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Vizio TV Remote Not Working (Unresponsive/Won’t Control Volume)

When it comes to being able to control your Vizio TV with ease, one of the most important aspects is having an operating remote control. When this particular tool stops working, there can be real problems. Therefore, what do you do if your Vizio TV is malfunctioning?

If your Vizio TV remote is not working, is unresponsive, or will not control the volume, try replacing the batteries, remove any obstructions that may be blocking the TV, power cycle the remote, unjam any stuck buttons, sync the remote to the power bar, or power cycle the TV.

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By being in the twenty-first century, TV owners are able to control their TVs right from the comfort of their favorite couch or chair. Gone are the days of having to get up and change the channel or turn the volume manually because Vizio TV owners are now able to do it all with their remote control. If you own a Vizio TV and all of a sudden notice that the remote is no longer working, is unresponsive, or is incapable of controlling the volume, take a look below for a fix.

Vizio TV Remote Will Not Work

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When it comes to remote control issues for Vizio TVs, there are many times, very specific problems that users experience. However, if you are someone who has just discovered that your remote control is no longer working, you may be looking for a more general solution rather than one that is so specific. If this is the case for you, read below to see what to do when you notice your remote will suddenly not work.

If your Vizio TV remote will not work, you want to first check your batteries. This may seem like an obvious solution, but oftentimes, either the batteries are dead or they are of poor quality. Be sure to replace the batteries of the remote with high-quality batteries to ensure optimal operation.

Vizio TV Remote Not Responsive

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If you have just replaced your Vizio remote control with high-quality batteries and know that power is not the issue, you may be wondering why it is that your remote is not responsive. Often, when a remote is not responsive, Vizio owners will be able to turn on their TVs, but other than this function, they will have no control. If you notice that your remote control is only performing some functions, but is generally unresponsive, read below for the solution.

If your Vizio TV remote is not responsive, one of the most common fixes is to check for anything that may be obstructing the TV. At the bottom right corner of most Vizio TVs is a remote sensor that will block the function of the remote if obstructed. Remove any items then see if your remote works.

Vizio TV Remote Not Working Properly

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It may be that your Vizio remote control is not working at all, is not responsive, or that it is not working properly as it once did before. Regardless, if you find that there is an issue with your remote, there is certainly a need for a solution. If you notice that your remote is not working properly and you have tried replacing the batteries as well as removing any obstructing objects in front of the TV, try the solution below.

If your Vizio TV remote is not working properly, your remote may need to be power cycled. To do this, remove the batteries from the remote then press every button on the remote once. Place the batteries back into the remote and then check to see if it is working properly again.

Vizio TV Remote Won’t Control Volume

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When it comes to your overall experience when using a Vizio TV, the picture is of course a high priority, but just as important is the volume. By being able to control the volume on the TV, you are better able to control your environment when music is all you need, when action movies are playing, or when you are trying to keep things quieter while others are present in the room. What do you do when your Vizio TV remote won’t control the volume?

The issue of the “Vizio TV remote volume not working” could be due to obstructed or dirty IR sensors. To resolve this, first, check that nothing is blocking the IR sensor on the TV. Then, clean the IR sensor on the remote and the TV gently using a soft cloth to remove any dust or grime. If the problem persists, try resetting the remote or replacing its batteries.

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Another possibility is that there might be a glitch in the TV’s software causing the volume control to malfunction. This can happen due to bugs or errors that develop over time. To fix this, you can try resetting the TV to its factory settings, which can help in resolving software-related issues. However, remember that a factory reset will erase your personalized settings, so be sure to back up any important data before proceeding. If the issue persists, updating the TV’s firmware to the latest version can potentially solve the problem by removing any bugs or glitches causing the malfunction.

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Vizio TV Remote Not Controlling Sound Bar

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Most Vizio TVs come with built-in speakers that can be used for the TV. However, some buyers find that they like the fuller sound effect that sound bars are able to give them, which TV speakers are not capable of. If you have a sound bar, you may expect for your remote control to be able to control the volume on that device as well, however, some owners have experienced unfortunate issues of the remote failing in this area.

If your Vizio TV remote is not controlling the sound bar, it may be that your remote has not been properly synced. To sync your Vizio remote control to the sound bar, press the ‘Input’ button on the remote for 3 seconds. Then, locate and select the soundbar on your Bluetooth device to pair.

Vizio TV Remote Sensor Not Working

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It was previously noted that on every Vizio TV, there is going to be a sensor (usually at the bottom right-hand corner) that will detect your remote control and allow for control of the TV via this device. If your Vizio TV remote sensor is not working, try replacing the batteries, removing obstructions from the TV, or power cycling the remote. If this does not cause the sensor to begin working again, try the solution below to get things back into working order.

If your Vizio TV remote sensor is not working, power cycling your TV may be helpful. To perform a power cycle, unplug the TV directly from the power outlet. You will then press and hold down the power button on the TV itself for a few seconds, wait one minute, then plug the TV back into the wall.

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