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Samsung Earbuds Not Charging (How to Fix)

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Samsung earbuds provide great audio quality and are competitively priced. So, it’s not surprising that they have a few quality problems now and again.

Charging can sometimes be below par and we’ll show you how you can get your Samsung earbuds back to full charge.

When your Samsung buds are not charging properly, the problem is generally a damaged or dirty case. The charging cables can also be the cause of faulty charging. Ensure that the case is fully charged and leave the earbuds in overnight. Clean out the case’s charging port to ensure a good connection.

If you haven’t cleaned out your charging case, then it’s a good idea to remove the earbuds and give the interior of the case a thorough clean. This will remove any dirt and grime that could interfere with the charging connections.

If you are still struggling with your Samsung earbuds not charging, try connecting the earbuds’ case to another charger and cable. Often the cable is faulty or the charger is worn out. Trying another charger that you know works properly will help to narrow down where the problem originates.

The charging pins inside the case may be worn, so place a piece of paper inside the charging case lid. This will help to add a little pressure to the earbuds and get them to press against the charging pins more closely.

Your earbuds may require a software update. You can check if that is the case by connecting to the Samsung Wearable App. This will allow you to check which version of the software is installed on the earbuds and whether or not it needs to be updated.

Samsung Earbuds Left Not Charging

Black latest and modern black earbuds

It is not unusual for earbuds to stop charging completely or for one or other earbud to not charge.

If your left Samsung earbud is not charging, then the problem could be dirt on the earbud contact or the case may have dirt or debris clogging the left charging port. Clean both the earbuds and the charging case and try charging them again. Try changing the charger and the charging cable as well.

If the left earbud is still not charging, the case may be faulty or the earbud is damaged.

The use of an unapproved Samsung charging case may damage the earbuds, rendering them useless. If you find that the earbuds are still not charging after cleaning the contact points and trying a different charger and cable, then the left earbud may be faulty and must be replaced.

Before taking your earbuds to a repair center or replacing the earbuds, try resetting the earbuds to their factory settings.

Before resetting your earbuds, take note that you may lose any music or data stored on the earbuds if that is a feature you have.

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Your earbuds will return to their factory settings once you perform the factory reset procedure.

Access the Galaxy Wearable app and connect to the earbuds.

Depending on which Samsung earbuds you have, you must either enter your watch settings and then select reset or enter the “About earbuds” option and select reset earbuds. You must select reset to confirm your choice.

If you have Gear IconX earbuds, select the About Gear option in the settings tab and then select reset gear.

Samsung Earbuds Right Side Not Charging

Black latest and modern black earbuds

With the amount of wear and tear the normal pair of earbuds encounter over their lifetime, it is not uncommon for one or other earbuds to stop charging.

If your right-side Samsung earbuds stop charging, you may have dirt or grime lodged in the charging case or the pins on the earbuds may be dirty. To fix the problem, clean the case and the earbuds pins to remove any dirt or grime. Inspect the earbud for any damage to the outer case.

If your earbuds appear fine and the case is in good condition with no dirt or debris inside, the problem may be the earbud settings.

To fix the problem, you can reset the earbuds to factory settings. This will restore the original factory settings and may solve the charging problem.

Samsung Earbuds Charging Case Not Charging

Black latest and modern black earbuds

Despite the build quality and reputation of Samsung devices, their earbuds can still cause problems when trying to charge.

If your Samsung earbuds are not charging properly, then check the charging cable carefully for damage. Ensure that the charger is working and then check to see that the earbuds are correctly placed in the charging slots. Clean the earbuds’ charging pins and the contacts inside the case.

You can check the charging status of your earbuds by checking the LED inside the case when they are charging.

The light should change to red or green when the earbuds are charging properly. If the charging light fails to come on, then the case is either not receiving power or the earbuds are not making contact with the charging connectors inside the case.

Check that you are placing the earbuds inside the case correctly. They should snuggle down into the charging position without sticking up or leaving gaps around the edges of the charging holes. If the earbuds appear to be sticking up a bit, try swapping them around so that they are in the opposite holes. You may find that you have put the earbuds into the wrong holes by mistake.

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If the charging light comes on, then you can be sure the case is working properly, so the problem is not with the charger, cable, or case. You can then focus on the earbuds.

Check that there is no damage to the left or right earbuds and that the charging pins are clean and free from any contamination or debris.

You can try resetting the earbuds if they are still not charging after checking that the case is producing power.

Resetting the earbuds is done through the Galaxy Wearable app and is a quick and easy way to fix the problem of your earbuds not working.

Samsung Earbuds Charging Case No Light

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The Samsung earbuds charging case can charge your earbuds even when it is not connected to a charging cable.

To do this, it has a battery inside the case that holds a few charges before it needs to be recharged again.

If your Samsung earbuds charging case has no light, it generally means that the battery is empty and needs to be recharged. You need to connect the case to a charger with a charging cable and wait a few minutes for the battery to charge. You can then put your earbuds inside to charge.

The light indicator inside the earbuds’ case shows when the earbuds’ batteries are full, when the case is charging them and when the charging function is blocked due to an out-of-range temperature.

When the light is green, it means that the earbuds are fully charged and your earbuds can be removed from the case and used.

If the LED shows red, then it means the case is charging and you will have to wait for your earbuds to fully charge.

If the light flashes red, it means that the charging function is temporarily stopped due to the temperature exceeding the threshold allowed.

The exterior LED is the case charging status light.

When the light is on red, it means the case is charging and when it is on green the case is fully charged.

If the red light is flashing quickly, then the case has stopped charging due to excessive temperature. When it flashes red slowly, it means the case is running out of charge and must be connected to the charging adapter.

If the red light shows after 5 seconds of closing the case, then the battery has less than 30% power. If you see a yellow light, then the battery has more than 30% power and less than 60%. A green light indicates that the battery has more than 60% power available.

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Samsung Earbuds Case Blinking Red Light

Black latest and modern black earbuds

The Samsung earbuds case has an LED indicator inside and outside.

The indicator will vary depending on which light is flashing.

If your Samsung earbuds case has a blinking red light it can mean that the case is overheating or that the case has a low battery power level and needs recharging. If the light inside the case is flashing red, it means that the earbuds are overheating and charging has been stopped.

The flashing red lights on the inside and outside of the Samsung case are there to ensure that you are aware of a problem with your earbuds or case.

It is either a warning that you need to charge your case’s battery or a warning that there is a problem with the heat being generated by the charging process.

This is especially important if you are using a non-standard charger, charging cable, or earbuds. You risk damaging your Samsung earbuds if you ignore the warnings.

This article and its contents are owned by Ready To DIY and was first published on 08/02/2022.

How to Fix Samsung Earbuds Not Charging

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There can be little that is more frustrating than settling down to listen to music or a film only to discover that your earbuds are not charged.

This is when you’ll discover that you have a problem with your Samsung earbuds case or with the earbuds themselves.

To fix Samsung earbuds that are not charging, you need to check that the earbuds are clean and that there is no dirt on the charging points. You should regularly clean the earbuds’ charging case with a microfiber cloth to remove any dirt from the charging ports as well.

Before you try to diagnose the cause of your earbuds not charging, leave the case and the earbuds connected to a charger overnight. This way, the case and the earbuds have the best opportunity to charge.

Don’t try to charge too many of your devices simultaneously. Try just plugging the Samsung charger into the socket and see if it makes a difference to your earbud charging.

Once the case is fully charged, you can check the charging light to see if the case is registering the battery as completely full. The light should be continuously green. If it is not, then you know that the case is faulty and you can try charging your earbuds in another case.

The earbud tips can also affect charging if they are not properly located on the earbud. Make sure that they are securely attached and fully inserted. If they stick out too far, they will prevent the case from closing properly and the contacts at the bottom of the case will not make a good connection.

The next step is to take the earbuds out of the case and clean them thoroughly. Take extra care to clean the contacts on the ends of each earbud. Any grime or dirt on the contacts can affect the connection with the charging contacts inside the case.

Without proper contact, the earbuds will not charge.

Once the earbuds are clean, use a microfiber cloth to clean the inside of the charging case. Pay special attention to the charging contact points at the bottom of the case. Any dirt or debris that interferes with the contacts prevents the earbuds from charging.

Along with the case, check that the charging cable and charger are genuine Samsung products. If you try to charge your case with non-Samsung electronics, you run the risk of damaging the case.

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This article and its contents are owned by Ready To DIY and was first published on 08/02/2022.

If you try to charge your Samsung earbuds in a pirate case, then you may end up damaging your earbuds or finding that the case does not work properly. Check to see if the earbuds will charge in a genuine Samsung earbud case.

You can try putting a little extra padding into the top of your charging case. Use either a piece of paper or cloth to help apply a little extra pressure on the earbuds. This will help to make good contact between the earbuds charging points and the charging case contacts.

If you are using Powershare, then check that it is enabled and turned on. Sometimes the Powershare feature is turned off and it will affect your earbud’s ability to charge. You can see what the status is in your notification panel.

Sometimes a restart will help to get your earbuds working properly again. All you have to do is remove the earbuds from the charging case and wait for about 15 to 20 seconds. Then return the earbuds to the case and see whether they start to charge.

You can also use the Galaxy app to reset your earbuds. Under watch settings, scroll to “Reset” and select your Galaxy buds. Once the earbuds have been reset, put them back into the case and try charging them.

You can try updating your earbuds software by connecting via the Galaxy Wearable app. There are different apps for Windows, Apple, and Android devices.

Often, charging problems can be fixed by deleting the earbuds from the device you’re connected to and then re-pairing them. To do this, you will have to find the headphones under your Bluetooth list and manually delete them. Then turn your earbuds on again and in your device, find the earbuds on your Bluetooth connection list and pair them.

Once this is done, try to charge the earbuds again.

If you have tried all the options we’ve listed here and your earbuds will still not charge, you’ll have to approach Samsung directly to arrange a replacement pair of earbuds.

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