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Ring Chime Not Working/Flashing Red/Humming/Buzzing

The Ring Chime enables users to receive visitor updates from their front door regardless of their location. Although this gadget could make your life simpler, as with any piece of technology, it may also have certain drawbacks. However, there is an answer to any dilemma.

A Ring Chime that does not work may be due to insufficient voltage, corroded or faulty parts, or the proper settings being disabled. If all is correctly wired, linked, and configured, you can resolve the issue by resetting your device. If that does not help, consider contacting Ring’s support line.

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In this article, I will give possible reasons why your Chime is malfunctioning and how to fix them. Additionally, I will show you how to reset the Ring device in your app and manually.

Ring Chime Not Working

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There are many possible explanations for the issue of your Ring Doorbell not ringing the Chime. The main reasons are insufficient power and having the wrong configuration for your device.

If your Ring Chime does not link during setup or show any light patterns, the charge it’s receiving cannot power the device. The Chime comes equipped with an internal power regulator that ensures compliance with normal control currents in many countries. When your Chime does not power on, it is more certainly due to an inadequate voltage in your wall socket.

To solve this, consider plugging your Chime into another socket. If the voltage is adequate, the system will remain in initialization mode for at least 30 seconds before you can use it.

How To Fix Your Ring Chime Using the App

Once you’ve determined that the problem is with your Ring Chime and not the socket, the device’s internal firmware needs to update. Also, the problem could be that the Chime is not linked to Wi-Fi.

Ensure that it is appropriately configured by following the steps below:

  1. Launch the Ring application.
  2. Look for three lines; tap on them to access the menu.
  3. Choose the Device menu.
  4. Once the window is open, click on the Chime.
  5. Pick Device Health.

Once Device Health is open, search for the required updates. Additionally, verify that the system is joined to a Wi-Fi network. Without a connection, the Ring Chime would be unable to interact with the doorbell.

What To Do if No Sound Is Coming From the Chime?

If your Chime is not making any sounds, you must first go through your Audio settings to ensure that the volume is switched on.

The following steps below will assist you in resolving this issue:

  1. Open the Ring app
  2. Pick “Devices.”
  3. Choose the Chime Pro.
  4. Pick Audio Settings from the following menu.
  5. Select the Chime Alert feature.
  6. To trigger your alerts, tap on the icons.

To resolve the volume problem, pick Chime Tones and verify that the Chime Volume is switched on and set to a sufficient level.

Ring Chime Humming/Buzzing

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If your Chime is humming or buzzing, you can attribute this to the Pro Power Kit. Numerous Ring users have noted that when this piece is mounted, every wired chime hums.

You cannot remove the power package since it is necessary for your Ring doorbell’s proper operation.

A possible alternative is to bypass the Chime and directly connect the Pro Power Kit to the Ring doorbell. To do this, directly link the ‘Front’ and ‘Trans’ Ring doorbell cables to the power kit’s bypass mode wire connectors.

Ring Chime Keeps Going Off/Ring Doorbell Chime Keeps Ringing

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When your Ring Chime keeps ringing, this could be an internal malfunction with the device or a result of bad wiring between the doorbell and Chime. It would be best to contact a Ring agent if your Chime keeps going off. But customers have found success in solving this problem by installing an external diode in their Ring doorbell.

Before connecting the diode, verify that your doorbell is digital. A digital bell has its ringtone produced from a speaker system rather than a mechanical hammer and bell. If your doorbell makes the traditional ding-dong sound, it is mechanical. Avoid connecting the diode to a mechanical bell because this can cause damage.

You can purchase a diode directly from Ring or use another compatible brand. Afterward, do the following steps to insert the diode:

  1. Turn off the circuit breaker that supports the Ring doorbell and Chime.
  2. Remove the doorbell.
  3. Connect your existing home wires to the Ring doorbell mounting.
  4. Install the diode directly to the bracket.
  5. Position the black plastic part of the diode in the middle of the bracket. The small marking should be turned to the wiring of your home.
  6. Fasten your Ring doorbell to the wall.

Ring Chime Stopped Working

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If your Chime does not notify you when a visitor arrives, the alarm settings could have been disabled. To restore them, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Ring application.
  2. Tap the three lines at the upper left.
  3. Hit “Devices”
  4. Choose your Chime.
  5. Select Audio Settings.
  6. Choose “Chime Alerts” and activate them.

Additionally, it will be beneficial to inspect the wires attached to the transformer and Chime box. Examine the cables and connectors for damage or corrosion since this will disrupt the link between the doorbell and Chime. If necessary, brush the lines to remove excess dirt.

Ring Chime Lag

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A notification delay in your Chime is often caused by its location. Sometimes, you may overcome a lag in your Ring Chime by relocating it closer to the router and other notifying devices.

The ideal gap between the modem and your Ring doorbell is 20-25 feet (609.6-762 centimeters), with the Chime positioned mid-way between the doorbell and the router. Additionally, avoid placing the router in a cabinet or behind furniture to ensure that it delivers a clear signal.

Concerning a pause in notifying your smartphone, closing other applications and disabling VPNs on your phone can improve connectivity and reduce delays.

If the lag persists, try reducing the devices using your home network. The delay could be due to a slow Internet connection which you can resolve quickly when the Chime is the only device actively using the network.

Ring Chime Red Light Blinking

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A flickering red light on the Chime indicates that the system is not connected to the internet. You can reconnect it in the Ring app under the Chime’s Device Health portion.

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If this does not succeed, attempt to encourage your Chime to forget your home network and reconnect afterward. To do this, follow the steps below:

  1. Disconnect the Chime.
  2. Wait for 30 seconds.
  3. Connect the Chime to the wall socket and follow the wizard’s instructions.
  4. Connect the Chime to a different network.
  5. Once achieved, navigate to the Chime settings and link it to the network of your choice.

This method was a simple workaround for certain people, and it may also restore Wi-Fi to your device.

Ring Chime Green Light Flashing

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If your Ring Chime’s green light continues to glow, it is still in startup mode. This blinking is often the result of incorrectly entering the password for your home network during initialization. As long as you type the right Wi-Fi code, you will resolve the problem.

However, if the Wi-Fi password contains a unique character, such as an exclamation point, you would almost certainly need to change it to remove the character before connecting.

You should also try connecting to another home network and see if that removes the blinking light.

Ring Doorbell Chime Not Lighting Up

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When the Chime stops lighting up, it is possible that a fuse has blown, and you must reset the outlet at the breaker. Suppose the device does not illuminate after being plugged into an active socket. In that case, there might be a problem with the Chime itself. In that scenario, you should contact Ring and share your complaints.

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