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Why Is the Light on My Ring Doorbell Not On?

The Ring doorbell comes with a host of impressive features, such as advanced motion detection and lifetime theft protection. However, problems can come up if the device doesn’t receive sufficient power.

If the light on your Ring doorbell is not on, it could be due to a power issue. The most common cause is an insufficient power supply from the doorbell’s battery or wiring. To resolve this, first check if the battery needs recharging or replacing. If your Ring doorbell is wired, ensure that the connections are secure and the transformer delivers adequate voltage. Addressing the power supply should restore the light functionality.

A firmware issue can also lead to the light on your Ring doorbell not working. Outdated or corrupted firmware may disrupt normal operations. The solution is to update the doorbell’s firmware. You can do this through the Ring app on your smartphone. Navigate to the device settings, and look for an option to check for firmware updates. An up-to-date firmware can often resolve the light issue and improve overall performance.

You can fix power issues by bypassing your internal doorbell, replacing your old transformer, and using a plug-in adapter. Read on to learn about these solutions and how to install your Ring doorbell in the Ring app.

Resolve Your Power Issue by Bypassing Your Internal Doorbell

Resolve Your Power Issue by Bypassing Your Internal Doorbell

Consider bypassing your internal doorbell if the transformer supplies sufficient power, but your ring doorbell is not working as it should. 

Here is how you can perform this task:

  1. Switch off the power at the circuit breaker.
  2. Remove the doorbell’s cover.
  3. With the help of a screwdriver, remove the trans and front terminal screws.
  4. Detach the old Pro Power Kit and wire harness.
  5. Expose the Bypass Mode wire terminals by taking off the decal from your new kit.
  6. Remove the wires from the internal doorbell and make the ends straight.
  7. Put these wires into the Bypass Mode holes on the new Power Kit. The wires should lock into the holes.
  8. Put the cover back on your doorbell.
  9. Switch on the power at the breaker.
  10. Choose your device in the Ring mobile app and set Doorbell Type to “None” by tapping the settings icon.

Resolve Your Power Issue by Replacing Your Old Transformer

Resolve Your Power Issue by Replacing Your Old Transformer

Replace your transformer if your power issues are not resolved by the bypass method. The company recommends purchasing a transformer with 30 volt-amps and 16 volts AC. But you should avoid purchasing a garden-lighting or a halogen transformer. Also, you should not use a DC transformer/power supply.

Cautionary Notes

There are a few things you should know before installing the new transformer:

  • There is a risk of electrical shock. You should take precautions when working with electricity. Call an electrician if you don’t want to install the transformer yourself. 
  • Make sure you do not damage the walls of your house while installing or removing the transformer. 
  • Ensure you do not take out other electrical components when removing the transformer.
  • Before setting up the new transformer, keep in mind to shut off your power at the breaker. Also, use extreme caution while working with electrical wires.

Transformer Installation:

  • Find your current doorbell transformer. You can find the transformer behind the doorbell chime. Apart from this, you can also find it mounted in a crawlspace or basement.
  • Take out your old doorbell transformer. Remove the three wires that connect the doorbell transformer to your home’s electrical system.
  • Detach the two wires connected to the screw terminals.
  • Keep in mind the location of wires as you disconnect them. You can also take photos of your current install for later reference.
  • Take out the transformer once all of the wires are disconnected.
  • Now, mount the new transformer in place of the old doorbell transformer. 
  • Connect the wires. Use wire nuts to attach your home’s electrical wires to the matching wires on the new device.
  • Attach your current doorbell wires to the screw terminals.
  • Turn on the circuit breaker. 
  • Set up your Ring doorbell in the Ring app (we have discussed this below in detail). 
  • Tap your device in the Ring app and then tap Device Health. Observe the voltage reading. You’re ready to go if the voltage reading shows “Good.”

Setting Up Your Device in the Ring App

Setting Up Your Device in the Ring App

Here is how to set up your Ring doorbell in the Ring app:

Download the App and Create Your Account

Download the Ring app on your mobile device by going to the Play Store or the App Store. Set up your account by following the in-app instructions. If you already have an account, just open the app. Hit “Set Up a Device” and choose “Doorbells”.

Scan the MAC ID Barcode or QR Code on Your Doorbell

Direct your phone’s camera at the MAC ID barcode or QR code on your Ring device. A green line or a green square will come up once the code is identified, and the setup will move to the next step.

You need to enter your location into the app and confirm it. It’s important to know that some features will not function without a specific location, such as light and motion scheduling.

Name Your Doorbell  

To differentiate your doorbell from other devices on your account, you need to choose a specific name for your device. You can either select a suggested default name or enter the name of your choice by choosing “Custom.”

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Follow the Installation Steps in the App

To physically install your Ring device, follow the directions in the Ring app. Hit “I’ve Already Installed It” if you have already finished these steps.

Choose “digital” if you have an internal digital doorbell, or “mechanical” if you have an internal mechanical doorbell. However, if you are setting up your Ring device without an internal doorbell, choose “None.”

Put Your Device Into Setup Mode

Push and release the button on the side of your Ring device. When the front light of your device spins, tap the “Continue” button in your app. Your Ring device will automatically enter the setup mode if you are setting up your doorbell for the first time. 

Connect to Your Doorbell

Android: Android devices connect automatically to the Ring wifi network.

iOS: Join the Ring wifi network by tapping “Join” in the app.

Connect Your Ring Device to Your Wifi

Choose your wifi network. Enter the password and hit “Continue.” It’s important to note that your device may update its software after connecting to the wifi network. The front light of your doorbell will flash white while doing the update. The update is finished once the light ceases to flash. Now you can continue the setup.  

Test Your Doorbell

You need to test your Ring device once its setup and update are complete. Press the front button to finish a test call. This will ensure your Ring device is all set to work.

Resolve Your Power Issues by Using a Plug-in Adapter

Resolve Your Power Issues by Using a Plug-in Adapter

You can use a plug-in adapter to resolve your power issues if your current system is not functioning.

Here is how you can install your Plug-in Adapter:

  1. Choose an electrical outlet near your door where you want to place your ring device.
  2. Run the cable down from the electrical outlet to your molding and then select a route to your ring device.
  3. Use cable clips to secure the cable to your wall. If you want, you can run the cable through your window, door, or walls. Most importantly, take care not to damage electrical wiring when drilling through walls.
  4. Connect the wires to the terminals on the back of your ring device.
  5. Install your device and set it up in the Ring app. 
  6. Now plug in your power adapter.
  7. The doorbell’s front light will light up, indicating that the device is powered properly.

Other Power Issues

Other problems that you may experience if your doorbell isn’t receiving enough power are:

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  • Wifi connection issues
  • Night vision is stuck
  • Internal doorbell not ringing properly 
  • Ring Pro works only for some events
  • Constant shutting off
  • Live event not working 

Final Thoughts

Your Ring doorbell may not function if it isn’t getting enough power. You can solve power issues with your Ring doorbell by upgrading your transformer, bypassing your device, and installing a plug-in adapter. Also, you need to be extra careful while working with electrical equipment or wires. We hope that the aforementioned solutions will help you correct power issues with your Ring doorbell.

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