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Samsung Washer Won’t Spin (How To Fix)

When your Samsung washer fails to spin, the resulting soggy clothing can be a nightmare to dry.

However, it’s not necessary to call a repairman right away, as there are a couple of things you can do to fix the problem.

If a Samsung washer won’t spin, the most common reason is an unbalanced load. When the washing moves around inside the washer, it becomes tangled and can sometimes end up more on one side than the other. If this happens, the washer will detect an unbalanced load and stop the washer from spinning.

Modern washer with clothes inside

To fix the problem, open your washer and redistribute the washing so that it is evenly balanced around the drum.

The problem is most prevalent when washing heavy or bulky items like jackets or bedding. It is best to wash these items separately from your normal washing.

Top Reasons Samsung Washer Not Spinning

It is not common for Samsung washers to experience problems with spinning.

However, if your Samsung doesn’t spin, then the problems are usually quite easy to fix.

The top reasons that a Samsung washer will not spin are an unbalanced load, a faulty lid switch, a broken or worn drive belt, or a blown fuse. Redistributing the washing is the quickest solution for an unbalanced load. You can check the lid switch by pressing it while setting the washer to spin.

The lid switch is located on the side of the lid, towards the back. When the lid is closed, a pin or tab pushes against the switch, signaling the washer that the lid is closed. This allows the washer to spin.

If the tab or pin is broken or bent, then bending it back into place or replacing the pin will solve the problem. If the washer refuses to spin when holding the switch down manually, then the switch is faulty.

To fix or replace the switch, you must remove the top panel and unplug the switch. Once the switch is removed, test it for continuity with a multimeter. If the switch is faulty, you can purchase a replacement.

It is not recommended that you bypass the lid switch. Bypassing the lid switch involves removing the switch and cutting the switch off the wiring harness. The two wires are then soldered together so that the washer thinks that the lid is always closed. This can work on older washers, but newer machines require a triggering device, as the washer senses that the switch is always on and the control unit will not allow the machine to continue spinning.

It is best to replace the faulty lid switch.

How To Replace A Faulty Lid Switch On A Samsung Washer

Modern washer with clothes inside

When a Samsung washer won’t spin, it is often related to a faulty lid switch.

The lid switch is a safety device to prevent you from getting hurt while the washer is spinning at high speed.

To identify whether the lid switch is the problem, check the display. It will show a DS, FL, or LO error code to let you know that the switch is faulty. To access the switch, remove the back cover. The back cover is held on with 6 Philips screws. Pry the cover open and lift the top up and off.

Unclip the switch connectors and then unclip the wire.

There is a black rubber hose that is in the way and needs to be pushed aside to make space for the lock mechanism wire. You may also have to remove any other caps or covers that could be in the way, depending on the model you have.

Push the connector and wire through the hole in the back cover.

Remove the screws holding the top of the washer in place and then slip a putty knife into the gap on the front of the top cover to unclip it. Then lift the back of the cover and push the cover forward to unclip the top from the washer. It is easier to do this one side at a time.

Once the top of the washer is loose, you are then able to tilt the top of the washer up so that you can gain access to the lid lock mechanism. Unscrew it and remove the mechanism. The wire that you unclipped earlier is held in place by clips underneath the top of the washer. Remove the wire by carefully removing each clip so that you do not break them.

Replace the lid lock with a new one and put everything back in reverse order.

How To Replace Drive Belt On Samsung Washing Machine

Modern washer with clothes inside

Over time, the drive belt on a washer will wear out or break.

If this happens, your washer will not spin.

To replace a Samsung washer drive belt, first, check to see if it is worn or broken.  You can check it out by removing the rear access panel. Once the panel is off, check underneath the washer to inspect the pulley attached to the motor and the drain pump. A broken drive belt requires replacement.

If the belt has excessive play or appears shiny and smooth, then the belt must be replaced.

Check to see that there is no rubber dust anywhere as that will indicate that the belt is rubbing against a component. You will have to carefully check the pulleys and motor to see that no components or debris are rubbing against the drive belt.

How To Replace Fuse On Samsung Washing Machine

Modern washer with clothes inside

There are many reasons why a fuse will blow in a washer.

If a Samsung washer fuse is blown, you’ll need to remove the access panel on the back of the machine. The main logic board is located right at the bottom of the machine and is held in place by two screws and two plastic clips. The fuse is located on the logic board.

Remove the screws on the back panel and then slide the logic board to the left to unclip it from the back of the washer.

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Once the logic board is free, locate the fuse. On some models, there are two boards. The smaller one is where you will find the fuse. The fuse is checked by connecting it to a multimeter and testing its continuity.

To check the continuity of fuses, you must attach your multimeter probes to each side of the fuse and check its resistance. A resistance of around 0.5 or 0.6 ohms is considered normal. If the fuse falls outside of this range, then it must be replaced.

If the fuse is fine, then you may have a failed logic board. Unless you have experience testing electronic equipment, it is best to get a technician to check the logic board and either repair the problem or replace the logic board.

If the fuse blows, then you may have a short in the wiring or the logic board is failing. If you replace the fuse and it blows again, then you may have to replace the logic board. The boards may develop small cracks due to wear and tear.

The fuse may also blow if you use an extension lead to plug in your washer. With an extension lead, the washer may not receive enough power to run the washer, which can result in the motor overheating. This in turn can cause a short which blows the fuse.

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It is best to plug your washer directly into the wall socket. If your power cord is too short, then consider having a plug installed by a competent electrician.

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