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Samsung TV Input Not Working/Not Showing Up/Keep Switching/Stuck

If you have a Samsung TV, there are likely dozens of moments when you are thankful you purchased such a quality TV. However, there can be moments when the TV input stops working, does not show up, keeps switching, or gets plain stuck.

When a Samsung TV input is not working, it’s often due to a loose or damaged cable. Ensure that all cables are firmly connected to both the TV and the input source. If the problem persists, try using a different cable to determine if the issue is with the cable itself.

Another common reason for a Samsung TV input not working is incorrect input source selection. Ensure the TV is set to the correct input source corresponding to the connected device. Use the remote to navigate to the input/source menu and select the appropriate input. If you’re unsure, cycle through all available inputs to find the one that displays your device.

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There are few things more frustrating than your Samsung TV not functioning properly, especially when it comes to something as vital as the input. If you find yourself continually running into problems with the input of your Samsung TV, this may not be a one-time issue and should be addressed in order to ensure better functionality of your device. Continue reading to see the different ways to address various problems with Samsung TVs and inputs.

Samsung TV Inputs Not Working

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TV inputs are there as a bridge to link your TV to different media players, DVRs, game consoles, computers, and other like devices. Even more, they are essential to the audio and video output of your TV, and without them, you would be sitting in a quiet and pictureless TV room. When TV inputs start to act up, it can be a major problem for the functionality of your TV. If your Samsung TV inputs are not working, there are a few solutions.

For a Samsung TV with inputs that are not working, you first need to power off all HDMI devices that are connected to the TV and disconnect all cables from the TV. Unplug the TV from the wall outlet and hold the power button on the TV for 30 seconds. When the time is up, reconnect the HDMI cables properly back into their ports on the TV and plug the TV’s power cord back into the wall outlet.

Samsung TV Not Recognizing Inputs

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You may have overall problems with your Samsung TV ports not working, but there can also be issues with your TV simply not recognizing them. This can lead to worry that the TV itself is somewhat of a dud, but before you go off to purchase another incredibly expensive piece of technology, try a few of these solutions to get your Samsung TV to recognize all the inputs available on it.

If you are having problems with your Samsung TV not recognizing inputs, try completely a factory reset. This can be done by opening Settings > select General > click Reset > and enter your PIN which is 0000 for the default if you have not changed it beforehand. This will automatically restart your TV to factory settings and can many times resolve the issue of unrecognized inputs.

If this does not work for you, perform the similar steps mentioned previously under “Samsung TV Inputs Not Working” with a little extra step. Disconnect all HDMI sources from the inputs and unplug the power from the TV for 10 minutes. Plug the TV back in after 10 minutes and connect each HDMI cable one at a time rather than all at once. This should then be repeated for each port until all have been reset with this 10-minute trick.

Samsung TV Not Showing Input

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The inputs on your Samsung TV may be working, but it can be rather difficult to know exactly what you are doing when they do not show on the screen. If the inputs of your Samsung TV are no longer showing or were never shown from the very beginning, there are a few things you can try to get them to appear back on the screen so that you can have a little more direction when navigating different functions.

If you cannot find the input displayed on your Samsung TV, try going through the steps to change the input first. You will press the ‘Source’ button that is on the remote and it will display on either the top left of your screen or along the bottom the sources that are available. You should be able to scroll through these and select the correct input for what you are trying to do.

If you still cannot find the input after going through the proper steps for practical findings, consider completing a factory reset on your Samsung TV. As mentioned previously, simply go to Settings > select General > click Reset > and enter your PIN (0000). Once things have been reset, use your remote and again go through the steps to locate the inputs using your remote control.

Samsung TV Keep Switching Inputs/Source

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There is an auto-detect HDMI feature that has caused quite a bit of upheaval in the TV world. Many owners have found that if they have more than one device hooked up to multiple HDMI outputs on their Samsung TV, that the TV will continually switch back and forth from different inputs or sources. This is a huge interruption to those who are in the middle of a game, a movie, or even a meeting from their smart TV.

If you are having problems with your Samsung TV switching inputs over and over again, you are experiencing a problem many customers of Samsung have been voicing for quite some time. However, some newer models are capable of this through a firmware update that was recently added. Update your TV and then use your IR remote to input the code Mute > 7-2-9 > Exit and the automatic HDMI switching will turn off.

For some models, there is no way to turn off the automatic HDMI switching, but you can add an HDMI switcher to your setup so that the TV only has one HDMI plug to consider. This reworks the system by tricking it to think that only one HDMI port is being used and thus illuminates your problem, but through your own expense rather than through the assistance of Samsung.

Samsung TV Not Switching Inputs

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Potentially even just as frustrating as the inputs changing over and over is the problem of your Samsung TV not Switching Inputs at all. This can cause you to be stuck on a source that has absolutely no use for you or can cause you to remain within the TV source giving you no freedom to use any other devices that may be hooked up to your Samsung TV. There are a few different ways to get your inputs to stop freezing and move along.

Most basically, always be sure that your remote has batteries that are alive, but are also high-quality. If the batteries are dead, replace them and try again to switch the inputs on your Samsung TV. You can also change the inputs manually by finding the control board on the back of your tv which will display a button labeled ‘Input’ that can be pressed to change the source.

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If neither of these work, you can always unplug your Samsung TV directly from its power source and leave it unplugged for two to ten minutes. If all else fails, consider purchasing a universal remote that will have the sole purpose of changing the inputs of your TV. This may add more remotes than you care for, but it could be the ticket to a functioning input system.

How to Stop Samsung TV From Switching Inputs

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Constantly switching inputs is a big problem and causes many Samsung TV owners headaches due to the limited solutions that Samsung offers owners of older models. However, there are solutions that have been previously mentioned for those who own new models and those who do not have the option to fix the problem from within their TV. Refer to “Samsung TV Keep Switching Inputs/Source.”

However, there is one more option for those of you that own a smart remote. If you have a Samsung TV that hosts a smart remote and need to find a solution for the switching of Inputs first make sure that your TV is updated ensuring that the proper firmware update has taken place. Once you have this completed, simply switch your remote to TV source > Mute > Vol Down > Ch Down > Mute and your HDMI switching will turn off.

How Do I Manually Change the Input On My Samsung TV?

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If you find that your remote is no longer working to change the inputs on your Samsung TV or that your remote has gone missing, you might be wondering if there is another option to get this job done when a remote simply will not do the trick. Luckily, Samsung has equipped their TVs for exactly this problem and there is a simple solution that takes only seconds to implement.

To manually change the input on your Samsung TV by finding the Control Stick that is located on the back of the TV, under the front panel in the middle, or under the front panel on the side. Once you are able to locate the panel, find the button that shows ‘Source’ or ‘Input’ and you should be able to manually change the input without any problem.

For those of you that own a Samsung TV that is a 2011-2017 model, you can use the Smart View app to control the input changes. For those with a Samsung TV that is a 2016-2020 model, you can use the SmartThings app. Each of these will work on a mobile or tablet device.

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