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How to Reset Samsung Washer

When your Samsung Washer fails to work properly, it is a personal and family disaster. Luckily, if you rapidly troubleshoot what is causing this issue, you can quickly get your washer up and running again. Resetting your Samsung Washer is often the answer to having your Samsung Washer function normally.

To reset a Samsung washer, first, turn off the machine and unplug it from the electrical outlet. Wait for about 1-2 minutes. Then, plug it back in and turn it on. Press and hold the “Start/Pause” button for 5 seconds. The washer should beep, indicating it has been reset. Proceed with your desired wash cycle.

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It’s worth noting that different Samsung washer models might have slight variations in the reset procedure. While the above method is a general approach, always refer to the user manual specific to your washer model for the most accurate instructions. Remember to always prioritize safety; avoid touching the machine with wet hands when unplugging or plugging it back in.

Is There a Reset Button On My Samsung Washer?

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There is no Reset Button on Samsung Washers. Therefore, the best way to reset it is to download the Samsung Smart Home App on your phone and then to activate Smart Care on your Samsung Washer.

First, download the Smart Care app.  Then add your Samsung Washer to Smart Things.  Now, press the Smart Care Button on your Samsung Washer which will set the cycles for your washer.  Put your laundry into the washer and press Smart Control.

Open the Smart Things App and then press on Menu. Press on all Devices and then highlight and select your Samsung Washer. Select the cycle you want and then press on OK. Select all desired options such as water temperature and spin speed. Now press Start.

How to Reset Samsung Washer to Factory Settings

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Sometimes, your last resort to reset your Samsung Washer is to do a factory reset. A factory reset restores the Samsung Washer to its original state. In addition, it deletes any information stored in your washer.

If you need to reset your Samsung Washer and re-set it to Factory Settings, be sure that the washer is connected to the wall power source but that the LCD screen is turned off. At the same time, press Spin, Power and Soil Level Buttons simultaneously for a period of at least five seconds.   

Now, you can put the Samsung Washer in Self-Test Mode. Plug the washer in and power it on with the LCD screen turned off. Press Soil Level, Spin, and the Power Button all at the same time for a period of at least five seconds.

You will then hear chimes which will represent that you are now in Self-Test Mode. First, Press the Spin button which will activate the Door Lock Test. Then, lock the washer door and press the Temp button, which will then activate the Water Valve Test Mode. Finally, press the Soil Level Button, which will activate the Drain Pump Test Mode.  

How to Reset Samsung Washer Motor

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If your Samsung Washer is not spinning properly, you may need to reset the Samsung Washer Motor. This can be accomplished in several relatively easy steps.

If you need to reset your Samsung Washer and reset the Samsung Washer Motor, take the rear stator off and look for any broken wires or problems with the rotor sensors. Replace these as necessary and then be sure to also check the motor controller to make sure it is functioning properly.

How to Reset Samsung Washer WiFi

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If your Samsung Washer is not working properly, it may have been knocked off- line and then lost connectivity with your WiFi network. If this has happened, take the following steps to re-establish connectivity between your Samsung Washer and your WiFi network.

If you need to reset your Samsung Washer and reset the washer WiFi, hold down on the Smart Control until the display indicates AP. This should take about three seconds. Then hold Temp until the display shows the message OK OK, which should take about seven seconds.

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Now the display should indicate AP again. Then, turn your Samsung Washer off. At this point, the WiFi network connection between your washer and your WiFi network should be refreshed.

How to Reset Samsung Washer Door Locked

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If your Samsung Washer Door is locked, it is important to determine if it has become locked in a mid- wash cycle. If this is the case, you may need to drain a significant amount of water.

If you need to reset your Samsung Washer and the Samsung Door is locked, locate the debris filter panel which is on the bottom front part of the washer. Open the debris filter panel and pull the panel in a downward direction.  

Locate the small rubber drain hose. Take the hose out, take off the drain hose plug and let the water in it drain into a bucket or basin. Then replace all of the components back in their respective positions and push the debris filter panel back into its place.

Now, if the issue is still not solved, perform further troubleshooting steps such as checking to see if you have a faulty door lock assembly, a faulty control board or washer door hinges that are bent.

If this didn’t help be sure to check out an updated article on Samsung Washer Lid Stuck Problems and Bypass.

How to do a Samsung Washer Balance Reset

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If you have either too much or too little laundry in your Samsung washer, it can lead to the washer drum becoming unbalanced. Once the laundry is redistributed properly, the balance issue is usually resolved. If not, take the troubleshooting steps outlined below.

If you need to reset your Samsung Washer and do a Samsung Washer Balance Reset, turn your Washing Machine off. Then, turn it on again. Now, hold down the Temp and the Delay End Button for about three seconds. Now, you should see a CB code on the washer screen.

How to Reset Samsung Washer Control Board  

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If your Samsung Washer is not working, it may indicate a problem with the Washer Control Board. Luckily, this problem can be remedied quickly with some quick troubleshooting steps.

If you need to reset your Samsung Washer and reset your Samsung Washer Control Board and are getting any of the following error codes: 8E which is a current error, or 9E1 which is a power error, or AE/13E which is a communication error, reset the Samsung Washing Machine Control Board.

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Turn the washing machine back on by pressing the Power Button. Then press on the Option Button for about five seconds. Go to System Function and then tap on Accept. Go ahead and turn the Dial twice until you see the Factory Reset Option. Then tap on Tap to Reset. You should now see a message indicating All Settings Will Be Set to Defaults, Continue? Select this option and press on OK.

If you have a different brand of washing machine please find your brand in our how to reset your washing machine article.

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