Samsung Washer Won’t Lock/Won’t Unlock

Samsung Washer Won't Lock/Won't Unlock

Samsung offers a wide range of washing machines, from eco-friendly options to smartphone controlled machines. However, as with many other brands, sometimes you can have issues come up. 

If your Samsung washer won’t lock, it could be that the lock mechanism or the electronic switch inside has been damaged. You can check visually for mechanism damage but will need a multimeter to assess the inner switch. If it won’t unlock, check that the cycle is finished and that the child lock is not engaged.  

In this article we will look at common causes of locking issues and what you can do at home to fix them. 

Samsung Washer Won’t Lock

Samsung Washer Won’t Lock

Given that most of the locking mechanisms and doors on washing machines are made of plastic, it is not uncommon to see damage after years of use. If you tend to slam the door shut, you could cause cracks or other damage to the door or the fitting on the machine. 

Similarly, if the door lock is engaged when you go to shut it, it will slam against the door jam and won’t connect. This can further damage the lock and fitting in the door. If your door won’t lock, you will not be able to start a cycle. 

What You Can Do

If you think there may be damage to the locking mechanism, always start by unplugging the machine. When it is safe to proceed, locate the latch in the door and inspect for any damage. This can include small cracks or missing pieces.

If you see damage, you will need to order a new latch. Find the part number and machine model and order online. 

In the video below, you can see how to use a multimeter to test that the interlocking mechanism is working:

If you receive an intermittent reading, you will know that the lock is not working correctly. 

Samsung Washer Won’t Start

Samsung Washer Won’t Start

There are a number of reasons as to why your washer won’t start:

  • Defective timer – when the timer is not working correctly, it can prevent the washer from starting or stopping properly.
  • Damaged control board – issues in the controls, such as broken connections or buttons, can prevent the machine from registering activation. 
  • Burnt out fuse – if your washer gets overloaded, the fuse can blow, rendering it unable to start.
  • Issue with the power cord – it could be a simple issue with damage to the power cord or even at the outlet.
  • Damaged door lock – as mentioned above, damage to the door that prevents it from locking can stop the machine from starting.

What You Can Do

Start by checking the power cord. Ensure it is unplugged and look it over for any damage, frayed edges or potential issues. Also, check the outlet being used with another device to be sure it is working correctly. 

Locate the fuse box and check that everything is switched on in the room with your washing machine. In some cases, simply unplugging the machine can cause a reset and fix internal bugs. If you have a newer machine, it will often display an error code for you to look up. 

If you are getting power, but the cycle won’t start, it could be an issue with the control board. Select a different cycle to see if this registers. If you can engage with certain buttons or selectors but not others, it is likely an issue with the board or those specific buttons. In this case, you will probably need to have the board replaced, 

For the timer, you can check that it is working correctly with a multimeter. This will give you readings to show an open circuit. If the readings are bad, the timer will need to be replaced. 

Samsung Washer Won’t Unlock

Samsung Washer Won’t Unlock

Washing machines are designed to lock to prevent from being opened during a cycle. They also often have child locks to prevent any accidents when not in use. 

In some cases, a loss of power can cause a freeze in the cycle, leaving the door locked and the machine full. In most cases, the machine will need a few minutes to reset before functioning once more.

However, as with any electronic piece of equipment, sometimes the program can become stuck. Normally, a reset will fix this and return the machine to factory settings. 

What You Can Do

The most common causes of a locked washing machine door are that the child lock has been engaged, or that the cycle hasn’t been allowed to finish. Depending on your model, there may be a sequence of buttons to press to engage the child lock. When it is active, you won’t be able to select any functions or open the door until it is switched off. 

In most cases, there will be instructions on the display to show you what to push to activate and deactivate the child lock. 

If you are sure that the child lock is not on, look to see if the cycle is completely finished. It can take a few minutes after the final spin for the machine to drain and before the door will be unlocked. 

In some cases, the machine may still detect water inside, in which case you may need to drain the emergency hose. This is only possible with front-loading machines. Follow these steps to safely drain any residual water:

  1. Turn off your machine and unplug from the wall
  2. Place a bucket and towel near the filter
  3. Using a coin, carefully open the compartment in the front of the machine
  4. Slowly pull the tube but keep the cap in place
  5. When the tube is in the bucket, open the cap to collect the water
  6. When the water is all drained, remove the filter carefully
  7. Wash the filter to be sure there are no obstructions
  8. Replace the filter, cap and tube
  9. Close the panel and turn the machine back on

Once the emergency hose has been drained, the door should open.

Samsung Washer Door Lock Bypass

Samsung Washer Door Lock Bypass

In some cases, a reset or draining the hose might not work. If you believe that there is no water inside and no electrical reason behind the door being closed, it is possible to manually open the door.

In the following video, you can see how this man is able to deactivate the door lock on a front loading Samsung washer in just a few steps:

By removing the top and locating the door lock mechanism, you can release the lock and open the door. 

Newer top loading models also have lid switches and locks that can be damaged. In certain situations, the lid can be forced open and the latch broken. If the lid switch is damaged, the washer will not run. 

The following video shows a more complicated method to replace this type of lock:

As explained, this locking unit often needs replacing after a specific error code, or sometimes you can hear clicking as it tries to engage. 

Final Thoughts

There are a few things you can do at home to try and fix your Samsung washer. If the door won’t lock, chances are the door lock has been damaged in some way, or the circuit inside is not functioning properly. 

If your machine won’t start, always try resetting everything first as this can usually fix bugs in the program. Similarly, this can help when the door won’t unlock. Although that is usually caused by the child lock being engaged or the cycle not finishing properly.

If you have tried all of the above suggestions and are still facing issues, call a repairman to do a thorough check and service.  

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