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Samsung Tablet Not Working

For those that like to be on the move, have the desire to keep their online life nearby without the fuss of cumbersome equipment, or simply enjoy the ease and accessibility of tablets, a Samsung tablet might be their go-to. If this device suddenly stops working, what can be done?

If your Samsung Tablet isn’t working, complete a force restart, be sure the device has charged for an ample amount of time, remove the battery from the tablet if possible, reset the camera if you are experiencing issues with it, and

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There are a slew of different reasons that owners love their Samsung tablets: they are portable, they offer a sufficient amount of storage, they take up very little room when it comes to packing them away and taking them from place to place, and their operating system is easy to manage. All of this is well and fine until the tablet suddenly stops working as it should. If you have a Samsung tablet and it isn’t working properly, read below to find a solution to fit your problem.

Samsung Tablet Not Working

Samsung tablets are designed to be a piece of equipment that is easy to use and put away, but can also accommodate complicated schedules, needs, and technological wants. If you are wanting to keep to the touch-screen, the Samsung tablet can do anything you want with the press of your finger, but it can do just as much if you want to use an external keyboard to get the job done faster. All of this is great, until the tablet stops working as expected.

If your Samsung tablet isn’t working, a force restart may be the quick solution to ridding your tablet of any issues that are present. To do this, simultaneously hold down the ‘Volume Down’ and ‘Power’ buttons for 10 seconds. When this time has passed, the tablet should restart on its own.

For those of you that are dealing with more general problems, it can be difficult to diagnose what is really going on with your Samsung tablet, and when this happens, sometimes the best approach is to go with a general solution. Force restarting your Samsung tablet is a quick way to expel any bugs that may exist within your device that could be the cause of your operating problems. Once you have the reset complete, confirm that your tablet is working properly.

Samsung Tablet Not Turning On

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For those of you who know exactly what you are dealing with and what problem exists with your Samsung tablet, you may be looking for a more specific solution. For example: if you own a Samsung Tablet and it is not turning on, you need a fix that is going to get things operating as quickly as possible. If you have a Samsung tablet and you cannot get it to turn on, take a look below to see what the most likely cause of the problem is and what you can do to fix it.

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If your Samsung tablet isn’t turning on, one of the most common reasons for this problem is that the device has not had ample time to charge. Be sure to connect your device to a working outlet and allow it at least 10 minutes to charge before trying to power it back on.

It is also important to note that how you are charging your Samsung tablet affects how it will operate. You want to be sure that you have your tablet connected to an outlet that is receiving power and you also want to have your device connected to a charger that is of good quality. This means you need to try and avoid any third-party chargers that may not be equipped to charge your tablet in the same way that Samsung chargers are capable of.

Samsung Tablet Not Turning Off

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For many users, there are few moments when they need their tablet to completely turn off, however, if you are in a situation where having it on simply isn’t necessary, turning it off is a way to keep notifications at bay and to conserve battery life. If you have a Samsung tablet and you are looking to turn it off, yet your device will not yield to your promptings, take a look below to see what can be done to get your tablet to shut down.

If your Samsung tablet isn’t turning off and you have attempted to hold down the power button for an extended amount of time as well as turn off the device through the power-off option within the menu, you may need to remove the battery completely to get the device to turn off.

For many tablets, owners can take off the back compartment on the device and remove the battery from the tablet. When this is done, there is no energy for the tablet to run off of, which means that the tablet will inevitably turn off. You should also be sure that you are turning off the tablet properly by either holding down the power button until the screen goes black or holding down the power button until you are given the option to power off the device on the screen.

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Samsung Tablet Camera Not Working

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Samsung tablets are great at accommodating those that are on the move while also giving them a quality product that can get just about any job done. Even more than this though, the Samsung tablet is able to combine work, fun, and everyday life by having an available camera within their system. If you have a Samsung tablet and the camera isn’t working as it should, what might be the cause of the problem, and what can be done to correct it?

If your Samsung tablet camera isn’t working, it could be that the camera simply needs to be reset. To do this, go to the camera > ‘Settings’ > ‘Reset’ > confirm that you want to reset the camera on your Samsung tablet and let the process begin. Once complete, see if the camera is working again.

If you reset the camera on your Samsung tablet and it still isn’t working as it should, it might be helpful to clear the cache of the camera. Just as any other application, the camera stores data and when this reaches a certain point, the build-up can cause the camera to slow down or stop working completely. To clear the cache, go to the camera and open the ‘Storage’ option where you will find the choice to clear the cache within the camera.

Samsung Tablet Apps Not Showing Up

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Another advantage offered by Samsung tablets is their ability to be able to download just about any application out there that is available to users. This means that you can customize your tablet experience by having the apps you use the most right on your touchscreen without ever having to open your computer, phone, or any other device. However, if you go to access one or more of the apps you have installed and notice that they aren’t showing up, what is the issue?

If the apps on your Samsung tablet aren’t showing up, it could be that the device is not placing the app on the home screen by default. If you download an app and it does not show up, slide down on the home screen, select the newly downloaded app, then download it manually to the home screen.

For many users, if they find that apps are not showing up, this typically occurs after they have downloaded new software. If this is the case for you, you can either uninstall the new update and see if that resolves your issue, or you can try to reset your tablet to see if that will bring the applications back up on your device. It is unfortunate when glitches occur in software updates, but when it comes to technology, not every advancement can be one that is seamless.

Samsung Tablet Email Not Working/Syncing/Receiving/Loading

Woman using samsung table on the table

If you are using your Samsung tablet for any reason outside of fun, you are likely to have your email connected to the device so that you can stay updated with current contacts no matter what device you are on. Having your email installed on your Samsung tablet is an easy way to stay in touch without having to transfer to your phone or computer to respond or send content. However, if your email isn’t working, sycning, receiving, or loading, what might be the issue?

If your Samsung tablet email isn’t working, syncing, receiving, or loading as it should, it could be that the cache of your email needs to be cleared so that you can receive new content. To do this, locate the App Manager and select ‘Email’ then choose the option to clear the cache.

Once you have the cache cleared, you can then go back to your email, forward an email to yourself, and see if you receive the email in a reasonable amount of time while the email is also synced with other devices which carry that account. If this does not work for you, you may remove and reinstall the email account that you have connected with your Samsung tablet by going to the email app > ‘Menu’ > ‘Settings’ > and remove then reinstall your email account.

Samsung Tablet Microphone Not Working

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If you aren’t having issues with your email, are able to see all the different apps you have previously downloaded, don’t have any qualms with the way your camera is functioning, and can turn your device on and off without a problem, you might be thinking you have avoided every possible road bump. Although this would be ideal, some users have found that once they try to use their microphone, it falls flat, revealing that the feature is not working.

If your Samsung tablet microphone isn’t working, the issue could lie within the Bluetooth of your device. To see if this is the problem, from the top of the screen, pull down and click on the ‘Bluetooth’ icon. When the icon is not illuminated and has turned gray, it is no longer enabled.

If you disable Bluetooth or notice that Bluetooth has already been turned off and your Samsung tablet’s microphone still isn’t working, be sure that there are no accessories connected to or protecting your device that may be causing the problem. Remove any accessories that are connected to your tablet and take off all third-party cases, as they may be getting in the way of the microphone which could prevent it from operating as it was intended.

Samsung Tablet Power Button Not Working

The power button on a Samsung tablet is the way that users are able to power off and power on their device manually. Without the power button, the device would either stay off or run so long that it would eventually die and users wouldn’t be able to turn it back on unless they simply waited for it to be charged enough to turn on by itself. If you have a Samsung tablet and the power button isn’t working, take a look below to see what might be the cause of the problem.

If your Samsung tablet power button isn’t working, first, be sure that the device has been charged enough to actually power on by using this method. If it has been, check to see if the button is giving resistance when you push it. If the power button is stuck, it will need to be unlodged.

If you press the power button and notice that it does not immediately come back up after being pressed, this could be an indication that the button is either jammed or stuck by a sticky substance. You can gently press the power button repeatedly to see if the button will unjam itself, but if this does not work, you will either have to remove the cover of the device or take it to a repair shop so they can take apart the tablet and remove the substance causing it to stick.

If your Samsung tablet isn’t working, see if you are able to download missing apps to your home screen by swiping up and finding the app to manually install, clear the cache of your email, disable Bluetooth on the device, and check to see that you have ample charge on the device.

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