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Ring Doorbell Not Working/Ringing: How to Troubleshoot

You finally took the leap to replace your basic doorbell with a Ring Video Doorbell; however, you now have the issue of it not ringing. Since this device is more technical than most doorbells, there are various things that could be causing the problem. 

To fix your Ring Doorbell if it’s not ringing, check for proper installation and a sufficient Wi-Fi connection. Next, make sure the power source is strong enough, the battery is charged, the chime works properly, and that your smartphone is set up for notifications by reviewing this list. 

Ring Doorbell Not Ringing: How to Fix

Throughout this article, you will be able to identify what is causing your Ring Doorbell not to ring and how you can fix it. If you are unable to identify the cause, going through each problem and checking/solving the easiest ones first can help you save both time and money in the end. 

Ring Doorbell Not Working: Installed Incorrectly

Based on the type of Ring Doorbell you purchased and the existing chime you have within your house, there are certain things that could possibly have gone wrong during installation.

If your Ring Doorbell is not working without power, open your chime and see if the Pro Power Kit wires are connected properly to the chime connector. If connected properly your Ring Doorbell should have power, if not open your Ring Doorbell and check the wires if they are connected properly.

To ensure you’ve installed your Ring Doorbell, you can review this video to make sure you didn’t miss a step.

One thing that is important to note is that if you have a mechanical chime, you make sure that the bell mechanism is not disrupted during the installation process. Follow the instruction guide that came with your product as instructions may vary based on the product and the country you purchased the product in. 

Ring Doorbell Not Working Because of Your Wi-Fi Connection

All Ring Doorbells require a Wi-Fi connection and are only compatible with wireless routers running 802.11 B, G, or N on 2.4 GHz. 

If your Ring Doorbell is Not Working but has power, it’s most likely a wifi problem. Logon to your router and see if your Ring Doorbell is listed as one of the connected devices. If not, make sure you have your 2.4 GHz on for your Wifi and also make sure your router is not too far away.

Wi-Fi Router Placement

Where you have your Wi-Fi router could be impacting the connection. Since wireless routers only reach up to a certain distance, moving it closer to the device could improve the connection. There may also be objects or thick walls in between the doorbell and the router that could cause the connection to be weak, or not work. 

If moving your Wi-Fi router near your Ring Doorbell is not an option. You could potentially purchase a Wifi Extender for convenience. You could place the extender inside your house just right by the front door or near where your Ring Doorbell is located.

By moving your router closer or buying an extender, you can increase the Wifi signal around your Ring Doorbell which will make sure it doesn’t lose connection. 

Bad Wi-Fi Router

Sometimes your router is old and you experience losing your wifi connection from time to time with other devices. It might be time to replace your router.

This is exactly what happen to my Linksys router, my devices still connect but it disconnects on and off. I had replaced it with this Netgear Nighthawk router and everything is working perfectly.

Ring Doorbell Not Working Because of Power or Battery Problem

Each doorbell is unique. Based on the version you have purchased, you would have had different options for installation by either wiring it to an existing doorbell, connecting it to a low voltage transformer or plug-in-adapter (power source), or using the battery-operated feature. 

Ring Doorbell Has Insufficient Power

The Ring Doorbell Pro needs the power source it is connected to, to provide a minimum of 16 volts AC at ~20 volt-amps when connected to a transformer, plug-in-adapter or ~30-volt amps when connected to your internal doorbell. If your power source rates lower than this, you may need an electrician to increase the voltage so it can function properly.

If you want to check the voltage, you can open the Ring app that can be downloaded in the AppStore and tap the Device Health button. If the voltage is below 3,700mV, the device will not function properly (this will also decrease when the battery is low). 

Based on the current wire length or wire gauge, a power source supplying 16 volts AC or more with ~20 volt-amps could also impact the power. 

In order to fix the insufficient power, it will depend on whether you are using an internal doorbell chime, a transformer, or a plug-in-adapter. 

If You Use an Internal Doorbell Chime

Make sure you properly installed the Pro Power Kit, this video below will walk you through the steps:

If You Use a Transformer

You will need a Pro Power Cable. If you contact Ring, they will send you one for free. 

If You Use a Plug-in-Adapter

If you have no other system to use, you can use a plug-in-adapter, follow this Plug-in-Adapter Installation Guide to ensure you did everything properly. 

Defective Battery

If you choose to rely on the battery of the device to keep the power going, make sure you are charging it when needed. If you have muted notifications on your smartphone, you may miss the low battery warning, and if you let it die, you may have to go through the set-up process again. 

It could also be a faulty battery. If you find it is not charging when plugged in, you may need to replace the battery. You can purchase a new Ring Rechargeable Battery Pack online. 

Ring Doorbell Not Ringing Your Chime

If you are hooking up your Ring Doorbell to a pre-existing internal doorbell chime, it requires it to be wired. You can purchase a Ring Chime if you do not have a doorbell chime already and would like the feature of a sound to be heard throughout your house and not just on your phone. 

If you use the Ring Chime, it may need a reboot. You can check the device’s health on the Ring App; if you notice a blue flashing light on the chime itself, it means that it has lost connection. By powering the device on and off, this should do the trick to fix the connection.

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Check the Wiring

If you are relying on connecting your Ring Doorbell to an existing internal doorbell, it could possibly be the wiring that connects to your doorbell. Take the two wires you will find where you attach your Ring doorbell and touch them together if you hear the chime you know the issue is not in the wires.  

Enable the Microphone

In order to be able to receive and hear the sound coming from the doorbell, you have to enable the microphone in the Ring Doorbell app. By turning on the microphone, this may fix your problem. However, it is possible that the microphone or speaker is faulty and will need to be replaced.

Ring Doorbell Not Ringing Your Phone

If you rely on your phone to hear the doorbell ring, you may need to play around with some settings to make sure that everything is set up properly.

Also, make sure that all sound and notifications from the Ring app are enabled. 

As handy as our devices can be, sometimes they fail to do what we need them to do. If your phone is at low power, it may silence your notifications, and you will be unable to hear any Ring alerts sent to your phone. 

Another option is to let your Ring Doorbell ring multiple devices. So in case your main phone or device isn’t working, there are other devices that will still alert you once someone is at the door.

Increase the Volume

If you have your phone on silent, have the volume turned down, or have the sound for notifications on your phone turned off, you may be preventing the sound from coming through. 

This could also be an issue in the Ring app itself. When you check the volume in the app, make sure it is set as loud as you need it to be. 

Look at the Doorbell Button

A final possibility could be that the button on the Ring Doorbell itself has gotten stuck or jammed and is preventing it from being pushed properly to trigger the ring. If this is the case, you may need to replace the button and should look at the Ring website for details. 

Final Thoughts

Ring Doorbells were made to make your life easier; however, sometimes devices fail to do what was intended. 

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By following the advice given in this article and checking all aspects that can impact the ring, including the Wi-Fi, power source, chimes, and phone notifications, you will be able to figure out why your device is not ringing and how to fix it. 

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