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What Can You Use To Cut Bluestone? (How To)

Bluestone is beautiful and it is used in many different areas in construction. If you want to use Bluestone in your home or place of business, what can be used to cut it?

Like any type of stone, Bluestone is best cut with a masonry blade using a wet saw. Doing so will cut through the stone cleanly but at the same time, it will keep dust to a minimum. Otherwise, you can also use a chisel and hammer.

Most people have seen Bluestone at some time in their life but they may not realize exactly what it is. It isn’t one particular type of stone, it is actually a number of building stone varieties.

Understanding more about Bluestone can help you to cut it successfully. It will also make a difference when it comes to how you use the product, as well as your appreciation for it.

What Can You Use To Cut Bluestone? (How To)

Even though Bluestone can be a number of different varieties of stone, there is something inside of it that is almost always there. It is also something that requires your attention, especially if you are cutting the stone using a power saw.

Inside of Bluestone are little pieces of silica. In fact, that material is going to make up the vast majority of the stone you are cutting. Why is this important to know?

Silica is something that you never want to get in your lungs. You want to protect your respiratory system because one silica gets in, it never comes out.

In addition, silica can lead to a condition known as silicosis. That deadly disease has no cure. Other issues are also associated with silica exposure, including cancer, COPD, and kidney disease.

Obviously, one important factor for keeping safe while cutting Bluestone is to wear a disposable respirator, such as an N95. You also need to protect your other senses, including your hearing and your eyes.

Wearing safety glasses or a face shield over safety glasses is another important factor. You should also wear hearing protection when you are cutting Bluestone.

In this article, we are going to consider some of the different methods used for cutting the stone. We will also look at an option or two that should not be used.

Can You Use Circular Saw To Cut Bluestone?

Tools to cut bluestone

Most people have access to a circular saw but is this a choice that should be considered for cutting Bluestone?

If you use a masonry blade, you can cut Bluestone using a circular saw. It will cut through the stone but it will also create a large amount of deadly dust in the process. Circular saws can be used for this purpose but it is much better to use a wet saw.

In some cases, it may be possible to transform a standard circular saw into a wet saw. Adding water to the process provides many benefits, including keeping the blade and the stone cool while you are cutting.

Of course, keeping the dust to a minimum is also important and water provides that benefit.

Can You Use a Chisel To Cut Bluestone?

Tools to cut bluestone

A chisel has been used for thousands of years to cut stone and other products. Is it still something you should use for cutting Bluestone?

It is possible to use a cold chisel and hammer to cut Bluestone. This will create a scored line that essentially is making a weak point in the stone where it can be snapped.

If you plan on using a hammer and chisel to cut Bluestone, it’s important to practice. With the right method and a steady hand, you can cut the stone very accurately but with a single mistake, you can ruin the piece.

Along with cutting Bluestone cleanly using a hammer and chisel, you could also use a nosing chisel. A wet saw can be used to cut the stone but if you want a chiseled edge, a nosing chisel can be used for that purpose.

Can You Use Angle Grinder To Cut Bluestone?

Tools to cut bluestone

Angle grinders are very common and popular tools but are they the right choice for cutting Bluestone?

An angle grinder can cut through Bluestone easily when you use the proper masonry blade. It can be guided to make a very accurate cut and can reach into areas that may be otherwise difficult to reach. At the same time, you need to be cautious because using an angle grinder to cut Bluestone will create a lot of dust.

If you must use an angle grinder, protect your lungs by wearing a disposable respirator. You may find that it is one of the more convenient options because you can control the cut to a large extent when using such a tool.

Can You Use Diamond Blade To Cut Bluestone?

Tools to cut bluestone

There are many different blades available for use on a circular saw or a wet saw. When cutting Bluestone, is a diamond blade the right choice?

You have to use a diamond blade when cutting Bluestone because it is a very hard type of material. The diamond blade will cut through the stone cleanly. If using a wet saw, the diamond blade will work well and the water will help to keep it cool.

As is the case with any type of product, there are going to be good options and bad options. You need to choose the best option when it comes to cutting Bluestone.

Can You Use Wet Saw To Cut Bluestone?

Tools to cut bluestone

Is a wet saw the best choice for cutting Bluestone?

You will not have a better option available than using a wet saw for cutting Bluestone. Use a diamond-encrusted blade for this purpose and the saw will cut through the stone cleanly. It is a choice that is far superior to using a standard circular saw.

The wet saw is the best choice, not only because of the water but because of the style of saw you are using. It is similar to a table saw, so it provides a sturdy surface where the tile can be cut.

It is really the water that makes a difference in the quality of the cut you are making. A circular saw or angle grinder will get the job done, but a wet saw is clearly a better choice for this purpose.

A wet saw is essentially the same tool as a title saw, so either can be used for cutting Bluestone.

How To Cut Bluestone Properly

Confused man standing

It is important to make the best choices when cutting Bluestone. You want the job to go well and for every cut to count.

In the following process, you will know exactly how to cut Bluestone so that you will be happy with the end result. It’s more than simply a matter of measuring, marking, and cutting. It’s the entire process that makes it what it is. Here are the steps you should use:

1. Stable Surface – One of the more important factors for successfully cutting Bluestone is to have a stable surface where you will do so. This could be a portable bench or perhaps a piece of plywood on a set of sawhorses.

Having a stable surface means that you will be able to cut the stone safely. It will also allow you to be more accurate in your cutting, which is important for taking care of such a beautiful piece of material.

2. Tool Selection – Choosing the proper tool has been the subject of this entire article. When you get right down to it, the best choice you have available is to use a wet saw with a diamond-encrusted blade.

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The wet saw puts water on the material as it is cutting. This helps to keep the material and the saw blade cool, resulting in longer blade life and a more accurate cut. At the same time, the diamond-encrusted blade is what will actually cut the material, and it will last a lot longer than other types of blades.

3. Measure – The last thing you want to do is to ruin a piece of Bluestone because you cut it in the wrong area. Measure the area where the Bluestone goes and then measure the Bluestone at least twice. You really can’t overdo this process.

It is best if you mark the Bluestone and take the line as you are cutting. This is good for extremely accurate cutting, something that is often necessary for finished construction projects. It may not make as much of a difference if you are cutting Bluestone for field tiles on a patio.

3. Make the Cut – If you are cutting a thin piece of Bluestone, you can generally use the wet saw to cut directly through it in one pass. For thicker pieces of Bluestone, you should set the blade so that you are only cutting about 1/4-1/2 inch of material at a time.

It may take a few cuts before you are completely through the stone, but doing it in this way provides greater benefits.

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You can use any saw used for cutting stone to cut Bluestone. The best choice is a wet saw equipped with a diamond blade. Otherwise, a circular saw or even an angle grinder can be used with the proper blade choice.

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