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Roku Soundbar Not Working

Soundbar in front of TV

When using Roku, one of the common problems that you can come across is the Roku Soundbar not working on your Roku Ready Soundbar. This is a frustrating problem that can have several causes. To get my sound back on, there are a few areas that I have learned to look at.

Roku Soundbar is Not Working

I have found that when my Roku Soundbar is not working it can be due to a very easy to fix issue. While it may seem like a very serious problem, that is not always the case.

When your Roku Soundbar is not working, the first step is to check your HDMI cables. First, check the connection of the cables themselves. One end of your HDMI cable should be plugged into the HDMI IN (ARC) port in your TV. The other end needs to be connected to the HDMI OUT (TV-ARC) port on your Poku Soundbar.

If your HDMI cables are in the correct spots, and your Soundbar is still not working, check your Roku’s audio setting under the setting menu. If you are still facing issues, performing a reset on your Roku can fix this problem.

Roku Soundbar Keeps Cutting Out

Black roku soundbar

Another frustrating issue that you can run into with your Roku Soundbar is when your Soundbar keeps cutting out. This not only affects the audio but can also result in the screen freezing while you are in the middle of watching something.

If your Roku Soundbar keeps cutting out and if you are also experiencing the display freezing, first check your inputs. Make sure that you are on the correct input and that is a speed that is compatible with your TV.

If the problem persists, entering recovery mode can fix this problem while allowing for additional troubleshooting.

Roku Soundbar Keeps Disconnecting

Soundbar in front of TV

Oftentimes your Roku can work properly and then disconnect frequently. When your Roku Soundbar continually cuts in and out while you are watching it, it can be frustrating. There are a few things that you should consider when looking to fix this.

In general, you should check that your HDMI cables are correctly connected. Once you ensure that they are in the correct ports using the remote, enter your Roku settings and change the source of your Roku Soundbar to be set to ARC.

Roku Soundbar Has no Sound

Soundbar in front of TV

When your Roku Soundbar suffers a loss of sound there are two areas that you should pinpoint first when troubleshooting this issue.

When my Roku Soundbar has no sound, I always like to check my HDMI connections first, as it can be a cause of many issues with your Roku Soundbar. After checking that, enter the settings menu and check the audio format of the media. Some content can have incompatible audio formats for your Roku Soundbar.

If you are on the correct inputs and have selected an audio format that should be compatible and you still have no sound on your Roku Soundbar, it is time to reset your Roku.

In the settings menu on your Roku, select the systems page. Once in that section, find ‘system restart’ and select that. After selecting that, click the restart option. Your Roku will power down and back up again. Once on, hit the fast forward button two times. Your Roku Soundbar should now be working.

Roku Soundbar is not Connecting

Soundbar in front of TV

A common and unfortunate issue is when your Roku Soundbar does not connect to your TV. While this may sound more serious than it is, it is common for connections to disconnect sporadically. If your Roku Soundbar is not connected, it can come down to a few factors:

If your Roku Soundbar is not connected, the most common issue is the cable connection. This can come down to improper outlet connections or the cable itself. Make sure that the speaker is in fact turned on. If there is still no sound, replace your cable.

Roku Soundbar Won’t Turn Off

Soundbar in front of TV

So your Roku Soundbar is up and running, but what do you do when it isn’t turned off? This is a problem that I’ve run into and can be an easy fix.

If your Roku Soundbar is not turning off, you need to first check the setting menu on your Roku TV. Once in settings, select system – power – system reset – and restart.

If this doesn’t work, or if you are unable to access the settings, pull the power cord on your Roku and wait ten seconds before restarting.

Roku Soundbar Won’t Turn On

Soundbar in front of TV

While your TV and picture might be working fine, you can run into the issue of your Roku Soundbar not turning on. There are a few steps that I take to fix this issue.

On average, there are seven steps to take that should help if your Roku Soundbar is not turned on. The first step is to turn on both your Roku receiver, your Roku Soundbar, and your TV. Go to the settings menu on your TV and select ‘control other devices.

Once there, select to enable the connection to your Soundbar. Return to the main menu on your TV and enter the system audio control section. From that menu, you can enable a connection to your Roku Soundbar. After exiting the menu, your Roku Soundbar should work.

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Fixing Your Roku Soundbar

Fixing soundbar using screw

I find that, with a little time and patience, it is very easy to fix your Roku Soundbar by using these tips and tricks. Always remember to start with the most basic issues that could affect your Soundbar first. If it is not related to the input or output, doing more in-depth troubleshooting can easily fix your issues.