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Spectrum TV App Not Working

You sat down to watch a movie, or your favorite TV show and your Spectrum TV app won’t load. The app failed to load or won’t respond. Instead of spending your valuable time searching for “Spectrum TV app not working,” use this guide to fix it.

Typically, when the Spectrum TV app is not working, it’s because your system does not meet the TV provider’s minimum requirements, your Internet is unstable, or Spectrum has not activated your account yet.

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As long as your Spectrum account remains in good standing and your device meets the minimum standards, the app should load. If it doesn’t, review the following list to determine the problem and apply the appropriate fix.

Spectrum TV App Not Loading

Your app won’t load if your computer, tablet, TV, or set-top box doesn’t meet the minimum requirements set by Spectrum TV. Your Internet connection speed matters, too. You’ll need high-speed Internet to use the app or website.

If your Spectrum TV App is not loading, review the app’s minimum requirements to determine compatibility or support. A proper Internet connection with minimum download speeds is also required. Running the app on a jailbroken device will not work.

Internet speed:

You must have broadband service with an Internet speed of at least 10 Mbps. That means you can’t watch on your smartphone on the go because the available 4G or 5G doesn’t provide the speed needed to load the app and stream shows.

Supported Devices:

You’ll need a supported television or Internet connected device to use The combination of operating system and browser determines if you can load the website to view movies and shows. You’ll need a computer running Windows 8.1+, Windows 10, or Mac OS 10.12+ with the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or Safari as your browser.

Some mobile devices can load the app as long as they’re connected to a speedy connection. Appropriate devices include the following:

  • Android devices running at least the operating system Android 5.0,
  • Apple mobile devices running at least the operating system iOS version 12,
  • Fourth generation or later Apple TV or 4K,
  • Second generation or later Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HDX,
  • Third generation or later Roku streaming devices,
  • Samsung Smart TVs issued in 2012 or later,
  • Xbox One.

Valid Devices:

Even if your device meets the above requirements, if you unlocked your device, also called rooting the device or jailbreaking it, it won’t work. Spectrum TV designed its app to only function on valid devices.

Proper Setup Configuration:

No matter what configuration you use, if you have a 5.1 surround sound system, prepare yourself because Spectrum TV doesn’t carry a 5.1 digital audio signal. Watching a movie or show via its app will sound just like watching one before you bought your 5.1 surround sound system.

Spectrum TV App Not Showing All Channels

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It can be frustrating when you aren’t able to view all the channels you want to see. This issue can happen for several reasons. The fixes are easy to execute.

If the Spectrum TV App is not showing all the channels, first check if you’re on a kids account with parental controls enabled. Also check to see if any trial subscriptions have expired. You can switch to the main account to access all channels and pay for subscriptions.

Navigating to the main account profile is easy. You should be able to return to it by going back to the main welcome screen. Going into the main profile should grant you administrative access to your Spectrum account.

In settings there should be an option to switch on and off parental controls. You can trouble shoot that to your preference.

Also, check your channel renewals. If you signed up for a trial subscription for a premium channel, it may have expired. While it should have charged a monthly or annual charge to your credit card you saved to the app, things go awry at times. Check your subscriptions while you’re in the settings. You may need to re-enter your credit card information and try the charge again.

Spectrum TV App Not Available

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The most common reason the Spectrum TV App is not available is because the account is too new. That means that the account was just created.

If you find that your Spectrum TV App is not available, try waiting at least one hour. Usually, for new accounts, you need to wait at least one hour after signing up for the service.

Before you can use the Spectrum TV app or, you need to create a Spectrum TV username. This friendly name provides an easy to remember way to sign in, rather than needing to recall your registration number, also called your customer number. It takes one hour for the TV provider to recognize your username in conjunction with your account.

Your Spectrum TV App won’t be available if your device that the app is installed on is jailbroken. So avoid rooting your device if you plan on using the Spectrum TV App.

Spectrum TV App Airplay Not Working

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Sometimes, after a Spectrum app update or upgrade, Airplay stops working. The television provider provides an easy fix for this.

When the Spectrum TV App Airplay is not working, uninstall the app, then power cycle the mobile device. Re-install the latest version of the app.

The modern equivalent of rebooting your computer typically works for Spectrum TV subscribers. If this doesn’t restore Airplay, keep reading because your system has a different issue.

Spectrum TV App Not Connecting to WiFi

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Your WiFi must meet the Spectrum TV minimum requirements of 10 Mbps. It won’t connect with a slower speed Internet connection. You may have restrictions set up to limit the devices or number of users that connect to your WiFi at one time.

If the Spectrum TV App is not connecting to WiFi, check your network settings to see if you limited the number of simultaneous connections to your WiFi. If that’s the issue, just increase the number by one and watch TV.

You won’t be able to connect to the Spectrum TV app using 4G or 5G. If that sounds obvious, realize that if your household uses a MiFi device, what appears in your network accounts list will appear as a WiFi account, but will use either a 4G or 5G connection shared via the MiFi. Although a MiFi shares a mobile data plan in the same manner as a WiFi router, it doesn’t boost the connection. The app won’t recognize the Internet connection as speedy enough and will refuse to open.

Spectrum TV App Not Clear

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Typically, if the app doesn’t appear clear, your Internet connection probably slowed down. During peak times of day when many users crowd the Internet, connection speeds slow down.

Check the Internet by visiting a few other video websites. If their videos load properly, the app caused the problem.

When using to watch TV or movies, you need a very strong Internet connection. If you live in a multi-person household, having many users connected at one time to the WiFi can slow it down considerably.

When using the Spectrum TV app, ensure that you installed the latest version. Check for updates. If you don’t have the newest version, take a moment to install it.

If that doesn’t work, uninstall the app. Re-install the Spectrum TV app, choosing the latest version.

Check your computer or mobile device for updates to its operating system. Install any available updates.

Reboot your device. It’s the oldest fix in the world for a computer, tablet, or phone, but it frequently works. When you fully turn off your system, it dumps the temporary memory. That memory dump frees up space and dumps the cache, so apps and sites conduct a fresh load. Turn it off and wait a full minute (60 seconds) before you turn it back on.

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Spectrum TV App Not Casting

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In 2020, Charter Communications added Chromecast support to the Spectrum TV app, so you theoretically can cast a show you’re watching on your mobile device to a larger screen.

If your Spectrum TV App is not casting, you may not have a Chromecast-ready device. You’ll need to add a dongle that plugs into the television’s HDMI port in order to make casting to the TV work.

Most TVs now come ready to accept a Chromecast. You’ll need either an Android TV, a Chromecast device, Chromecast built-in TV, or a dongle that adds the functionality to a television that didn’t come with it. Google makes dongles that you can buy locally from Walmart or Target or order online from the same retailers plus big box stores like Amazon. You plug the dongle, which looks like a USB drive, into the TV’s HDMI port. The dongle acts like an antenna to accept the casting feed.

Think of Chromecast as a bridge from your mobile device to your TV. Using it, you can stream content on your mobile device, but watch the content on your television.

You can also connect to a Chromecast device from your computer. Load the website,, using the Chrome browser.

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Spectrum TV App Not Full Screen

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This can happen in conjunction with Roku. The Roku device recently added the Spectrum TV App to its massive list of channels. You’ll need to choose the appropriate settings on your Roku setup to get your app to display properly.

Use your Roku remote to access the Home screen. Press the Home button. Go to “Settings,” then “Display Type.” Pick Auto-Detect from the list.

Allowing the Roku to analyze your television and choose the screen type should result in a full-screen load for all apps, including the Spectrum TV app. If it does not, re-enter the settings area. Choose the display settings again. Try each screen size choice it provides, switching to the screen size, then testing the app. When you find a screen display setting that loads appropriately, set it and forget it.

Despite your TV having an HDMI connection, Roku may not auto-detect the display type properly because Roku may not support your TV display type.

Another possibility exists. The Roku device issues an error message when it can’t detect your TV’s configuration. Typically, it lets you ignore the message. Theoretically, it will allow you to force the connection between the Roku and TV, but this may fail.

The problem may not stem from the Roku settings. It could come from the HDMI connection. You may have a weak connection between the TV and the Roku, which affects the apps on the device and how they load.

Try unplugging the HDMI cable at both ends. Swap the ends of the cable (turn it around so that the end you had plugged into the TV now plugs into the Roku and vice versa). If this works, enjoy your movie. If not, you may need a different HDMI cable. Similar to the old parallel ports on a computer and how those cables could go back, so can HDMI cables. The wires inside the cable can split or fray. Buy a new HDMI cable and try again.

The TV set’s setting could also cause the problem. Using your TV remote, access the TV settings. Check the screen settings for display. Note any differences between its options and the Roku’s. Optimize the screen settings.

Update your Roku operating system. An outdated OS can cause playback issues. In Settings, choose “System.” Click on “Check for updates,” then “Check Now.” Install the update.

If none of those options fixed the problem, factory reset the Roku device. In Settings, choose “System,” then “Advanced System Settings,” then “Factory Reset.” You should get to watch your movie or show in a few minutes at full-screen.

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