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Troubleshoot Kenmore Dishwasher Noise Problem (What To Do)

Generally, dishwashers, including Kenmore dishwashers, tend to produce gentle humming sounds as their motors rotate.  The hissing or sloshing sounds from the water inlets and jets are also nothing to worry about.  However, sometimes these devices can produce more noise beyond the ordinary to communicate a problem that needs to be resolved in the washer.

A Kenmore dishwasher may make a loud noise when there is a loose spray arm. If the arm is hitting against the dishwasher racks or dishes, it will make repetitive noise during operation. Make sure the spray arm is securely attached and that dishes are loaded correctly, so they don’t interfere with the arm’s rotation. If the spray arm is damaged, it should be replaced.

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If the dishwasher is still noisy, a failing motor bearing might be the cause. A bearing allows the motor to run smoothly, and when it wears out, it can produce a grinding or squealing noise. In this case, the motor, or at least the bearing, will likely need to be replaced by a qualified technician.

Below is a breakdown of various types of unusual noise you may experience in your Kenmore dishwasher and how to troubleshoot them.

Kenmore Dishwasher Grinding Noise When Draining

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Are you experiencing a grinding noise in your Kenmore dishwasher when it is draining?

A Kenmore dishwasher makes a grinding noise when draining if a solid substance like a piece of bone, glass, or broken dish is stuck in its chopper blade.  The dishwasher may also make a grinding noise if the chopper blade is damaged. You should remove any stuck debris and replace the chopper blade.

Typically, the chopper blade reduces any solid particles and lingering debris from your crockery into small, easy-to-drain particles to avoid clogged pipes. However, the chopper is only effective in shredding soft particles and may release a grinding sound as it attempts to break the hard particles. 

It is located outside the drain pump, meaning you must remove the drain pump housing and the impeller to access it.


A blinking light on a Kenmore dishwasher could indicate that the door is not fully shut, which interrupts the cycle. Ensure the door is firmly closed and latched; if the light continues to blink, inspect the door latch for debris or damage. Cleaning or repairing the latch will allow the dishwasher to function properly.

Kenmore Dishwasher Loud Grinding Noise?

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The Kenmore dishwashers are usually silent when new. However, as they age,  they may start producing loud grinding noise, which may be far from normal hisses and buzzes. 

Your Kenmore dishwasher will produce a loud grinding sound if there is a problem in one or more moving parts, including the circulation pump, drain pump, impeller, and drain valve solenoid. Also,  the dishwasher grinding sound may result from a stuck rating arm or poorly arranged dishes.

Below is a brief explanation of how each of the above culprits may cause a grinding sound.

The circulating arm is the leading cause of loud grinding noise if some of its bearings are broken. The water inlet valve may cause a grinding noise if its diaphragm interacts with the incoming water due to deformity.

The drain pump, as mentioned earlier, may produce a grinding sound if jammed with hard debris like bones and other hard food materials.

The drain/wash impeller may produce a grinding noise if it has a broken fin or has dislodged from its attachment.

Poor leveling or loading of the dishes may cause them to rattle against each other, making a grinding noise.

To rule out the problem, open the device to ensure that the dishes are well arranged. Also, check the dishwasher to ensure it stands on level ground.

If that doesn’t help, empty the washer and search every nook to confirm if something is stuck on the rotating arm.

Inspect the circulating arm for broken bearings and whether the impeller is intact and in the correct position. Remember to inspect the water inlet valve solenoid and the drains too.

Be sure to empty-run the dishwasher after every troubleshooting step.

Once you have narrowed down the cause of the grinding sound, note down the model numbers for any defective parts. Use the model numbers to order replacement parts from any reputable physical store in your locality or online and then replace the parts.

Kenmore Dishwasher Crackling Noise

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Are you wondering why your Kenmore dishwasher is making a crackling noise?

A Kenmore dishwasher crackling noise will happen if a solid material has jammed its drain pump, its motor is faulty, something is blocking the chopper blade, the lifter is broken, or the washer is aged.

Below is a brief description of how the above components will likely cause the crackling noise.

Blocked pump: The drain pump may accumulate solid debris like pieces of glass, broken dishes, bones, etc. if you go for a long time without cleaning the washer. This washer may crackle as the protruding debris contacts other parts of the washer during the wash cycle.

To clear the problem, remove the filter screen and the spray area to access the pump and remove any accumulated debris.

Faulty motor: If your washer produces a crackling sound even after cleaning the pump, its motor might be defective. Remove the motor and use a multimeter to test its continuity. Replace it using the exact model or find a professional to help.

Blocked chopper blade: The rotating arm/the blade will crackle if something like a spoon or other utensil extends way below any of the racks, preventing its free rotation. You can avoid this by ensuring nothing goes below the racks when loading the washer.

Finally, like any other old machine, the Kenmore dishwasher will typically become noisy if its service life becomes due. At this stage, replacing the old parts may only offer a temporary solution to the crackling noise, and trips to the repair expert can end up being expensive. In this case, the best you can do is to replace the old washer.

Kenmore Dishwasher Noise During Wash Cycle

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Another cause of alarm in your Kenmore washer is loud noise during the wash cycle. 

If your Kenmore washer only makes noise during the wash cycle, it might indicate a problem with the re-circulation pumps or the pump motor. The noise might result from a build-up of broken glass shards around it or the accumulation of crockery chips and other debris around the pump impeller.

To solve the problem, clean the pump and its impeller off any debris and try to empty run the washer. If the rattling and squeaky sounds are still there, then the pump motor might be broken, and it’s time to replace the pump.

Kenmore Dishwasher Circulation Pump Noise 

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Are you worried now that your Kenmore dishwasher circulation pump is making droning and squealing sounds during the wash cycle?

The Kenmore dishwasher circulation pump noise results from broken bearings. Typically,  the washer’s circulation pump features bearings,  which support the rotor to facilitate its smooth rotation. These bearings may hamper the smooth rotation and make a squealing sound when broken.

To solve the problem,  you must replace the entire circulation motor since you can’t replace the bearings alone.

Kenmore Dishwasher High-Pitched Noise

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Various reasons explain why your Kenmore washer may make a high-pitched sound.

A Kenmore dishwasher high pitched sound may come from broken bearings in the circulation pump. In addition, the washer can make high-pitched buzzing and squealing sounds due to a problem with the water inlet valves. The sounds may also result from high pressure built up in the inlet pipes. 

To resolve the problem, inspect the water inlet valves to replace them if defective. If the valves have nothing to do with high-pitched sounds, the problem might emanate from the circulation pump. Replace the pump if it has any broken bearings.

Kenmore Dishwasher Rattling Noise

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You are using your Kenmore dishwasher for the first time, and you hear a rattling sound immediately after starting the wash cycle.  You don’t need to panic.

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The Kenmore dishwasher rattling noise might result if you load the washer poorly. Poor loading, in this case, might imply that you have arranged the utensils inside the washer poorly, causing them to hit each other during the wash cycle, or that you have placed the washer on uneven ground. 

You must open the washer to arrange the utensils well or place it on level ground to end the problem.

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