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Samsung Tablet Not Working

Whether you are on the go or simply want a device that is easy to take from room to room without having to worry about bulk, a Samsung tablet can complete a slew of different jobs with ease and transportability. What, then, do you do if your Samsung tablet isn’t working?

If your Samsung tablet isn’t working, exit out of any apps that are not running properly or are running slowly, gently blow on the charging port to remove any particles that prevent the device from charging, and be sure that the tablet has enough charge to be powered on.

Samsung tablet on the table

For those who are on the go, but have limited space, a laptop may not be the best choice for jobs that don’t require too much storage or ultra-advanced properties. Even without this though, the Samsung tablet is able to store nearly the same amount as the Samsung Chromebook, while being smaller and just as capable of various functions. If you have a Samsung tablet and it is not working, take a look below to find your specific problem as well as the solution to fix it.

Samsung Tablet Not Working

When it comes to function, capability, and user accessibility, it can be hard for users to find what they need in a world where so many different products exist. Luckily though, the Samsung tablet has made its way to the front of the line when it comes to these components, making it an item that many owners find they can’t live without once it is in their possession. If you have a Samsung tablet and it suddenly stops working though, what can be done to fix the device?

If your Samsung tablet isn’t working, one of the most common reasons for this stall is an app that is not running properly or one that is running slowly. If your tablet is not working and you are trying to use an app, exit out of the app and completely close it before trying to use your tablet again.

Samsung Tablet Not Charging

Charging a tablet

You may be able to use your Samsung tablet as it should be, but if you are disconnected from a charger while accessing different features on this device, you will inevitably have to charge it back up to maintain wireless use. If you go to charge your Samsung tablet and notice that it is not charging as it should, then it means an end to your use of the device regardless. If you cannot get your tablet to charge properly, read on to see what the solution is for the fix.

If your Samsung tablet is not charging, it could be that the charging port is obstructed by dust particles that are getting in the way of the charger itself. To see if this is the problem, gently blow the port with air to remove any dust that is obstructing the device’s ability to properly charge.

Samsung Tablet Not Turning On

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You may not be having a problem with your Samsung tablet charging, but maybe even worse, might be having issues getting the device to start at all. It can take a few seconds for Samsung tablets to reboot and turn on if they have been turned off for an extended amount of time, but if the battery is charged, you should be taken to the login or home screen of your device within a few moments. If you are not able to turn your Samsung tablet on, what can be done?

If your Samsung tablet is not turning on, it could be that the battery is too dead to be powered on. To resolve this, plug your tablet into a working outlet and allow it to charge for at least 10 minutes before turning it back on again. If the device powers on, your solution has been found.

Samsung Tablet Not Connecting to Wifi

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There are quite a few operations on a Samsung tablet that can be used without the need of Wifi, but when it comes to accessing applications that are run by the internet, you need to be able to connect to a network that can easily run these different apps without interruption. If you are trying to access apps or functions that require a network connection but your tablet won’t connect to Wifi, take a look below to see what you can do to get this connection established.

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If your Samsung tablet is not connecting to Wifi, it could be that your tablet is not updated with the latest software. To do this, go to ‘Settings’ > ‘Software’ > ‘Update’ > ‘Download Updates Manually’ and allow the update to download and install completely.

Samsung Tablet Not Receiving Emails

Man using the tablet

Samsung tablets can be used for a wide variety of different reasons: as a device used to keep kids entertained on long trips, as an item to keep school work in check, as something used for leisurely and even business purposes, but for most, their email will be connected to this device no matter what the original purpose. If you have a Samsung tablet and it is not receiving emails, what can be done to ensure you don’t have to worry about getting the mail you need?

If your Samsung Tablet is not receiving emails, it could be that the cache needs to be cleared within the email app you are using. To do this, find the ‘App Manager’ and click on ‘Email.’ From here, you will choose the option to ‘Clear Cache’ which should get your email back in working order.

Samsung Tablet Not Recognizing SD Card

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SD cards have been around for quite some time now and their ability to transfer large amounts of data is what makes them not only desirable, but essential. If you have a large amount of content that cannot be shared or emailed from one device to another, or that content is sensitive, an SD card makes it easy to take what you need and get it from one device to the next. If your Samsung Tablet is not recognizing an SD card, what might be the problem?

If your Samsung tablet isn’t recognizing an SD card, first, try removing the SD card, gently blowing the port to free it of any debris, then reinsert the card. If this does not work, try testing the card with another device to see if the card is recognizable on the other device.

If your Samsung tablet is not working, check for any recent software updates and allow the update to download and install, clear the cache of the email app you are using on the tablet, and try removing any SD cards and reinserting them before testing their function on another device.

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