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Samsung TV Keyboard Not Working/Not Showing

The Samsung TV Keyboard is the way you are able to search and find anything you could ever need right from the comfort of your chair. This keyboard allows you the function of a physical keyboard, but from your screen. What do you do if it is not working or showing?

If the on-screen keyboard on your Samsung TV isn’t working, it might be due to a software glitch. A simple solution is to power cycle your TV: turn it off, unplug it from the electrical outlet, wait for a few minutes, then plug it back in and power it on. This can often reset the software and resolve minor glitches.

Keyboard connectivity with Smart TV

Another potential cause for the keyboard issue on a Samsung TV could be related to the remote control. If the remote isn’t responding correctly or is low on battery, the keyboard might not appear or function as expected. Replace the remote’s batteries or reset the remote by holding down the “Return” and “Play/Pause” buttons simultaneously for several seconds.

Furthermore, outdated firmware can sometimes affect the TV’s functionalities, including the on-screen keyboard. Navigate to the TV’s settings, find the “Software Update” or “System Update” section, and check for any available firmware updates. Installing the latest firmware can often rectify software-related issues on the TV.

How to Display Keyboard on Samsung Smart TV

To display the keyboard on a Samsung Smart TV, first, navigate to any app or field that requires text input, like the search bar in the app store or a web browser. Once you select the text input field using the TV remote, the on-screen keyboard should automatically appear, allowing you to type using the directional keys and the “Enter” button on the remote.

Samsung TV Bluetooth Keyboard Not Working

Wireless keyboard connectivity to TV

Beyond the convenience of the keyboard that is available to users within their Samsung TVs, there is also the option of being able to hook up a Bluetooth keyboard to the device. This may not seem necessary to some as they have no use for such an extension, however, for some, the Bluetooth keyboard is the opening to a world that allows them to use their TV as they would their own personal computer. What then do you do if it is not working?

If your Samsung TV Bluetooth keyboard is not working make sure that the keyboard is first discoverable (this can be found on the product’s user manual). If it is not made to be discoverable, then it will not be able to connect probably. Once this has been taken care of you will need to go to ‘Settings’ > ‘General’ > ‘External Device Manager’ > ‘Input Device Manager’ > ‘Bluetooth Device List.’

Once the device has been found, you will then be able to connect it to your Samsung TV. If you know that your device is discoverable and are still having trouble getting your keyboard to work, try disconnecting any other devices that you may have paired with the Bluetooth of your Samsung TV. This can cause confusion when devices begin to rise in number which can cause your TV to have trouble recognizing it.

Samsung TV Keyboard Function Not Available

Businessman looking at TV that's off

With any Samsung smart TV, there is always going to be the option to use or activate the keyboard function. It is necessary for a variety of different things, but if you go in to activate the keyboard on your Samsung TV and are met with the message that it is not available, this grey-colored message can leave you perplexed. Every now and then, these gray messages that state ‘not available’ pop up, but they can be fixed.

If your Samsung TV Keyboard function reads that it is not available make sure that the Smart Hub app is closed as it can block various menu options when it is open. You can do this by pressing the back or return button on your remote until your TV is taken back to the previous screen. This indicated that the app has been closed and you can check to see if your keyboard function is no longer grey and is available.

If the keyboard function is still not available, make sure that your Samsung TV has been updated with the latest firmware. To do this you can reference the step-by-step guide located previously under “Samsung TV Keyboard Not Working/Not Showing” and look for the description of a factory reset. The factory reset will take your TV back to its factory settings which might cause the keyboard function to come available.

Samsung TV Keyboard Not Typing

Closeup of hand typing on keyboard with Smart TV in the background

If you are able to open up your Samsung TV keyboard, you might be thinking that all is well with the feature. However, some users have experienced not an issue with the feature opening, but with the feature functioning. If you are trying to use your Samsung TV keyboard and find that it is not typing, this is extremely inconvenient and even more so that you are now placed with the job to solve the issue.

If your Samsung TV keyboard is not typing, there are a few different solutions that have been previously discussed that may resolve your issues. First, an electrical reset may solve your problems quickly without you having to erase anything stored on your Samsung TV. This can be found previously under the section “Samsung TV Keyboard Not Working/Not Showing.”

If this electrical reset of “soft reset” does not get your Samsung TV Keyboard back into working order, make sure all updates have been made to the TV (see: “Samsung TV Keyboard Function Not Available”). You can also perform a factory reset which can be found again within the previous section “Samsung TV Keyboard Not Working/Not Showing.”

Samsung TV Keyboard Keeps Popping Up

Businessman yelling at TV

Many owners would think that if the keyboard of their Samsung TV is able to work properly then there are now issues. However, some owners have encountered the issue of their keyboard continually popping up within the picture of their TV. This reappearance interrupts the picture of the TV and is an extremely irritating distraction that takes up quite a bit of space when it comes to the frame.

If your Samsung TV keyboard keeps popping up it is very likely that the only thing needed is an updated firmware. If your TV is not updated with the latest software, there are bugs that can wreak havoc on your Samsung TV, glitches that can get worse, and other problems may begin to arise – one of these being a keyboard that constantly pops up. Refer to the section “Samsung TV Keyboard Function Not Available.”

If this does not solve your problem, you can also turn off the keyboard to see if a little silence will help to reset it. You can do this by pressing ‘Home’ on your remote > ‘Settings’ > ‘Language and Input’ > ‘Default Samsung Keyboard’ > turn OFF ‘Use on Screen Keyboard’ > ‘Setup Input Methods.’

How to Use Bluetooth Keyboard With Samsung TV

Man startled and looking at TV that went off

Previously, it was discussed how to solve the problem of a Bluetooth keyboard not working. If you are new to using a Bluetooth keyboard though, you might be wondering how such a device works. Bluetooth is a phenomenal technological advancement that allows users to connect different devices without the need for wires.

To use a Bluetooth keyboard with a Samsung TV make sure that your keyboard is discoverable, which can be found in the user’s manual. To pair the keyboard, hold down any button on the keyboard (besides Menu, Ctrl, Alt, or Pairing) for two seconds. Wait for 5 minutes as the pairing lights of the keyboard and your TV blink alternatively, but when they both blink twice, the device has been successfully paired.

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Once this has been completed, your keyboard should be paired with your TV and it should work seamlessly. If you have trouble with it connecting, disconnect any other Bluetooth devices that you have connected to the TV so that the TV is able to recognize the new software more easily.

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