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What Can You Use To Cut Tile Sheet? (How To)

Tile sheets are a very convenient option that is used in many areas of the home, such as on backsplashes and even on bathroom walls. If you have to cut a tile sheet, what is the best way to do it?

The easiest way to cut a tile sheet is with a wet saw. Since the tiles are put together on a mesh pad, you can simply push them through and cut the individual pieces as you get to them. Make sure that you are using a diamond saw blade for this purpose.

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As you will see in this article, there are numerous ways that you can cut a tile sheet. Some of them are going to be more convenient than others and it really depends upon the type of project you are doing.

For example, there may be times when you only need to cut some of the tiles in the sheet. This is not difficult to do, it just requires that you use the proper tools and methods of doing so. We will cover that later in this article.

What Can You Use To Cut Tile Sheet? (How To)

In many ways, cutting a tile sheet is very similar to cutting a solid piece of tile. You will use similar tools to do the job but the method may be somewhat different, depending on why you are cutting the tile and where you are cutting it.

Perhaps one of the most important things to keep in mind is that you are cutting something that could easily get ruined if it is not done properly. Using the proper tool is always going to be of benefit and taking your time and allowing the tool to do the majority of the work is something that should never be forgotten. You can’t rush cutting tile.

Before we begin to discuss some of the specific methods and tools that are used for cutting tile sheets, let’s consider some of the safety involved in doing so.

Obviously, you would want to wear the appropriate PPE when doing this DIY project. Since you are cutting tile, the real possibility of getting something in your eye exists so at a bare minimum, wear safety glasses. You can always move up to a face shield if desired.

Gloves are always of benefit when doing any DIY project, provided you are not doing something that the glove could get caught in. Wear gloves that are well-fitting to provide you with enough dexterity to get the job done.

Finally, if you are cutting tile, you would want to protect your respiratory system. If you are using a wet saw or some other means of cutting it that doesn’t make dust, it’s not as important but if there is tile dust in the air, you should wear an N95.

At this point, we will consider some of the different tools that can be used for cutting tile sheets and how to use them.

Can You Use a Wet Saw To Cut Tile Sheet?

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If you have a wet saw available, is it the best choice for cutting a tile sheet?

If you are cutting straight through a tile sheet from one side to another then using a wet saw is the appropriate choice. It cuts cleanly and easily while at the same time, not generating a lot of dangerous dust.

You can also use a wet saw if you only need to cut some of the pieces on the tile sheet. This would require that you either pull them off of the sheet (they are stuck on with glue) or that you cut the mesh and fit them in place later.

Can You Use a Bandsaw To Cut Tile Sheet?

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A bandsaw may be a very convenient tool for cutting wood but can it be used for cutting a tile sheet?

Unless you equip a bandsaw with the appropriate diamond blade, you should not use it for cutting tile sheets. It will quickly ruin any blade that is typically used on a bandsaw and it is going to generate a lot of dust if you do manage to get it working. Use a wet saw instead.

Can You Use a Variable Speed Grinder To Cut Tile Sheet?

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There are times when you may need to cut a tile sheet in place. Should you use a variable speed grinder to do so?

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A variable-speed grinder equipped with a diamond-encrusted blade is an excellent tool for cutting tile sheets. You can use it for cutting the sheet for installation if desired but it is much better suited for cutting the sheet once it is in place.

Typically, a variable speed grinder will be used if you need to cut an area in the tile sheet for a pipe to pass through or something similar, such as a receptacle.

Using a variable-speed grinder will create a lot of dust so if you do use it, wear a respirator.

Can You Use a Hacksaw To Cut a Tile Sheet?

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A hacksaw is often used for cutting metal. Can it also be used to cut a tile sheet?

If you equip a hacksaw with a carbide bit blade then you may be able to cut ceramic tiles with it. It is not going to be the easiest tool for the job but it can create a smooth edge. You will still need to finish the edge off with some sandpaper.

Can You Use a Jigsaw To Cut Tile Sheet?

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Can you cut a title sheet with a jigsaw? Is there a need to do so?

Although a jigsaw can be used for cutting tile if it has the right type of blade, it is not the best option for cutting a tile sheet. Typically, tile sheets are either cut with a wet saw or a manual tile cutter. A jigsaw would be too cumbersome to get the job done.

Can You Use a Tile Cutter To Cut Tile Sheet?

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If you have a tile cutter or if you have rented one, is it a good tool for using with a tile sheet?

A tile cutter can be used for cutting a tile sheet but it takes a little practice to get the job done right. Generally speaking, a tile cutter cuts individual tiles so mosaic tiles will be a little more difficult to cut but if you have a steady hand, it does a great job.

A tile cutter can sometimes be used to cut the individual tiles from the tile sheet in half. You can remove them from the sheet by either peeling them off or by cutting the mesh behind the tiles.

Once you do so, you can then place the tile on the manual tile cutter and score along the line. Put some carpenter pencils on either side of the tile when you break it along the scored line to protect the tile since it is small.

How To Cut Tile Sheet

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When you have to cut some tile sheets, you want to do the job right. We will consider the most popular method for getting the job done in this section.

Step 1: Prepare Your Work Area – It really can’t be overstressed that you should prepare an area for cutting tile sheets before you begin working. This would include any cleanup that is necessary to ensure that the job is done right.

Step 2: Tool Choice – If you are going to be cutting multiple tile sheets, the best tool available is to use a wet saw. It cuts through the tile without creating a lot of dust and leaves behind a clean edge that is already usable.

You could also use a manual tile cutter or even a rotary tool for cutting the tiles individually. If you’re going to be cutting the entire sheet, however, a wet saw is the best choice available.

Step 3: Mark the Tiles – Each individual tile that needs to be cut should be marked. If you are cutting the sheet along one edge, you should mark the tiles using a straight edge. A marker is a good choice because it will wear off as you make the cut with the wet saw.

Step 4: Start the Saw – Rather than pushing the tile sheet directly into the saw, make sure that it is up to speed and running with the water flowing before you begin the cut.

Step 5: Cut Slowly – Don’t try to force the tile sheet through the saw blade. Make sure that you cut slowly and allow the saw to do the majority of the work.

Step 6: Finish Slowly – The most damaging part of the cut is when you break through the second side of the tile. Since you are cutting a tile sheet, this will happen multiple times in a single cut. Allow the saw blade to cut through the tile and don’t try to push it at the end or you could break it.

Fortunately, if you do damage any of the individual tiles, they are very easy to pull off of other sheets so you don’t ruin a complete tile sheet. You can put them in place with a little glue or simply insert them in the area once you have the mastic on.

The best tool for cutting tile sheets is a wet saw. It cuts through the tiles easily, leaving a clean edge and it doesn’t generate a lot of dust in the process. A manual tile cutter can also be used for both the full title sheet and the individual tiles.

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