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DIRECTV Remote Not Working

DIRECTV is one of the world’s largest leaders in the entertainment industry. Unlike traditional cable, DIRECTV uses satellite technology. This makes it the best choice for anyone who lives in an area where the internet is not readily available.

The DIRECTV remote will not work if the signal between the remote and the DIRECTV receiver is obstructed. Replace the remote batteries with fresh, alkaline batteries. Reset the TV and pair the remote and receiver again.

DIRECTV remote

These days, most of us are home more than usual. This means we are watching more TV than usual. If you are experiencing issues with your DIRECTV remote, this article will help you troubleshoot some simple solutions and get you back to binge-watching your favorite TV series.

DIRECTV Remote Can’t Change Channels

Frustrated man holding a remote

The whole purpose of a remote is to make life easier. When the remote doesn’t work, more specifically, it doesn’t change channels, it can be frustrating. If you are experiencing this problem, the remote could be in the wrong mode.

To start, make sure the remote is in the correct mode by pressing the Menu button on the remote. Go to ‘Settings’ and choose ‘Remote Control’. You will then select ‘IR/RF Setup’. This option allows you to choose between Infrared or Radio Frequency.

If the remote is currently in RF mode, change to IR. You want the remote and receiver box to communicate via an infrared signal. Select ‘Continue’ and then press the Exit button. The remote is now paired to the DIRECTV receiver.

DIRECTV Remote Won’t Turn On/Off TV

Holding a remote while pointing in the TV

Remote controls are composed of many intricate components that need to work together. If one of those components does not work properly, the entire functionality of the remote is affected. The best way to address this issue is to reset the remote.

Reset The Remote

Resetting the remote will clear out any glitches and allow you to start fresh. On the remote, press the Menu button. Go to ‘Settings’ and then to ‘Remote Control’. Select ‘Pair/Program Remote’.

The remote should automatically reset or you may have to reenter the 5-digit code originally used to pair your remote. If you are unable to locate the 5-digit code, you can perform a factory reset of the remote.

Simultaneously press and hold the Mute and Select button until the remote flashes 3 times. Press 9-8-1 and then Select. The remote will flash 4 times to signal it has been reset to default factory settings.

DIRECTV Remote Keeps Blinking

Confused woman while holding a remote

Blinking is how the remote communicates. It lets us know when a button has been pushed and even when the batteries are getting low. If your DIRECTV is continually blinking, the remote is trying to tell you something.

If your DIRECTV remote keeps blinking, the remote may be trying to establish a connection with the DIRECTV receiver or the TV. Remove any objects that could obstruct the signal path. Make sure the remote is close to the TV.

Clean The Remote

Remotes are very often neglected. We sit on them. We drop them. We eat over them. All these things can cause the buttons to become sticky. If just one button is stuck, the entire remote will be affected.

Remove the batteries from the remote. Simultaneously press and hold the Power button for 30 seconds. If your DIRECTV remote has a Power and On button, press both of these buttons at the same time.

After 30 seconds, press each button on the remote individually several times to make sure none are stuck. Return the batteries to the remote. If the remote continues to blink, repeat the process.

If after several attempts the remote continues to blink, there could be a hardware issue within the remote. You can contact DIRECTV to have a replacement remote sent to you.

DIRECTV Remote Not Connecting

Confused woman while holding a remote

Sometimes issues with the remote are not actually with the remote. Before you threaten to throw your remote away, check the power supply to your DIRECTV receiver.

Begin by turning your TV on. Press the Power button on the face of the receiver. If the receiver does not turn on, unplug the cord connecting the receiver to the power source. Wait a few seconds and then plug the cord back in.

You will now need to repair the remote with the receiver. On the remote, press and hold both the Mute and Enter buttons until ‘Applying IR/RF Setup’ appears on the screen. The DIRECTV remote and receiver are now repaired.

DIRECTV Remote Not Adjusting Volume

Frustrated man holding a remote

Remotes establish connections to other devices by means of a specific code. Each device has its own separate code. If the remote is unable to communicate with another device, the remote will not work.

The DIRECTV remote will not adjust the volume if it is unable to communicate with the TV. Make sure the remote is in the correct audio mode setting. Check the cable connections between the DIRECTV receiver and TV.

Make sure the remote is programmed to the DIRECTV receiver. On the remote, press the Menu button. Select ‘Parental, Favs, and Setup’. Go to the remote section and choose ‘Program Remote’. Follow the on-screen instructions to program your remote to the TV.

Remove Any Newly Installed Devices

The remote relies on a signal to communicate with each device. If the remote worked before installing the new device, the signals could be competing to communicate with the remote. Remove the new device and see if the issue is resolved.

Lock Volume Settings

If the remote is set to the DIRECTV receiver but you continue having volume issues, locking the volume mode will help resolve this issue.

Step 1: Slide the Mode switch to the volume position you want.

Step 2: Press and hold both the Mute and Select buttons until a green light flashes twice.

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Step 3: Enter the 3-digit code 9-9-3.

Step 4: Wait until the green light once again flashes twice.

Step 4: Press the Select key. The light will again flash green, this time to signal the audio settings are now locked.

DIRECTV Remote Won’t Pair/Keeps Disconnecting

Confused woman while holding a remote

DIRECTV remotes are meant to connect to the DIRECTV receiver. If the remote keeps disconnecting, or will not pair, there is a problem with the connection between the two.

If the DIRECTV remote will not pair or is disconnecting, try resetting the TV. Pending updates could be preventing the TV from communicating with the remote. Unplug the TV for 60 seconds and then repair the remote.

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Another suggestion is to make sure the remote is paired with the receiver. If there was a recent power outage, the receiver could have lost its connection to the remote.

On the remote, press and hold both the Mute and Enter buttons at the same time. When ‘Applying IR/RF Setup’ appears on the screen, the remote is now synced. If the remote is not synced, you will need to reset the receiver.

To reset the receiver, press and hold the Red button located on the receiver. This button will either be on the face panel or just inside the access door. If you are unable to find the button, unplug the receiver from its power source for 15 seconds.

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DIRECTV Remote Not Responding

Couple watching TV while holding a remote

After resetting the DIRECTV receiver, the remote should now be connected and working correctly. If the remote is continuing to not work, here are two more suggestions to get the remote working.

If the DIRECTV remote is not responding, make sure the batteries are working. Replace the batteries with fresh alkaline batteries. Gently clean the battery terminals with a Q-tip and rubbing alcohol, removing any dirt that could affect the connection.

Test Battery Strength

With the batteries in the remote, you can test the strength of the batteries to know if new ones are needed or not. Simply press and hold any button on the remote. You can decipher the battery strength by the following:

  • Solid Green Light – batteries are good.
  • Fast Blinking Green Light – batteries are getting low.
  • Slow/No Blinking Green Light – New batteries are needed.

Test Receiver Connection

If the remote has lost its connection to the receiver, it will not work. To check the connection, press and hold the Enter button on the remote for 3 seconds. When ‘Menu’ appears on the TV screen, select ‘DIRECTV Receivers Input Source’. You may have to try different inputs to find the right one for your TV.

DIRECTV Remote Keeps Freezing

Holding a remote while pointing in the TV

When you are in the middle of a movie or finally able to watch the game you recorded, the last thing you want is a frozen picture. One reason for this could be due to the receiver overheating.

The receiver box produces a moderate amount of heat. If the box is sitting on a surface that is trapping the heat, the receiver will overheat and this can result in a frozen picture. The remote will not work until the receiver cools down.

The DIRECTV remote will not work if the receiver is behind on any updates from DIRECTV. Unplug the receiver from its power source for 15 seconds. This will force any updates. Reconnect the receiver to its power source and repair the remote.

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