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LG Fridge Freezer Not Working/Cooling/Freezing

LG is one of my favorite brands, but my LG fridge freezer stopped working properly and the food wasn’t freezing at all. I have some experience fixing appliances and looked into how to fix it so today I’ll explain what causes this to happen and how to get it to work.

Overall, this is caused by the vents being blocked by a food item, an issue with the seals or the doors not closing completely. Also, the fridge can not be level which is required for it to function correctly, the temperature can not be set low enough, and display or demo mode can be on.

Man getting food inside the fridge

Each of these requires a specific troubleshooting step, and I’ll explain step by step how to perform each one below. It’s very difficult to know exactly what’s causing the issue so it’s a matter of doing each of the steps until it’s working again. Each of the steps are easy to do, regardless of your experience level, unless otherwise stated.

LG Fridge Freezer Not Working

Man checking the inside of the fridge

There are a range of different LG fridge freezers such as the side by side, and top freezer models, but interestingly if an LG fridge freezer isn’t working it’s always caused by the same issues. Here’s what they are:

The vents that allow air to flow freely inside the fridge and freezer can be blocked by a food item, the temperature can be on the wrong setting, the doors can not be closing properly, or the fridge is not level. There is also a ‘display’, and ‘demo mode setting’ that disables the cooling function.

It’s a matter of checking for each of these issues one by one to identify what’s causing the issue. Some are very simple, whereas others take a bit more time to do, so I’ve ordered by putting the easiest steps first below.

Step 1: Check the fridge is getting power ( lights should be on)

First of all verify that your fridge is plugged in at the wall, and the wall outlet is providing power to your fridge. If your fridge lights up you can skip this step. If not, then check the wall outlet using another electronic device to verify it’s providing power.

If the wall outlet is not providing any power, then unplug any extension cords or multiplug adapters to verify one of these isn’t faulty. If it’s still not providing power to another electrical device then you should check your fuse box. The circuit breaker can have been triggered by a power surge.

Step 2: Vents are blocked by a food item that limits air flow

There are vents on the interior of the fridge and the freezer. Air flows from the freezer to the fridge and is responsible for cooling both compartments. It’s common that they can be blocked by a food item. They are visible as thin openings on the sides, and back of the fridge and freezer.

Visually inspect the interior of your fridge and freezer to ensure they aren’t blocked by a food item. If they were and you cleared them, allow 24 hours for the temperature to equilibrate completely. But, you’ll notice a difference in the temperature sooner than that.

Step 3: Temperature setting on the control panel needs to be turned down

The temperature of an LG fridge freezer can be set manually. And there is a recommended temperature for both the fridge and the freezer. Here’s a video that explains how to do it:

Step 4: Auto defrost cycle is in progress and will resolve itself in 30 minutes

There is what’s called a condenser coil that accumulates frost and ice. Your LG fridge freezer is set to auto defrost periodically. When it does it takes 30 minutes, during that time your fridge freezer won’t cool. Simply wait 30 minutes and see if your fridge freezer begins cooling again.

Step 5: Display or demo mode in enabled and needs to be turned off

When an LG fridge freezer is in a showroom it’s set to display or demo mode. This allows all the functionality to work except it won’t cool at all. It can be enabled by accident. To disable it varies by make and model.

Refer to your owner’s manual to see how to disable it. The owner’s manual can also be accessed online on the LG website by inputting the model number. The model number is displayed on a label on the inside left or right wall of the fridge. It’s not located in the freezer.

Step 6: Doors weren’t closed all the way or aren’t creating a proper seal

If the doors are closed too hard they can pop back open. When closing your fridge and freezer ensure the door is closed all the way. There can be food items that are stopping the doors from closing completely and creating an airtight seal.

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The fridge freezer can also not be level, which affects the doors ability to close. Here’s a video that shows how to adjust the level of your refrigerator.

The seals can also have failed, or frost can be accumulated around the edge of the fridge. Visually inspect the seals for any signs of damage. And replace them where required. If frost has accumulated on the seals then remove it using hot water and a cloth.

Step 7: Mullion flap is not folding correctly and is defective

French door and side by side LG fridge freezer models have what’s called a mullion flap that’s located in the center. These are the models that have two doors that close in the center. In the center where the doors join is a flap that folds into place as the doors close.

As you close the door inspect it to see that it is folding correctly. It can have failed mechanically and needs to be replaced or cleaned. A food item can also stop it from folding closed correctly.

LG Fridge Freezer Not Cooling

Sad man while behind the fridge

An LG fridge freezer can power on and appears to be working just fine. But, it still doesn’t get cold. This is generally caused by the following issues:

Demo mode or display mode can be on which disables the cooling function. The temperature on the control panel can also not be set cold enough. Finally, food items can be blocking the vents in the interior of the fridge which impacts the ability of the fridge freezer to cool.

Full step by step instructions for how to solve each of these issues that cause your LG fridge freezer not to cool are listed at the start of this article. Start from step 1 and work your way through each of the steps to get your LG fridge freezer to cool.

LG Fridge Freezer Not Freezing

Confused man while looking at the fridge

Food can be in the freezer but remains at room temperature or doesn’t get completely frozen. The fridge compartment and the freezer component are connected so generally both won’t be working at the same time. To get it to work here’s what you should do.

The freezer temperature needs to be set at 0 degrees. But, food items can also be obstructing the vents on the inside of the fridge and freezer which stops the cold air from circulating. The freezer and fridge door may also not create an airtight seal which requires a few different steps to fix.

Provided your LG fridge freezer has power and the lights are on, start with step 2 at the start of this article, titled ‘2. Vents are blocked by a food item that limits air flow’. And work your way through the remaining steps. If your LG fridge freezer is turning on, then start with step 1 first.

If you do all of the steps and your LG fridge freezer is still not cooling then have a repair technician fix it for you. As this indicates there’s an electrical or mechanical issue with one of the internal components. That requires special tools, and expertise.

As a general rule, first ensure that it’s getting power by testing the wall outlet with another device. Then check that the temperature is on the right setting and adjust as necessary using the control panel. Once that’s done there’s a few other steps to perform.

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