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Samsung Washer Lid Lock Stuck/Bypass (How to Unlock)

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There are many different safety features built into your Samsung washer. One of these is for the lid to lock while the unit is running or if the child lock is engaged. What can you do if it has become stuck? Can you bypass it?

If your Samsung wash lid is stuck in the locked position, make sure that the child lock has not been engaged accidentally. Front load models and some top load models have a child lock to prevent children from crawling inside. Check the manual for the child lock button combination and use it.

Of course, this is only one of the many different reasons why your washer lid may be in a locked position. Perhaps the wash cycle has not yet completed, or it could be an error that is causing it to lock unexpectedly.

In this article, we will consider many different reasons why this could take place along with the solutions that will get your washer back up and running quickly.

Samsung Washer Lid Lock Not Working (Reset/Bypass)

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When your Samsung washer lid lock is no longer working, what can be done?

If the wash cycle has ended and the washer lid is still locked, you may need to wait for it to cool down completely. You can also drain the water from the emergency drain hose at the front of the machine to unlock the lid on frontload washers.

The lock to your Samsung washer lid is sometimes heat-activated. When the cycle starts, it will automatically lock to keep people from accidentally opening the lid or to keep children from crawling inside.

Unlocking it may just be a matter of waiting but the only way to bypass it is to drain the water using the emergency drain hose. That only works on frontload washers.

You can visit our article on Samsung Washer Won’t Lock/Unlock for more information regarding the locking mechanism.

Samsung Washer Lid Lock Flashing

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Is your Samsung washer lid flashing? What can be done to correct it?

A common reason why the lid light is flashing is that the lid switch and striker are not making proper contact. This may be due to the switch being out of alignment or there could be lint or other buildup blocking the connection.

Locate the lock strike and clean it, along with the lid switch. This will likely correct the problem.

Another possibility is for the control board to be faulty. You can visually inspect the control board for any burnt circuitry or cracking. The control board cannot be repaired, it must be replaced.

This can also be attributed to a faulty lid switch. The switch can be replaced easily.

Samsung Washer Lid Lock Light Is On

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Is your Samsung washer lid lock light constantly on? What can be done to fix this?

If the child lock is off and the wash cycle is complete, you may need to wait until the washer cools down until the door unlocks and the light goes off.

If the light continues to stay on, you can try doing a hard reset. Unplug the washing machine or turn off the circuit breaker for five minutes and then reengage power.

Samsung Washer Lid Lock Clicking

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Are you hearing a clicking sound from your Samsung washer lid? How do you fix this ongoing problem?

When the Samsung washer is operating, the door lock engages to keep the washer secure. When the door lock is defective, it will not latch correctly but it will continue to try to latch multiple times, leading to a clicking noise.

You can test the door lock with a multi-meter to ensure that it has continuity. If it doesn’t, you can replace the switch or door lock assembly.

Other issues that can lead to this problem include a defective door latch assembly or a door strike problem. There may also be lint or other debris that is keeping the door latch from properly engaging.

Samsung Washer Lid Lock Error

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Do you have a lid lock error on your Samsung washer? What can you do to fix it?

An error message for your Samsung washer lid lock can also be reset by performing a soft reset of the washer. Unplug the washing machine or turn off the circuit breaker for five minutes before reestablishing power. After the startup sequence has been completed, the error messages should be clearer.

This will often correct the problem but if it continues to display, you may have to look further. It could be a problem with the lid lock or door strike that needs to be either addressed or replaced. It could also be an issue with the control board.

Samsung Washer Lid Lock Stuck

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Do you have a lid lock on your Samsung washer that has become stuck? This can be a problem but the solution is often simple.

The most common way to unlock a stuck Samsung washer lid is to allow the cycle to complete fully. After the wash cycle is finished and the machine has cooled down, the lock will often disengage automatically.

There may be times in which the lid lock is stuck and it involves more than simply running through a cycle. You may have to drain the unit using the emergency drain in front if you are using a front loading machine.

Otherwise, the lid lock or strike may be defective. Once you are able to get the lid open, check the door lock and strike for continuity and replace it if necessary.

Samsung Washer Lid Lock Broken

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Having a lid lock that is stuck is one thing but it’s an entirely different issue if it is broken. After making that determination, what can be done?

If the lid lock on your Samsung washer is broken, it will have to be replaced. You cannot generally repair a lid lock if it is no longer working properly.

The first step in the repair process is to disconnect the Samsung washer from the power source. Unplugging the unit at the wall outlet is one way to do so but you can also turn off the circuit breaker that powers the unit as well. Always test to ensure that power is indeed off.

You will have to access the lid lock by removing the console cover. After doing so, you will then need to remove the lid lock assembly.

Fortunately, the lid lock assembly is relatively easy to replace and it is also inexpensive, especially in comparison to some other parts you may have to purchase.

After replacing the lid lock assembly, replace the cover and reestablish power to test the lock.

How To Reset Samsung Washer Lid Lock

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Does your Samsung washer lid lock need to be reset? There is a relatively easy way to do it.

The easiest way to reset the lid lock on your Samsung washer is to unplug the washer and allow it to cool down completely. At times, you may also need to use the emergency drain hose on the front of a front load washer to drain all of the water.

A lid lock is controlled by the control panel but, in many units, it is also heat related. Once the washing machine is able to cool down completely, the lock will often disengage on its own.

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Otherwise, you can disconnect the washing machine from power by unplugging it or turning off the circuit breaker. Wait five minutes before re-engaging the power and allowing the machine to fully restart.

Another article we put together that talks about how to reset Samsung Washer functions, you can check that out to see if you can try different reset procedures to reset your Samsung Washer.

Can You Bypass Samsung Washer Lid Lock

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Your Samsung washer lid lock is there to provide protection from injury. Is it possible to bypass it?

There is no simple way to bypass a Samsung washer lid lock. If yours is stuck in the locked position or if you need to open the washer, you may have to unplug the washing machine and allow it to sit until it has cooled off. The lock should disengage and allow the lid to be open.

Trying to bypass a lid lock is really trying to bypass one of the safety features of the machine. If you’re trying to open it up in the middle of the cycle, you shouldn’t be able to do it.

Lid locks are there to keep you from putting your arm down in a washing machine while it is operating. It is also a safety feature for children that keeps them from getting into the washing machine and getting trapped.

You can’t simply bypass the washer lid lock but if it is genuinely stuck, there are some things you can do to fix it.

How To Bypass Samsung Washer Lid Lock

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If you have a problem with a lid lock that has become stuck and it will not open, it may be a problem with the lock itself. You can test the lock and strike once you can open the unit for continuity using a multimeter.

If something has gotten into the lid lock, such as lint, it can also keep the lock from engaging or disengaging. You can’t truly override or bypass it, but you can clean the lid lock and remove what is causing it to stick.

If all else fails, you should replace the lid lock and strike.

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If your Samsung washer lid lock has become stuck, you may have engaged the child lock accidentally. Check your owner’s manual to see which button combination should be pressed and held to disengage the child lock.

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