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Sharp TV Netflix Not Working

It is very convenient having a Sharp Smart TV that can play Netflix and other streaming services, without needing to use an external device. However, many users have not been able to use Netflix on their Sharp TV, defeating the purpose of having the app built in. This article will outline all of these issues and how you can fix them on your own Sharp TV.

A common reason Netflix doesn’t work on Sharp TVs is incompatibility; Older Sharp TVs are no longer supported by Netflix. On new TVs, you might have poor internet, outdated software, an overloaded cache or issues with the Netflix servers. Poor Netflix sound or display is often caused by TV settings.

The Man is confused why the Tv is not working

I will explain these issues in much more detail below, including which issues occur and when. Sometimes the issue may even be to do with the Netflix button on the Sharp remote. I have made sure to talk about fixing this issue as well.

Sharp TV Netflix Not Working

You have probably come across standard troubleshooting advice before when technology has broken. This is because these fixes, which have been listed below, work most of the time. However, if you’re experiencing a specific problem that is not resolved by these options, you will find more suggestions further down.

Update the Firmware

Keeping the firmware up to date on both your Sharp TV and Netflix app will fix any bugs in previous firmware versions. Bugs are inevitable as technology changes because developers cannot anticipate every possible scenario the app or TV will be in. To update a Sharp Android TV, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Press the ‘Menu’ button on the remote.

Step 2: Navigate to ‘Settings > About > System Update’.

Step 3: Follow the on-screen instructions to update the TV.

You should also keep your Netflix app up to date. This can be done using the following steps as well.

Step 1: Press the menu button on your remote.

Step 2: Open the Google Play Store.

Step 3: Select ‘Manage Apps & Device’

Step 4: Find the Netflix app.

Step 5: Select ‘Update’ if an update is available.

Hard Reset TV

Resetting your Sharp TV can clear any small software errors that have occurred over time. Most TVs cycle between ‘On’ and ‘Standby’, and do not get the chance to restart the system. Performing a hard reset via the steps below will drain all power from the TV, allowing the system to restart properly.

Step 1: Unplug any devices connected to your Sharp TV.

Step 2: Disconnect the TV from the power.

Step 3: Press and hold the ‘Power’ button on the TV for 30 seconds.

Step 4: Wait another 10 minutes to allow the TV to fully discharge.

Step 5: Plug the TV back in, reconnect all devices and turn it on.

Factory Reset TV

A factory reset is one of the most effective troubleshooting methods because it will restore your Sharp TV to its original settings. However, this will erase all downloaded content and preferences, so is not always an option. If you would like to try a factory reset, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Press the ‘Menu’ button on your remote.

Step 2: Open ‘Setup’.

Step 3: Select ‘Reset’.

Step 4: Enter your TV’s PIN code or the default code, ‘1234’.

If you happen to have a different brand of tv please checkout our netflix not working on a smart tv article.

Netflix Not Connecting On Sharp TV

The remote is pointed on the flat screen Tv

If Netflix is not connecting on your Sharp TV, you will most likely encounter an error message. This will give you two options, to ‘Reload’ or to ‘Exit’ Netflix. Both of these options will allow you to restart the app, which may be all you need to connect.

Another possible fix is to sign out of Netflix, and then sign back in. This can be done following the steps below.

Step 1: Navigate to the Netflix home screen.

Step 2: Open the main menu by navigating left.

Step 3: Select ‘Get Help’ or ‘Settings’.

Step 4: Select ‘Sign Out’ and ‘Yes’ to confirm.

Step 5: Enter your credentials to log back in.

If none of these fixes allow you to connect to Netflix, it may be an issue with your network connection. Below are a number of ways you can improve your network.

Restart the Modem and Router

Restarting the modem and router is one way you can reconnect to the network. After they are reset, the modem/router will re-establish the connection and any previous errors should be resolved. You should restart these in the sequence below.

Step 1: Unplug the modem and router from the power.

Step 2: Wait at least one minute seconds.

Step 3: After a minute, plug your modem back in.

Step 4: Wait for the modem to fully reboot before plugging in the router (if you have one).

Step 5: Wait for the router to fully reboot before testing your internet.

Bring the Modem Closer

Your modem/router should be no more than 30 feet from your Sharp TV, but also more than one foot away from one another. Having them in the same room should provide the best results. If your modem is too far away and you cannot move it, you could consider using a WiFi booster.

A WiFi booster can be placed between the modem/router and will detect your network signal. It will then emit another signal that reaches further than the modem could originally reach.

Reduce WiFi Interference

Your WiFi can be affected by many things around the house. Therefore, if you are able to minimise the things that interfere with your WiFi, you are likely going to improve your Netflix connection. Some of these things include wireless transmissions in the home, which I have listed below.

· Other networks in the area or home

· Baby monitors or other radio devices

· Microwaves

· Bluetooth devices

There are also several objects in the home that can block the WiFi signal. These objects, listed below, should not stand between your modem/router and your TV.

· Thick concrete or timber walls

· Water (such as aquariums or hydronic heating systems)

· Metal

· Floor heating

Most of these objects cannot be moved, making it difficult to minimise interference. If you cannot move your modem, using a WiFi booster in this case can help the signal transmit around a blockade such as these.

Sharp TV Netflix Not Loading/Opening

The man is frustrated when the Tv is not working

If Netflix is not loading or opening at all, you should try the troubleshooting methods mentioned above, including restarting the app or TV. However, some people have found that this does not solve the problem.

In this case, it is likely an issue with your internet connection. Netflix needs to access the internet to, not only load content, but to load the menus as well. You can learn more about troubleshooting your network above.

Netflix Keeps Freezing/Crashing On Sharp TV

The family is watching black screen tv

When Netflix keeps freezing, it is usually a problem with your internet speed, which I will explain below. However, you should also attempt some of the troubleshooting methods mentioned above, including signing out of Netflix or restarting your Sharp TV.

Assuming they are not working, you should check your internet speed to determine if you are experiencing buffering problems. Buffering is the term used when the streaming playback is moving faster than the download speed for that movie or TV show. It means you have to wait for your TV to download more content before you can continue watching.

Check Your Internet Speed

The absolute minimum download speed required to load Netflix is 0.5MB/s. This, however, will not allow you to stream quality content. Below are the minimum requirements to use different aspects of Netflix.

· 0.5MB/s: Minimum to load Netflix

· 1.5MB/s: Recommended minimum to load Netflix

· 3MB/s: Stream standard definition content.

· 5MB/s: Stream high definition content.

· 25MB/s: Stream 4K or Ultra HD content.

As you can see, having 0.5MB/s second is going to make streaming 4K content virtually impossible. If you suspect your download speed is the problem, you can check this through the Netflix app on a Sharp TV. Follow the steps below to check if you are connected to the internet and your download speed.

Step 1: Navigate to the Netflix home screen.

Step 2: Navigate left to open the main menu.

Step 3: Select ‘Settings’ (cog icon).

Step 4: Select ‘Check your Network’.

Two options you could consider to increase your download speed are using an Ethernet cable or a WiFi booster. As I mentioned earlier, a WiFi booster is generally used if there is a large distance between your TV and modem/router. If this is your only option, it can improve download speeds to an extent.

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However, the most effective way of increasing your download speed is through an Ethernet cable. This involves hardwiring your TV to your network, providing you with the fastest internet available for your network. Some people will have Ethernet wiring throughout the house to make this easily accessible, but it is personal preference.

Reduce Streaming Quality

If you can’t speed up your internet, but still want to be able to watch Netflix, you can lower the streaming quality to suit your needs. Netflix offers four options for you to choose from, including ‘Low’, ‘Medium’ ‘High’ or ‘Auto’.

You should select one that is the highest quality achievable on your network. You can change these settings on your account page, following the pathway below.

Profile & Parental Controls > Profile > Playback Settings > Change

Clear cache/storage space

Sometimes it is not the network connection causing the issues, but your TVs internal memory. Your Netflix app stores temporary data files in a storage compartment known as the ‘Cache’.

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When this becomes overloaded, the app can crash or freeze unexpectedly. To clear the cache, follow the steps below on your Sharp TV.

Step 1: Press the ‘Home’ button on your Sharp remote.

Step 2: Navigate to ‘All Apps > Settings > Apps > All’.

Step 3: Find and select the Netflix app.

Step 4: Select ‘Clear Cache’.

Sharp TV Won’t Play Netflix

The man is mad when the tv is starting not to work

When a Sharp TV won’t play Netflix, it is usually due to the internet connection. If the content will not load at all, your network may be down. The alternative is that the Netflix servers are down due to high demand or maintenance issues. You can check the status of the Netflix servers on the Netflix website.

If you are able to play content but it then stops or keeps pausing, this is more likely to do with your download speed. Troubleshooting for this can be found above.

Sharp TV Netflix Remote Not Working

The man is trying to click the remote on the Tv

Sharp Smart TVs have a small Netflix button at the bottom of the remote to allow easy access to the streaming service. Simply press the button and Netflix will load. However, if the remote is not functioning correctly, you will not be able to enjoy this convenience.

To fix this problem, you should start by resetting the remote. This is done by removing the batteries, pressing and holding the ‘Power’ button on the remote for 30 seconds and then reinserting the batteries. This will clear any internal errors that have occurred.

If this does not solve the issue, you may have flat batteries. Try a new pair of batteries, or try using the current batteries in a different device. If this is the issue, all buttons should be causing an issue, but replacing the batteries will fix it.

If you notice it is just the Netflix button that does not work, the button may be stuck. Sometimes small particles of dust or food can become trapped under the button, preventing it from working. Try pressing the button several times with the batteries removed to dislodge any material underneath.

Sharp TV Netflix No Sound/Low Volume – Not Working

The man is mad while the tv is not working

No sound on your TV can be as simple as the volume is too low or the mute button has been pressed. Make sure this is not the case for both the TV and any speaker attached to the TV.

You should also try restarting the TV or securing any connections to any speakers you are using. Sometimes it can be a matter of a loose or faulty cable preventing the sound coming through.

Most often, people experience issues with their sound because the TV settings are not right for running the Netflix app. Netflix recommends using the ‘Stereo’ option for audio output, but on a Sharp TV, this setting needs to be ‘Fixed’. You can find these settings under ‘Output’, ‘Options’ or ‘Audio’ following the pathway below.

Menu > System > Output Select > Output > Fixed

Sharp TV Netflix Black Screen

The girl is frustrated when the tv turned black

Having a blank screen on a streaming service is one of the worst things that could happen. In order to restore your video content, make sure you are set to the correct input channel on your Sharp TV first. It might surprise you how many times the channel can be changed when you step away for a moment.

Otherwise, these issues are likely due to internet issues or a firmware bug. You should follow the troubleshooting methods mentioned throughout this article to restore Netflix to normal function.

Sharp TV Netflix Keeps Logging Out

The couple is confused why the tv is not working

If you are continually being logged out of Netflix, you may have two devices sharing the same electronic serial number (ESN). These numbers are allocated automatically by Netflix when you use Netflix on a new device. If two devices have the same number through an error, they will continue to log out of Netflix when the other device is used.

Other than that, Sharp TVs do not have a feature that automatically logs you out of your apps. Therefore, make sure both your Netflix app and Sharp TV are up to date to see if an update will resolve the glitch.

Sharp TV Netflix Won’t Update

The man is frustrated while watching

You will not be able to update Netflix if you are already running the latest firmware. However, internet issues or problems with the Netflix server can also make it impossible to update the Netflix app. Troubleshooting tips for your network can be found earlier in this article.

If it is the Netflix servers, you will have to wait for the company to get their servers up and running again. Sometimes there may be too much demand on the servers, causing them to crash. This is particularly common when a new TV show is released.

Sharp TV Netflix Not Available

The two girls are confused while watching the tv

Unfortunately, Netflix is not available on all Sharp TVs, even though they state that the app is available on most of them. Depending on the age of your TV, you may not have access to the Netflix app because it is not compatible with the software. As of the end of 2019, many older sharps were no longer supported and Netflix therefore stopped working.

However, this does not mean that you cannot stream Netflix to your older Sharp TV. If you have a mirroring dongle, such as Chromecast, you can play content from your phone on the TV.

Alternatively, you could also invest in another streaming device, such as Roku, Apple TV, FireStick, etc. However, having a streaming device plugged into your TV defeats the purpose of buying a smart TV and is therefore not a popular option.

Sharp TV Apps Not Working

One common reason for Sharp TV apps not working is due to outdated software. Regularly updating your TV’s firmware can resolve many app-related issues. Navigate to the TV’s settings, select “Software Update” or a similar option, and follow the prompts to ensure you have the latest version.

Another potential cause for Sharp TV apps malfunctioning is a corrupted cache. Over time, app data can become corrupted, leading to performance issues. To fix this, navigate to the TV’s settings, find the specific app causing trouble, and clear its cache or data. Restart the TV afterward to see if the problem is resolved.

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