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Samsung TV Account not Working

The experience you have with your Samsung TV should be seamless and enjoyable. However, you may experience problems such as login errors, account unavailability, server connection errors, and other issues.

If your Samsung TV account is not working, we will explain some processes that can get you where you need to be. We’ll tell you some ways you can reset your TV, get a new password, fix network problems, and perform some quick actions that might get you up and running sooner. 

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Samsung TV Account Can’t Login/Login Error

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One of the most common errors with Samsung TV accounts is a login error. Some users try to log in to their accounts only to find an error that says their information is incorrect. There are a few worthwhile things you can do if this happens to you.

If your Samsung TV account is giving you a login error, the first thing you can do is reset your password. You will need to go to Samsung’s login page and click “Reset Password” link underneath the “Sign In” button to start your resetting process. Try logging into your account when it’s done.

Check to see if you can log into your Samsung account on other devices if it still won’t let you in. If so, your issue most likely has something to do with the device itself. Therefore, you’ll need to try a few things with the television. The first thing you can do is a simple power cycle. Turn the television unit off and leave it off for a minute. Turn it back on, and then try to log into your account again.

If the power cycle doesn’t work, you will need to pull the power plug from the television, leave it off for five minutes, and then plug it back up and power it on. Try to sign in to your account once again.

The next thing you need to do if you still can’t get into your account is update the television’s firmware. First, click the “Home” button on your remote control. You’ll then see a gear button for settings. Navigate to that and select it. Navigate down to the “Support” menu and then find your way to “Software Update.” Select that.

The system will check for updates. If one is accessible, it will give you the option to update to the newest software immediately. Select “Update Now” to do that. The television will reboot itself after it finishes updating. At that time, you can check to see if you can log into your Samsung account.

If you are still struggling to log into your account, you may need to reach out to a Samsung support technician. You can do that by contacting the customer service number on the site or putting in a trouble ticket so that they can contact you. You may need to be near your television set when they contact you.

Samsung TV Account not Available

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You might find that your Samsung TV account is not available. In that situation, your broadcasting may be grayed out as well. That can usually be fixed with a few remote control movements.

If a Samsung TV account is not available and broadcasting is grayed, you’ll need to press the “Home” button on your remote control. You will then see something that says “Sources” on the bottom left of the screen. Ensure that you have the little Samsung TV Plus icon checked.

Next, select the “Settings” icon and go to the “Broadcasting” menu. You’ll see that broadcasting is no longer grayed out.  

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Samsung TV Account Unable to Connect to Server

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You might come across an issue where your Samsung TV account is unable to connect to the service. This problem is usually due to an internet problem. However, it can sometimes happen on Samsung’s end. You can resolve it using a few strategies.

If your Samsung TV account does not connect to the server, you need to check your network connection to ensure that your television is connected to the internet and has a good connection. You can try connecting a network cable to see if a hardwire connection will get things working. 

You may also consider resetting your router, your modem, and then the television just to see if you can get a fresh connection that way. If your attempts fail, you can try something different and consider that you may not have registered your device.

Sign in to your Samsung account from another device and use your television’s model number to register it. This may resolve the issue the next time you try to connect to the server.

Samsung TV Account not Connecting

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Your Samsung TV may have a problem connecting to the internet. While this can be alarming, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to get through it and get your unit back up to speed in no time.

If your Samsung TV account is not connecting to the internet, you’ll need to perform a network test. To perform a network test, you’ll need to enter the “Settings” menu and then navigate to “General,” “Network,” and then “Network” status to find out more information. 

The network status test will show you where the problems are by displaying an X next to the appropriate icon. You’ll see the X between the television and router icon if the issue is with your home network or the television itself. You’ll see the X in between the router and the internet icon if your problem is between your internet service provider company and your home network. You can use that information to troubleshoot each possibility.

Samsung TV Account Grayed Out

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You may run into a problematic issue where your Samsung TV account is completely greyed out. Many other users have run into the problem and were unable to agree to the terms and conditions because of it.

If your Samsung account is greyed out, you may need to reset Smart Hub. To Reset Smart Hub, you will need to go to “Settings,” then “Support,” then “Self Diagnosis,” and then “Reset Smart Hub.” The Smart Hub resetting process will remove all information regarding your Samsung account. 

Any information that may have been on your television about your account will be reset to factory settings. You’ll then need to start all over and relink your account, but you should be able to get to the terms and agreements without being grayed out.

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Samsung TV Account Password Reset

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The Samsung TV account password reset can easily be performed from any device. You might need to do this if you have trouble signing into your account for some reason. It’s one of the first steps you should take if you can’t get into your account.

To perform a password reset of your Samsung Account, click “Reset Password” from the login page. The system will then instruct you through the process of choosing a new password for your account so that you can use it comfortably. The whole process will only take  a few minutes. 

How to Reset Samsung TV Account

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In some situations, it’s best to reset the entire television and account information back to factory settings. Then, you can start all over from scratch, setting everything up and ensuring that your unit runs correctly.

To reset your Samsung TV account to factory settings, navigate to the “Settings” menu and then go to the “Support” menu, and then “Self Diagnosis.” You will see the option to “Reset” your television after that. Select the reset option to start the factory resetting process. 

All the settings, including Smart Hub, will be reset to what your television had on it when you first bought it. The only setting that may not be affected is the network settings.

At any time, you can also allow a Samsung technician to help you with your issue and troubleshoot or resolve your problems remotely. You can initiate it by going to “Support” and then “Remote Management.”

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