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Chromecast Hulu Not Working

I recently got a new Chromecast, and I’ve been using it for a while without any issues. But, I went to install Hulu and noticed it’s not working. I did some research into why it is and here’s what I found.

Hulu is not supported on all Chromecast devices. It’s determined by what operating system the device you’re Chromecast is connected to. However, any TV, smartphone, or computer made within the last 10 years should work. If it’s compatible then you should restart both devices as a first step.

Back of male head and TV remote being used to program TV

After that there are a range of fixes, so below I’ll explain in detail exactly how to perform each of the steps to fix the issue.

Chromecast Hulu Not Loading

Male head downcast because TV is not working

Sometimes you may not have installed Hulu on your Chromecast by pressing the Home button on your Chromecast remote and scrolling down to search for it.

You can also look at all the available apps by category such as ‘Entertainment’ and ‘Lifestyle’. But, what happens when Chromecast won’t load?

The steps you should take when Hulu isn’t loading on your Chromecast are:

  1. Force close the app
  2. Restart your Chromecast
  3. Check your internet connection
  4. Clear the cache
  5. Uninstall and reinstall Hulu

Simply follow these steps in order until it start working again.

It’s very likely that you’ll fix the issue with the first two steps. But, based on my experience in 20% of cases you’ll need to do the remaining steps.

1. Force close the app

This step is very easy to do. Please note that the below steps can only be done with a Chromecast remote. But, if you don’t have a Chromecast remote you can download the Android TV app on iOS and Android. It will turn your smartphone into a Google TV remote.

From the home screen scroll all the way to the right which will highlight your profile and a side menu will appear. From the side menu select ‘Settings’. After that select ‘Apps’.

It will list the apps you’ve used most recently. If Hulu isn’t listed there you can select ‘See All Apps’. Then move the cursor over the Hulu app. With the Hulu app highlighted there are additional options to the right. One of them is to ‘Force Stop’, select that.

Since it takes a few steps to get to this menu while we’re here it’s a good idea to clear the cache as well as you will see the option in the same list.

Now, that you’ve already selected ‘Force Stop’ , select ‘Clear Cache’ as well. It will clear the cache. Now, attempt to open Hulu again and see if it’s working fine now. If not, move on to the next step.

2. Restart your Chromecast

To restart your Chromecast simply unplug it from the wall outlet. Let it sit unplugged for 30 seconds or so and then plug it back in. Turn it back on, and wait for it to return to the home screen. After that, open up Hulu again to see if it’s working.

3. Check your internet connection

Hulu needs to connect to the internet so that it can verify your account information, and begin downloading video. Therefore, you need a good internet connection. If there’s an issue with the internet then you won’t typically notice until it stops working.

So, check if your internet is working using another device like a smartphone. Browse the internet using the same Wi-Fi connection. Also, verify that you can stream videos by going to Youtube.

If it’s running slow or you can’t stream videos then you should restart your Wi-Fi modem. To do that simply unplug it at the wall, wait for around 10 seconds then plug it back in, and wait for it to connect again. It will usually take 5 minutes to reconnect.

After that try to open Hulu again and check whether it’s working properly now. If not, then check your internet speed again using another device. If you can stream videos on another device using the same internet connection then move on to the next step.

If you can’t then you should contact your internet service provider. They will almost always help you to see why your internet is slow over the phone. And get you to do a few things to see what the issue is.

4. Clear the cache

I covered how to do this step in the first step on this list – ‘Step 1 – Force Close the App’. The place where you force close the app is the same place you clear the cache so I combined them into one step.

You would have done it if you did Step 1. If you’re unsure if you did or not just go back up to step 1. It’s super easy to clear the cache.

5. Uninstall and reinstall Hulu

If you’ve tried all of the above, and it’s still not working then you should uninstall Hulu and reinstall it again. It’s very easy and only involves steps. From the home screen go to Settings > Apps > See All Apps > select Hulu from the list > Uninstall.

It will ask you to confirm then it will begin uninstalling Hulu. To reinstall it, go to the home screen and select Apps, and you can search for the app, or scroll through lists of different app categories. Such as lifestyle, or entertainment.

Chromecast Not Showing up/Found on Hulu

Remote pointed at TV screen

It can be confusing at first to get everything set up on your Chromecast, and it can be tricky to get Hulu to work. Here’s the reasons why Hulu won’t show up and how to fix it.

Generally, you’ll need to install Hulu by accessing the Apps option which is found in the menu. To access that you press the home button on your Chromecast remote, then select Apps. After that you find Hulu from the list of apps and select it, after that there is an option to install it.

You can wait for it to install, or you can do something else on your Chromecast device. Once, it’s finished downloading you can open it up by pressing the home button your Chromecast remote and then

After that you can search for the Hulu app by using the search feature, or by scrolling through lists of apps that are listed in categories. Here’s a short video that shows exactly how to do that:

Chromecast Won’t Play Hulu

Top view of male using TV remote

Once you’ve been using Chromecast for a while you can run into an issue where it won’t play. It’s very easy to fix, and below I’ll explain how.

The most common reason is that your internet connection is having an issue. The first step should be to verify that your internet connection is working correctly by accessing the same internet connection using another device. After that there are subsequent steps you can take to fix it.

I’ve covered the exact steps to check if your internet is working above under the heading ‘Step 3 – Check your internet connection’. Do that, and then if it’s still not loading then you should perform the rest of the steps I listed above.

Hulu Keeps Freezing/Crashing on Chromecast

Remote pointed at wall mounted TV to turn on

Other times, the Hulu app can freeze or close itself. Which can appear slightly odd, however, it does happen with apps especially. But, here’s how to stop it from happening.

The first thing you should do is restart your Chromecast device. After that, it may be using up too much memory because the cache is full so you should clear the Hulu app cache. Following that, there are additional troubleshooting steps.

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The full step by step instructions for how to restart your Chromecast device and how to do each of the additional fixes scroll near the top of this article where there is a list that says ‘Step 1 – Force close the app’.

Hulu Not Connecting On Chromecast

Finger pressing down on remote button

Hulu can be installed correctly, however, when you go to open it you can get an error that says it can’t connect. Here’s what you should do to troubleshoot this issue:

It’s typically because of a Wi-Fi issue, so you should check the Wi-Fi connection for all the devices you’re using, and ensure they’re on the same Wi-Fi. There is also a known update with iOS14 where you need to give Hulu permission to access the Local Area Network (LAN).

To do that it can be checked by going to Settings, then selecting Privacy, and then Local Area Network. There is a toggle switch that you need to turn on.

Once that’s turned on then check to see if you can cast Hulu now. It appears it was a common complaint with an update that occurred in April of 2021. And it appears that Hulu is aware of the issue.

If you’re still having issues with Hulu connecting with Chromecast, then it’s best to raise a support ticket with Hulu or call them over the phone to assist with the matter.

Some customers have mentioned that they have had success getting their Hulu to cast after talking with a customer service rep over the phone. Others have said they have been unable to resolve the issue and Hulu has issued them a credit until they resolve the issue.

Hulu Won’t Cast to Chromecast

Remote used to turn TV on

It’s quite easy to cast from one device to another once you’ve done it once or twice. But, certain apps like Hulu can have problems casting using Chromecast. So, I’ll explain how to get it to work.

Generally, you should restart your Chromecast device, and your TV but unplugging them at the wall and plugging them back in again. Following that, you should check that you have a good Wi-Fi signal on both devices so that it can cast. After that you should force stop the app, and clear the cache.

Near the top of this article I have listed step by step instructions that explain how to do each of these steps. As well as, the other fixes you should do. Based on what I’ve read on the Hulu community forum, it’s best to contact customer support.

Chromecast Hulu Not Loading

Remote adjusting volume of TV

When you first open up Hulu, it will load up a list of shows and movies. But, when it can not load all of sudden once you try to open it. Which can be a bit frustrating. Below, I’ll explain why this happens and how to fix it.

Generally, this is caused by an internet connection that isn’t working 100% or the internet is disconnected completely. A good first step is to verify that the internet connection that your Chromecast is connected to is running at a good speed and is connected.

It can be a bit tricky to do, so I’ve detailed full step by step instructions above. Near the top of the article it says ‘3. Check your internet connection’. As well as, a list of things to try to get Hulu working again.

It’s very common that most errors with Chromecasts and other electronic devices can be fixed by turning both devices on and off again.

Chromecast Hulu Black Screen

Black remote used to turn TV on in living room

Another issue related to Hulu not loading, is when you open it all you get is a black screen and nothing happens. To exit it you need to press the home button again. But, what causes it and how to fix it.

Typically it’s caused by a bad internet connection, but there’s a very good possibility you can fix the issue by force stopping the app, clearing the app cache, and restarting your Chromecast. Each of these steps can be done in any order.

However, checking the internet usually takes more time so you should do it after restarting your Chromecast and the other steps. But, if you already know how to do some of them then go ahead as it only takes 30 seconds or so.

Otherwise, above I’ve provided detailed instructions for how to do each of these steps. Scroll up near the top and you will see some numbered items starting with ‘1. Force close the app’.

Chromecast Hulu Sound Not Working

TV remote held in open palm of hand

The sound will typically stay the same and always play unless the volume has been turned down or there is an error with the app, your Chromecast, or your TV. Here’s what to do to get the sound working.

Overall, you should first check that volume on your Chromecast and on your TV. One could be on very low, while the other could be at a normal volume. Therefore, you can simply turn it back up to the normal volume. Otherwise, the HDMI cable can be slightly loose, or the HDMI cable might be faulty.

The HDMI cable is easy to identify because it is one of only 2 cables that plug into your Chromecast. Your Chromecast has 2 cables that go into it, the HDMI and the micro USB which gives it power.

As you may know HDMI cables are very common, and you’ll likely have a spare one in a box, or being used for another device. The HDMI cord replaces the older technology where you have the white red and yellow cables. Once for the video, one for the audio, and one other one, I can’t quite remember.

So, if it’s faulty then you may still get video but no audio. If the cable isn’t the issue then you should do a run through of the Sound settings on your TV and on your Chromecast. Each TV is unique so I can’t give you any instructions here.

In my opinion, you’re best to call the customer support team for your TV or send them an email about the issue. But, in the meantime you can try plugging in a different speaker such as a soundbar. Or, connect a Bluetooth speaker and see if you can get any sound.

TV show or movie specific audio issue

With the myriad of TV shows and movies on Hulu it can happen that one of the TV shows or movies is broken and has no audio. When that happens Hulu needs to replace the file on their servers with a new one which can take some time.

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See whether you get no audio on a different TV show or movie. And while you do that you can also check if other channels on your TV play sound. That will help you narrow down the issue. When it’s only one TV show or movie that has no sound but others play fine, then it’s best to watch something else.

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