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Why Kindle Stuck/Frozen on Charging Screen (How to Fix)

The Kindle is an amazing device that brings all your favorite books with you no matter where you go. Despite being so fantastic, this device does have its faults, as does anything man-made, and sometimes you’ll face difficulties with the Kindle being frozen on the charging screen.

There are five main reasons why your Kindle will be stuck on the charging screen, and they’re fixable. You’ll have to factory reset the device if charging it doesn’t solve the problem. You may also have to update the firmware.

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Your Kindle may not be broken, and something as simple as a quick reset could sort everything out. However, in some cases, it might be necessary to completely reset the device.

5 Reasons Why Kindle Stuck or Frozen on Charging/Battery Screen

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Using a Kindle is convenient and easy unless something goes wrong. Getting stuck on the charging or battery screen can be quite frustrating because this means you can’t use the device as intended. 

There are five reasons why your Kindle can get stuck on the battery or charging screen and refuse to respond. A battery error or memory problems could be what’s causing the issue, and this requires your attention.

Overworked Processor

Unfortunately, Kindles don’t come with impressive processing power (they don’t need all that much to allow you to read books). That means they can overload quite easily, and that typically happens when you’ve been using the browser to visit websites.

Memory Problems

Because Kindle devices don’t have a lot of memory, they can easily freeze if they’re expected to load too much data. Again, this is a problem that mostly occurs when you’ve been visiting websites.

Low Battery

This may sound like a reason that should not have to be explained, but a low battery can cause your Kindle to freeze on the charging screen. This is because the power that goes to the device’s processor has been reduced greatly because there is no battery power.

Outdated Firmware

You should update your Kindle regularly, and if you don’t, it could freeze because outdated firmware causes problems for the device. It could be that the features you’re using are not supported like they should be because there have been no updates to how they operate.

Battery Error

In rare cases, there could be an error with the battery of your Kindle. This can happen when your battery isn’t completely empty but the device detects a problem with the charging parameters or battery connection.

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How to Fix Kindle Stuck on Charging Screen

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Now that you know the main reasons why your Kindle is stuck on the charging screen, you can proceed to sort out the problem and get back to using your device as normal.

To fix your Kindle being stuck on the charging screen, you may only have to restart or charge it. In some cases, it may be necessary to update the firmware or do a more serious factory reset to get it back in working order.

There are four solutions to choose from, and you should try them all until you find the one that works for your Kindle. If none of these fixes work, you may have to contact Amazon and ask for expert help or a replacement for your device.

Restart the Kindle

The simplest solution you can try out is simply turning it off and on again. This fix doesn’t require a lot of steps and will be the fastest option unless there’s something more serious wrong.

Give your Kindle a few minutes to ‘unwind and relax’ before you turn it on again. Letting the device reset properly can sort out short-term issues that cause it to get stuck on the charging screen. (There is a reason why IT folks always ask whether you’ve tried turning a device off and on again-it works!)

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If you’re in a hurry and can’t wait a few minutes, you can simply choose to restart rather than turn the device off and on. Press and hold the power button and when the screen flashes, release the button again.

Charge Your Device

It may happen that your Kindle is frozen and it won’t restart when you hold the power button off. If you find that the device refuses to restart even after you’ve held the power button for 40 seconds or more, you may have to leave it alone on the charger for a while.

Give your Kindle several hours to charge and then try using it again. Should it still be frozen, you have to leave it connected to its charger and hold the power button again. 

After about 40 seconds, the screen should flash, and the device should now restart as it would normally, returning to its previous state so you can use it again.

Update Firmware

If you find that your Kindle is often freezing and that the previous two fixes don’t make a difference, it is likely that you have outdated firmware on your device. You will have to restart your Kindle and update all the firmware.

You will have to head over to the Amazon Kindle software update page for this fix. You can do this on your PC or laptop. Once there, you have to download the latest software update and use a USB cable to drag the update file over to your Kindle.

Once the file is on the device, go to the Menu, head to Settings, and choose to update your Kindle.

Factory Reset 

If nothing seems to work and your Kindle continues to freeze on the charging screen, you may have to take a more drastic approach. You will have to perform a factory reset. This will erase all the data from your Kindle and you will have to download all your favorite books again later.

You may not want to do this, but it could be the only option you have, apart from contacting Amazon for help or getting a new Kindle.

To factory reset your Kindle, go to Settings and choose Device Options. There, you need to choose Reset/Reset Device. Click on Yes when prompted and allow the device to reset.

This should sort out your problem, but if it doesn’t, you have no choice but to contact Amazon for assistance.

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