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Samsung Refrigerator Makes Loud Noise

Samsung refrigerators are well known for providing quality service. If they do make a loud noise, what is the likely issue and how do you fix it?

A Samsung refrigerator can make loud noises due to several reasons. An imbalanced airflow in the Twin Cooling system can result in a hissing or rattling sound. Issues with the Ice Master assembly, such as misalignment or damaged components, can cause a scraping or grinding noise. A malfunctioning Digital Inverter Compressor can also result in loud noises.

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Twin Cooling System

The twin cooling system within a Samsung refrigerator allows it to cool properly. You can think of it as being similar to a damper control unit.

When the twin cooling system is operating properly, it is a very quiet feature. If there is a reason why the airflow becomes imbalanced, however, loud noises can occur.

These loud noises can result in a hissing or rattling sound. The sound will occur when the compressor is operating.

More than likely, this issue is associated with a worn or broken component within the Twin Cooling system. You can remove these components and inspect them visually.

Even a small crack or other issue within the Twin Cooling system can result in excessive noise. By replacing those items that are defective, you can bring the balance back to the airflow and stop the noise from occurring.

Ice Master Assembly

One of the things that most of us appreciate about our Samsung refrigerator is its ability to make ice. This is due to the Ice Master assembly, which makes ice continually for our use.

If there is an issue with the Ice Master assembly, such as it being misaligned, or if one of the components is damaged, you may hear a scraping or grinding noise while it is operating.

A problem with the Ice Master assembly is usually easy to identify but not always easy to repair. Quite simply, if the noise occurs while the ice maker is working, then it is likely associated with the Ice Master assembly.

After unplugging the refrigerator and turning off the water, you can remove and visually inspect the components of the Ice Master assembly. Make sure that they are functioning properly and are not damaged.

Replace any damaged components.

Malfunctioning Digital Inverter

The Digital Inverter Compressor in a Samsung refrigerator is a type of unique pump. It isn’t pumping water, it pumps refrigerant through the system while the refrigeration cycle is taking place.

This small compressor works continually to ensure that the refrigerator remains at a consistent temperature. There may be some variations in the running speed, but it should operate quietly.

If the Digital Inverter Compressor is defective, you may have a hit-and-miss operation and loud noises.

The Digital Inverter Compressor cannot be repaired but you can replace it. After replacing the compressor, the quiet operation of your Samsung refrigerator should return.

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Common Reasons Why a Samsung Refrigerator Makes Noise

white refrigerator in the kitchen

We count on our refrigerators to run without any problems. What can you do if your refrigerator is making a loud noise?

A loud buzzing or clicking sound can be the result of a failing compressor. Remove the compressor from the refrigerator and test it using a multimeter. The compressor can sometimes be fixed but in most cases, it must be replaced.

Here are five common reasons why your refrigerator may be making a loud noise and how to fix them.

Dirty Condenser Coils

When condenser coils become clogged with dust and debris, it makes the compressor work harder. Since the compressor is working harder, it will make noise.

Solution: Clean the coils with a vacuum cleaner or soft brush. Make this a regular part of your household cleaning to ensure that problems are kept to a minimum.

Faulty Condenser/Evaporator Fan Motor

Both the evaporator and the condenser fans could wear out over time. In either case, the typical sign of such a faulty fan motor is a loud noise. Some of these noises can include clicking, humming, grinding, rattling, and buzzing.

Solution: Both the evaporator and condenser fan motors can be replaced. Prior to replacing them, you can remove them from the refrigerator and test them with a multimeter.

If the motors don’t check for continuity, they are faulty and must be replaced.


An icemaker can generate noise due to it being jammed and frozen. As the auger tries to turn, it can create a loud clicking or banging sound.

Solution: Remove the icemaker components from the refrigerator and visually inspect them. In many cases, you will see the buildup of ice when you first start this process. Faulty or damaged parts should be replaced.

Loose Parts

There are many moving parts in a refrigerator and some that don’t move. If they are not attached properly and are loose or worn, they could begin making a vibrating and rattling sound.

Some common parts that experience this type of rattling include the ice maker, tubing, and loose pipes.

Solution: Carefully inspect the interior of the refrigerator for any loose or rattling parts. You can do so visually, by feeling for loose parts, or by trying to pinpoint the sound they are making.

After you fasten the loose parts in place, the smooth and quiet operation of the refrigerator should return.

Out Of Level

The refrigerator should be level and if it isn’t, it could produce a buzzing or rattling noise. This is due to vibrations that can occur when the unit is not leveled properly.

Solution: The solution to an unlevel refrigerator is straightforward. Most refrigerators are designed with leveling feet that can be adjusted to bring the refrigerator to the proper level.

Let us now consider some of the brand-specific reasons why refrigerators could be making loud noises.

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