a button from the couch. So when the RCA TV remote does not work, it can be frustrating.

The RCA remote will not respond if the signal path is blocked. Remotes rely on the IR (infrared) signal to communicate with other devices. If this signal path is blocked, the remote will be unable to communicate with the TV. Make sure the signal path to the TV is unobstructed.

Remote Mode

The RCA remote needs to know which electronic device it is communicating with. For instance, if you are trying to change the channel, you will press the TV mode button on the remote. If you are not in the correct mode, the remote will appear to not be working.


Batteries are the life-blood of the remote. If they are getting low, the remote will not work. To test the batteries, press and hold the 1 key. If the remote does not light up, you need to replace the batteries. If the remote does light up, continue reading to troubleshoot further.

Reset Remote

Resetting the remote will refresh the remote, removing any glitches within the remote. Begin by removing the batteries. Press and hold the 1 key for at least 60 seconds. This will reset the microprocessor inside the remote.

After one minute, reinstall the batteries. Press the ON-OFF button. If the remote lights up, you can continue with reprogramming the remote. If the remote does not light up, replace the batteries with fresh new ones and try again.

RCA TV Remote Volume Not Working

Frustrated man holding a remote

Few buttons on a remote control are used as much as the volume button. When this button does not work, we are left scrambling to find the volume button on the TV, which is usually not easy to find.

If the RCA TV remote volume is not working, the volume button could be stuck. Remove the batteries and then press each button individually to make sure they do not stick. Replace the batteries and use the remote.

Remote Codes

A specific code is required for each separate electronic device the remote controls. These codes are especially important when controlling combo units. If the incorrect code was entered, the remote will not work. Check the User’s Manual for the correct Code Lists.

Press OK Button

Some RCA TV remote models require that you press the OK button after entering the channel number. By not pressing ok, the remote is still in channel search mode and will not respond when the volume button is pressed.

Reprogram Remote

We take for granted that remote controls are always on. As with any device that gets a lot of use, it needs to be turned off occasionally. If your RCA TV remote is controlling several devices, this is important to do.

Step 1: Turn on the TV.

Step 2: Press and hold the TV button until the Power button lights up.

Step 3: While still pressing the TV button, press the Power button until the light goes off.

Step 4: Release the TV and Power button.

Step 5: Press the Play button every 5 seconds until the TV turns Off.

Step 6: Once the TV turns off, press the Reverse button every 2 seconds until the TV turns back on. The remote has now been programmed to the TV and a new code established.

Step 7: Press the Stop button to save the code. The remote will now control the TV.

Try all of the buttons on the remote to make sure everything is working. If any buttons do not work, go through the process again. Repeat the process at least 5 times. If the remote continues to not work, you will need to replace the remote.

RCA TV Remote Sensor Not Working

Frustrated man holding a remote

Any electronic device that is remote-compatible relies on an IR (Infrared) signal. This signal is what allows the remote to communicate to the electronic device. This signal is transmitted via the sensor on the remote.

The RCA TV remote sensor will not work if the signal is being obstructed. Make sure there are no other electronic devices nearby that can interfere with the signal. Remove any objects between the remote and TV that could block the sensor from sending a signal.

If the remote sensor is blocked, this will prevent the remote from working. Located inside the remote is an antenna that helps the sensor transmit signals. You can assess the state of the antenna by removing the back of the remote.

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If the antenna is bent or dirty, the signal will be interrupted. Depending on the state of the antenna you may need to replace the remote.

RCA TV Remote Won’t Turn Off TV

Woman holding a remote while watching tv

Sometimes issues with the remote or not actually with the remote. Before you go by a new remote, make sure the issue is not with the TV.

Check Power Source

If the TV is not getting sufficient power, it could appear that the remote is not working. Check the power supply to the TV. Make sure the power cord is securely connected to the outlet. Turning the TV off and on will help clear any glitches that could be preventing the TV and remote from communicating.

If the TV is plugged into a power strip, the power strip could be the issue. Make sure the power strip is turned on. Check other devices that are connected to the power strip to see if they are working properly.

RCA Universal Remote Keeps Blinking

Frustrated man holding a remote

Universal remotes are great to have when there are several devices to manage. The remote can be programmed to communicate with just about any electronic device, eliminating the need for multiple remote controls.

The RCA Universal remote will blink when it has successfully established a connection with the TV. If the remote continues blinking, it is trying to establish a connection. Turn the TV off and on and reprogram the remote.

Blinking lights on a remote is how the remote communicates with you. It lets you know when a button has been pushed, when it has been reprogrammed, even when the batteries are getting low.

If the blinking is constant, despite changing batteries and reprogramming the remote, the remote is signaling a deeper issue. The sensor or power board within the remote is faulty, which means you will need to replace the remote.

Check Remote Antenna

As mentioned earlier in this article, if there is an issue with the antenna inside the remote, the remote will not be able to communicate with other devices. The remote will continue blinking because it cannot transmit this signal and establish a connection with the TV.

Check the IR Signal

Another reason why the RCA remote will continue blinking is if there is no IR signal. You can use the camera on your smartphone to see if the IR signal within the remote is working.

Turn on the camera and point it towards the remote sensor. While looking at the camera screen, press any button on the remote. You should see a light coming from inside the remote. If there is no light, the sensor is not working and you will need to get a new remote.

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RCA Remote Won’t Program

Woman holding a remote while watching tv

If you are having trouble programming your RCA remote to the TV, keep the remote within close proximity to the TV. The further you are from the TV, the harder it is for the signal to reach the TV.

This article has provided several suggestions to help you troubleshoot why your RCA remote is not working properly. If, after trying these suggestions, you continue to have problems with the remote, contact RCA Remote Control Support.

Inside the battery compartment is a model number and a revision number. The revision number is what identifies your remote. Go to and enter your remote code to get more specific help for your remote.

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If your RCA remote won’t program, the remote could be outdated. Older RCA remotes are not compatible with newer smart TVs. The upgraded technology makes it difficult for the remote and TV to communicate. Replace your RCA remote with a new remote.

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