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Samsung Tablet Not Charging

With the popularity of Samsung Galaxy tablets at an all-time high, lots of people use their devices both at work and at home.

And along with this increase in usage, come various wear-and-tear problems associated with repeatedly charging the tablet.

Tracing the reason a Samsung tablet is not charging can usually point to a damaged charging cable, lint or dirt present in the charging port, or a missing software update. Less common charging problems could relate to a faulty charger, damaged wall socket, or 3rd party apps preventing charging.

Samsung tablet on the table

Establishing whether your charging cable is the culprit is as easy as swapping it out for another one to check if the tablet charges with the replacement.

Or, if you don’t have a replacement cable close at hand, try to carefully twist the cable up and down or side to side. If the tablet charges intermittently, then buying a new cable should solve the problem.

Samsung Tablet Not Charging Fast/Quickly

Samsung tablet on the table

A slightly trickier problem to trace is if your tablet charges very slowly.

With the sometimes-bold claims made in cell phone adverts, you may expect your tablet to charge exceptionally fast. In real-world conditions, you can normally expect your Samsung tablet battery to charge up to 100% in about 4-5 hours.

But there are a few reasons why it may take longer than expected to reach its full capacity.

A Samsung tablet that’s not charging fast or quickly enough may have dirt or debris blocking the charging port. If the port is clear, then you may have fast-charging turned off in your settings. Change the fast-charging setting from off to on in your battery settings to increase your charge rate.

To check for dirt in your charging port, switch off your tablet, remove the charging cable and then shine a light into the port to help identify any dirt. Remove any lint or debris that may lodge in the port.

I don’t recommend that you stick anything metallic or sharp into the port or else you may damage it.

Rather blow air into the charging port or use a wooden toothpick to gently ease any debris out without damaging the connectors.

Samsung Tablet Fast Charging Settings

A common problem with the Samsung Tablet’s charging speed relates to a little-known setting.

Here’s how to check if this battery setting is the problem:

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  1. Go to the Settings menu.
  2. Select Device Care.
  3. Select Battery.
  4. Select More Battery Settings.
  5. Locate “Fast Charging” and move the slider button to on.

Samsung Tablet Not Charging and Not Turning On

Using samsung tablet

Anyone who has owned a Samsung Tablet will have heard the horror stories about tablets refusing to turn on and not charging. While these incidents can be worrying, the solution is quite simple.

If a Samsung tablet is not charging and not turning on, then try replacing the charger or the charging cable. If the charging port is clean, then unplug the charger, hold the power and volume buttons for 30 seconds and then plug in the charger and continue to hold for a further 30 seconds.

The problem of Samsung tablets not switching on is an old one that can trace back to a factory fault.

An alternative fix to the method described above is available for those of you who have access to some basic tools and are not afraid to open up your tablet.

Unscrew the back of your tablet and remove the battery cable. After 10-15 minutes, plug the battery back in and unplug the screen from the motherboard.

Plug the charger in and leave it on charge for 2 hours. Then you can plug the screen back in and close your tablet. Unplug the charger cable and switch on your tablet. If it switches on, your problem is almost solved.

Switch your tablet off, plug the power cable back in and confirm that the charging animation shows on the screen. Leave the tablet on charge for 2-3 hours to ensure that the battery reaches 100% charge.

After the battery is fully charged, unplug the charger cable and check that your tablet switches on. Your tablet’s charging and the power-on problem are now solved. Just ensure that you don’t allow your tablet to fall below 10-15% battery charge, otherwise, you may have to go through the whole process again.

Samsung Tablet Not Charging but Shows Charging

Samsung tablet on the table

If you’ve had your Samsung tablet for a long time or you’ve been recharging it often, then you may experience problems charging your device.

If a Samsung tablet doesn’t charge but shows the charging animation, then the battery is very likely faulty. Check that the charger is working and producing the required amperage for the device. If the battery fails to hold its charge when the tablet is on, then the battery needs replacement.

Rechargeable batteries are only designed to take a charge a certain number of times. Depending on how often you charge your battery and at what level the battery was when you recharged it, the battery can wear out at different rates.

How To Replace a Samsung Tablet Battery

Replacing the battery on your Samsung tablet is relatively easy if you have a set of basic screwdrivers and a plastic lever.

After switching off your tablet, remove the back by inserting a plastic lever into the SD card slot or charging port and lever off the back cover. Slide the lever around the case, disengaging the back. Unscrew the battery and disconnect it from the motherboard. Replace the battery in reverse order.

Once you’ve popped all the clips open and the cover is off, locate the battery and remove the green tape from the ZIF connectors on the black ribbon cables. This job is easier if you have tweezers to grip the tape.

The battery has 6 little screws holding it in place. Once you’ve removed them, you can lever the battery out of the case. Unplug the connector and your battery will come free.

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To replace the battery, ensure that you have the correct replacement model number for your device and then reverse the process described above.

Samsung Tablet Not Charging Screen Flickering/Flashing

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It is common for electronic devices such as tablets and cell phones to develop problems after many months of use. One of the most common problems is the battery failing to hold its charge.

Once your battery reaches the end of its life, your device can start to have all sorts of problems.

If a Samsung tablet is not charging and the screen is flickering or flashing, it indicates a dead battery. An old battery won’t hold a charge, as the LCD tries to turn on, the battery drains, and the screen flickers. This repeats multiple times as the charger attempts to charge the battery.

Samsung Tablet Battery Won’t Hold Charge

Samsung tablet on the table

If an old Samsung tablet sits without the battery being fully charged, you can bet that the battery will begin to degrade. Over time, it loses its ability to hold a charge and will need replacement.

If a Samsung tablet battery won’t hold its charge, then either the charger is faulty or the battery is old and needs replacement. Quick discharge may be due to too many applications running at once. Try charging the battery with another charger or reducing the number of apps running simultaneously.

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