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Samsung TV Wifi Not Working / Connecting

Samsung TV Won’t Connect/Recognize/Find/Hold/Detect WiFi/Ethernet

The Samsung television is a smart TV that connects to the Internet and integrates well with Web apps, thus allowing streaming. Despite excellent consistency, smart televisions may have issues connecting to the Internet at times. First, steps are taken to identify if the issue stems from the TV, the WiFi, or the Ethernet connection, and then the problem can be resolved.

Fix Samsung TV Wifi Not Working; determine if the Internet is working. If so, search for a network via WiFi, and if not found, try an ethernet cable directly to the router. A variety of steps can be taken to attain connectivity. Subsequently, troubleshoot if the TV continually disconnects.

Throughout this article, you will learn if your Internet is working and troubleshoot how to determine causes and fixes for connectivity problems for the Samsung TV. Also, after attaining connectivity, read on to discover how to maintain that connection without error. 

Samsung, the Smart Television

Samsung, the Smart Television

Samsung smart TV connects to the Internet and maintains interoperability with many devices. The best part is utilizing streaming services for watching shows and listening to music and other applications. 

To prolong the life of your Light Emitting Diode (LED) display television, turn the backlight down. The average lifespan of a LED television at the highest backlight setting is approximately 50,000 hours, and lowering the backlight setting or switching to energy saver mode is the simplest and most effective way to extend the life of your TV.

Samsung TV Won’t Connect to WiFi

Samsung TV Won’t Connect to WiFi

To determine the cause behind your Samsung TV not connecting to the WiFi, perform a network status test as follows:

  1. Navigate to Settings
  2. Choose General
  3. Choose Network
  4. Choose Network Status
  5. Run the test

Note error messages and an X between the TV and the router or between the router and the globe indicator and follow the correction steps. However, if there are no messages, try connecting with an ethernet cable. 

Samsung TV Won’t Recognize Ethernet

Samsung TV Won’t Recognize Ethernet

Plug your ethernet cable directly from your router into the TV. If the television doesn’t recognize and Internet connection: 

  • Turn off and unplug the router. Plug back in and power-up through the boot process, and reconnect.
  • If resetting the router doesn’t work, verify your Internet is working. If not, call your Internet Service Provider.

Samsung TV Won’t Find or Detect WiFi, or Samsung TV Won’t Let Me Enter a WiFi Password

Samsung TV Won’t Find or Detect WiFi, or Samsung TV Won’t Let Me Enter a WiFi Password

Navigate as follows to search for your network name:

  • Settings
  • General
  • Network
  • Network Settings
  • Wireless

If there are no WiFi network names listed, troubleshoot using the following steps as necessary:

There is an X Between the TV and the Router

  1. The password may be incorrect. If the password has never been changed, check the router’s owner’s manual or look at the label underneath. Retry typing carefully, knowing that passwords are case sensitive. If the password is too difficult, try changing it to a simpler password while still maintaining security.
  2. Your Internet Service Provider is not reading the MAC address. In this case, your television may need to be reset.

    Settings > Support > Self Diagnosis > Reset (PIN Default 0000).
  3. Be sure your software is the most updated version. If not, update it. 

    Settings > Support > Software Update > Update Now
  4. Try a simple TV reset.

    Settings > Support > Self Diagnosis > Reset (PIN Default 0000) > Reconnect

There Is an X Between the Router and the Globe

  1. Be sure your Internet service is working; otherwise, contact your Internet Service Provider. 
  2. Reset the television network by performing the following steps, and then try to connect.

    Settings > General > Network > Reset Network
  3. Manually set the Domain Name Server by selecting the following. 

    Settings > General > Network > Network Status (cancel test) > IP Settings > DNS Setting (enter manually) > DNS Server > Enter > Reconnect
  4. Unplug all devices and reconnect one-by-one. Be sure and wait for each device to run through its boot-up before reconnecting the next. When all are complete, try connecting to the network.
  5. If there are other network settings, such as firewalls preventing the television from accessing the Internet, consult your router documentation or Internet Service Provider to open up the connection. 

Wifi Network Is Not Viewable, but Other Networks Are Listed

If your WiFi network is not viewable, but other networks are listed, then be sure your network name is not hiding. If the WiFi network is marked as hidden for security measures, try connecting by typing in your network name and bypassing the list by scrolling to the end and choosing Add. 

Wifi Network Compatibility Issues With the Television

Is your WiFi network compatible with the television? You will find network requirement information in the user manual that came with your TV. Older models may only support 2.4 GHz and not even see a 5 GHz network. If the network is not compatible, the television will not connect. 

Weak WiFi Signal

Determine if your WiFi signal is weak because you have multiple items connected to it. In addition to computers, tablets, and gaming devices, smart appliances also draw from the WiFi signal. Try disconnecting a few products to ascertain if your router can handle the load with fewer devices. Consider updating your router if this is the issue. 

Reset Connections & Reconnect to the Network

Reset all connections by unplugging all devices, including the router and the modem, and then one-by-one, plugging them back in and allowing time for each item to power through its reboot. Lastly, try reconnecting the network. 

Connect Using Mobile Hotspot

Try creating a mobile hotspot, create a network, and determine if the television can see that network name. If the television can see the hotspot network, the problem lies with the network. Consequently, contact your Internet Service Provider for assistance with the connection. 

Problem With the TV Wireless Card

Finally, if there is still no connection, the issue may be the TV wireless card; therefore, contact Samsung customer support for a replacement part.

Samsung TV Won’t Hold WiFi Keep Disconnecting

Samsung TV Won’t Hold WiFi Keep Disconnecting
  1. Test the WiFi connection strength. If it’s weak, try unplugging any additional items plugged into the router and retest for a stronger connection. 
  2. Reset all of the connections by unplugging everything and plugging it back in one-by-one. Wait for each device to boot up properly before plugging in the next. 
  3. Did you change any router settings? If your television was connected and settings were altered, the new settings will not work and must be returned to the previous positioning.
  4. If you still have spotty WiFi, check with your Internet Service Provider for network issues.

Samsung Support Resources

Samsung Support Resources

If you have followed these instructions but still are unable to connect, contact Samsung support. By starting a service request, you can obtain a walk-in, in-home, or mail-in repair, depending on the circumstances. Once the repair request is obtained, you will receive a service request number and can check the status of the issue at any time by entering it in an online form, along with your phone number. 

If you have purchased additional insurance for your appliance through the Samsung Asurion extended contract, there is a separate online form to file or track a claim. Support is 24/7 via phone or messaging. There is also a premium care option with full coverage for normal wear and tear and accidental damages. 

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If your television doesn’t turn on, but the standby light is on, reseat the cables and check the remote, as shown in this 2-minute video:

Before getting help, don’t forget to register your product online. Just registering will enable you to earn rewards and special discounts on future Samsung products. To review your warranty or take a look at your manual, go online, and select your product type.

Final Thoughts

Samsung televisions have a long lifespan and an excellent reputation but occasionally may have an issue connecting to the Internet. There is a recap of common fixes before contacting customer support if the television won’t detect WiFi, connect to WiFi, connect via ethernet cable, or connection is not continuous. 

If Samsung TV Wifi Not Working / Connecting:

Check to see if other devices can connect to your wifi. Then find out why your Samsung TV cannot detect wifi by making sure your wifi is not hiding your network name and that the router is compatible with your TV. If those check out, reboot the router and the tv then try again.

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Otherwise try other troubleshooting strategies below.

  • Determine if the Internet is working
  • Test for a weak WiFi signal
  • Change password
  • Disconnect extra items
  • Unplug all connections and reboot one at a time
  • Reset TV

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