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Samsung Headphones Sound Problems

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There is nothing quite as enjoyable as having a set of headphones on while listening to the music of your choice. You are separated from the world around you and it’s almost as if you are living in your own world. That is, of course, until you have problems.

If your Samsung headphones are experiencing some problems it may be due to incorrect positioning of the buds in your ears. Correct the issue if possible. Otherwise, it could be an accumulation of dust in the earbud or a build-up of ear wax.

These are some of the more common reasons why you may be having problems with your Samsung earbuds or headphones. Quite honestly, there are a number of reasons that this issue may occur and sometimes, it depends upon the specific type of issue you are having.

Although it would be impossible to cover each scenario in the span of a single article, there are some things that you may want to try, regardless of why you are experiencing the problem.

We will take you through a very common course of action that you can try for any situation. After that, we will talk about some specific problems you may be having and how they may be corrected.

Samsung Headphones Sound Problems

If you are having any sound problems with your Samsung headphones, try these steps to see if it fixes the problem:

1. Restart – A common way to fix a sound problem with Samsung headphones is to turn them off and back on again. Sometimes, simply inserting the earbuds back into their case and taking them back out again will suffice.

You will also want to restart your phone. Make sure that you shut it down completely and don’t just put it to sleep. After your phone fully restarts and your earbuds are restarted as well, they should be connected properly and the sound problem should be gone.

2. Update – There may be updates that have taken place to the earbuds and unless they are applied, it may not work well. Earbud updates often coincide with updates to your mobile device, so make sure that you are keeping both of them up-to-date at all times.

3. Battery – We all want to ensure that our batteries last as long as possible. We may have inadvertently turned on battery optimization on our mobile device, this can affect the quality or dependability of our Samsung earbuds.

Check the mobile device to see if battery optimization has been turned on. You might also go in and look at the individual audio app you are using to see if it has been set to optimize battery usage. If so, turn it off and see if that corrects the problem.

Those are the most common ways to fix earbud problems. Let’s take a look at some specific issues and what may be behind those problems:

Samsung Headphones Sound Muffled

Black modern headphones

Are you having problems with muffled sound in your Samsung headphones? Regardless of whether it is one or both earbuds, try the following.

Muffled sound from your Samsung headphones is likely due to a blocked audio device. You should remove the tip of the earbud and clean the sensor and mesh. Use a clean cloth to get it as clean as possible, but be cautious that you don’t damage it in the process.

Sometimes, you may not see anything that is visually wrong with the Samsung headphones but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a problem. You can look at them through a magnifying glass and see if there are small pieces of debris that may be blocking the audio in some way or another.

If you have an app associated with your Samsung headphones, you can open it up and select the ‘ Find my Earbuds’ feature. The earbuds will start to beep and the beeping will let you know if you were able to clear the issue.

Samsung Headphones No Sound

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Are you having a problem where no sound is coming from your Samsung headphones? Here’s how to fix it.

Your Samsung headphones may not play any sound if there is something interfering or conflicting with them. To fix this, remove any accessories that are connected to your mobile device and restart it fully. Try to use your Samsung headphones with only the headphones attached to your device.

Sometimes, you may also be using an adapter that connects the Samsung headphones with your device. This is commonly the case when you don’t have a matching port.

If that is the case, remove the adapter and try plugging the headphones directly into another device. If it works, the problem is likely with the adapter.

Have you checked the volume setting on your mobile device? At times, it may be as simple as taking the device off mute or moving the audio to a higher level.

If there was a recent software update or if you haven’t updated your software, it may be a problem. Try rolling the software back to a previous date before the new software was installed. Otherwise, update the software to your phone fully to see if it helps.

Finally, the problem may be with the headphones themselves. Try the headphones on another device and carefully look over the headphones for any damage that may have happened.

If this is a problem, you can either send them in to be repaired or you can purchase a new set of Samsung headphones.

Samsung Headphones Too Quiet

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One of the more frustrating issues that may occur with your Samsung headphones is for them to be too quiet. If that is the case, there are a few things to check and potentially fix.

The most common reason why Samsung headphones are too quiet is that the volume is not set properly on the mobile device. If there is a rocker switch on the side of the device, try turning the volume up. You may need to verify that you want to turn it up past a certain level.

Some Samsung headphones also have volume controls directly built into the earbuds. This would require that you use them as a touchpad, and you should check with the user manual for your Samsung headphones to see how to turn the volume up in this way.

If you still feel that it may be a problem with the volume setting, you can try installing a third-party app that will allow you more control and range in your volume. Be careful when using this type of app, as it can turn the volume up to a level that would be damaging to your ears.

Have you checked the battery on your Samsung headphones? If you are using a battery-powered set of headphones, they may have dropped to a low level. You will still be able to hear volume but it will be lower because of the lower battery output.

Finally, Bluetooth is limited in how far it will connect. More than likely, you will have to stay within 30 feet of the device that is playing the music or other sound.

Going too far out of range, using a device that has a limited range, or having objects between you and the device can all limit the Bluetooth signal. If Bluetooth is not connected properly, it may reduce the volume you are hearing.

Samsung Headphones Too Loud

Black modern headphones

Finally, we may have a problem that the volume setting on our Samsung headphones is just too loud. What can you do to correct this issue?

A common reason why Samsung headphones are too loud is that you are using an app that has an independent volume setting. The volume setting for that app may have a much higher range than what is available with a typical app on your mobile device. Try using a different app for playing the audio.

Sometimes, you may also have downloaded a third-party app that allows you more control over the volume. If that is the case, you may have adjusted the volume level using the third-party app and are later trying to lower the volume with the standard app.

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If you did install a third-party app, remove it from your mobile device and try to adjust the sound to a more suitable volume.

Finally, try enabling the developer options in your phone so you can ‘disable absolute volume’. Here’s how you do it:

Go into your phone settings, search for ‘build’ and then tap the build number multiple times until you enable developer options.

Look for the switch that allows you to disable the absolute volume. If you turn that switch on and restart your phone, you can adjust the Bluetooth speaker separately from your phone speaker. It will allow you to adjust it to a more suitable level.

Anytime you are experiencing some problems with your Samsung headphones, it may be due to dirt or dust that has accumulated in the earbuds or outside of the headset. Carefully clean the headset, being careful not to damage the screen in the process. Otherwise, you may be using outdated software or have a low battery in your earbuds or your mobile device.

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