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Samsung Washer Self Clean Blinking (How To Fix)

Samsung washers have a self-cleaning mode that removes any build-up of soap residue or mold within the machine.

Once the washer has run through 20 cycles, the self-cleaning light will blink on and off to let you know that it is time for the self-cleaning cycle to run.

When a Samsung washer’s self-clean light blinks, it shows that the pre-set program is about to run the self-clean mode. The light flashes after the washer has completed at least 20 washes. The front-loader models only require a self-clean after 40 washes, but the light will still illuminate after 20.

Modern washer with clothes inside

Rather than manually cleaning the washer with hot water and bleach, Samsung machines have a built-in self-cleaning feature that is designed to save water, avoid you coming in contact with wastewater, and is an integral part of your washer’s maintenance program.

Bear in mind that you should run the self-cleaning program as and when the machine indicates that it is necessary, otherwise it may affect any warranty claims should something go wrong with your washer.

The self-cleaning program ensures that every nook and cranny is sparklingly clean and will not transfer any dirt to your washing.

The flashing light that warns you that it is time to run the self-cleaning program will keep flashing until you have run 5 loads of washing through the machine. It will then go off and will come back on again after another 20 loads have gone through the machine.

While you can use a variety of household solutions to clean your washer, Samsung recommends that you allow the washer to run the self-cleaning cycle either with bleach or without any additional cleaning materials. Using unusual substances in your washer can damage the internal mechanisms and components, leading to a faulty machine.

Top Reasons Samsung Washers Self-Clean Blinking

Modern washer with clothes inside

Samsung washers have a self-clean feature that helps to prevent any moldy buildup and soap residue that can affect your laundry.

The Samsung washer’s self-cleaning light comes on when the washer has completed 20 washing cycles. If the washer has a bad smell or mold that is visible, it causes clothing to have a moldy odor. The self-clean light blinks to help you remember that it is time to clean the washer.

A top-loading Samsung washer needs a cleaning cycle after 40 washing cycles, but the self-clean light comes on after 20 washes. You cannot switch the light off, but it will go off on its own after an additional 5 washing cycles are complete.

Front loading Samsung washers require a self-clean after 20 washes. It is therefore a good rule of thumb to wash the machine each month.

Visible mold on the door seal is a sure sign that the washer needs cleaning. However, the self-clean light is only there to remind you to wash the machine. It is not activated by anything else other than a scheduled 20 washes.

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You can reset the washing machine to switch off the light by unplugging the washer from the wall socket for 5 minutes. When you plug the washer in again, the light will be off and the washer will reset.

What Is Self Clean On Samsung Washing Machine?

Modern washer with clothes inside

Removing the build-up of dirt and residue inside a Samsung washer is best accomplished with the self-clean feature.

The self-clean feature does not require any additional cleaners or detergents. It soaks the tub in hot water which loosens any dirt that has accumulated in the drum and the pipes. By spinning the tub, the mold and other contaminants are removed and the drum is left spotless.

You can use bleach if the washer is still dirty, but it is not recommended that you use any other chemical. The use of harsh cleaners can damage or corrode the materials inside the washer, causing them to perish and require replacement.

The rubber hoses and door seals are especially sensitive to chemicals. The self-clean features rely on heated water and centrifugal force to remove soapy residues and mold.

Regardless of whether your washer has an odor, mold, or fungus, it makes sense to run the self-clean cycle with liquid household bleach that has been topped off in the detergent container. After the cycle is complete, check to see whether the problem has been resolved.

Wait 60 minutes for the cycle to complete; if you have a front-load washer, wait at least four hours. Wipe down the washing tub to ensure it is clean. Wash and run the dishwasher. Allow the equipment to air dry by opening the lid and detergent container.

To avoid any chance that the moldy smell remains, make sure that the pump filter is clean.

How To Use Self Clean On Samsung Washer

Modern washer with clothes inside

When the self-clean light blinks, it is a reminder that the washer needs a clean.

Make sure the washer tub is empty before starting the self-clean mode. Press the power button next, followed by the self-clean button. The Samsung washer must be unplugged from its power supply if you need to reset it. Turn the washing machine’s circuit breaker off if the wall socket has no switch.

To restart the normal washing cycle, wait 5–10 minutes before turning on the power again.

This is usually not required as the washer will run through its cleaning cycle and reset itself automatically.

How Long Does Self Clean Take On Samsung Washer?

If you are planning to run the self-cleaning cycle, then you need to give yourself enough time, as you will not be able to wash laundry until the cycle ends.

Depending on the model of your washer, the length of a self-clean cycle varies. Samsung front-loading washers have a 4-hour self-clean cycle, compared to a 1-hour cycle for top-loading machines. If the machine is still dirty, cleaning it with bleach will take even longer.

The places where mold and soap residue build-up is around the loading door and in the soap dispenser. You will have to pay special attention to these areas to avoid mold taking hold.

If you leave the cleaning cycle too long, then you’ll have to use bleach and plenty of hot water to remove the stains and soapy residue.

How Often To Self Clean Samsung Washer?

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Every washer requires regular cleaning. If you neglect this, then the washer will start to smell and it will permeate your laundry.

To avoid your clothes smelling, it is recommended by Samsung that you put the washer on a self-clean cycle every 20 – 40 washes. That means the average household should clean their washer at least once a month. But it can be more often If the washer is used more often than once every 2 or 3 days.

It is not necessary to worry about forgetting when to clean the washer as the self-clean light will come on automatically after 20 washes. If you have a top loader, you can ignore the reminder and the light will go out after 5 more washes. It will then come on again after another 20 washes.

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This is your signal to run the self-clean cycle. If you put it off, the washer will become moldy and full of soapy residue.

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