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Kindle Won’t Turn On Even When Plugged In (How To Fix)

Suppose you come home from your job, then pick up your Kindle to read your favorite ebook. But, unfortunately,  the device does not turn on even when connected to power. In that case, you may easily think that your device is dead. But is that always the case? 

Absolutely no. There are various reasons why your Kindle won’t turn on even when plugged in. This guide will take you through various causes of the problem and their solutions.  Read on.

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Reasons Why Kindle Won’t Turn On Even When Plugged In

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You don’t have to throw away your Kindle simply because it’s not starting. The problem might emanate from a minor problem that needs a simple fix to revert the device to its operative condition.

Your Kindle not turning on even when plugged in might be due to a problem in the Kindle’s battery,  hardware, software, charger, a power outlet, motherboard, or unresponsive Kindle devices. Below is a detailed discussion of such causes and how to fix them.

Critically Low Battery

A critically low battery is one of the leading reasons your Kindle may not turn on. The problem is likely to occur if you store the kindle for a long time without charging it. 

Unlike smartphones,  the Kindle doesn’t go off when the battery is low. Instead, it switches from screen-saver mode to a screen that reads critically low.

If you are using the older Kindle models, you can ascertain this error by the display of a ‘critically low battery’ message on the screen. On the other hand, the newer Kindle models would display a battery icon with a charger and lightning bolt icons beneath it.

You can solve this problem by connecting the Kindle to power using the recommended charger. However, sometimes plugging the kindle to power won’t revert it to its normal functionality. In that case,  you may need to reboot the device to unlock its screen.

Problems In The Charging Parameters

Another reason your Kindle won’t turn on is a  problem with its charging parameters.  For instance, the Kindle battery might be poorly connected to the motherboard, or the Kindle’s charging port might be defective.

If any charging parameters are problematic, the Kindle screen may remain stuck on the battery icon with an exclamation mark. 

Note: The battery icon with an exclamation mark may always appear when there is a problem with the charging system, regardless of the battery charge. This means the sign can arise even when the battery is fully charged.

The Kindle Battery Is Not Charging

Your Kindle won’t turn on if it’s not charging, and you don’t realize the problem until the battery drains completely. The charging problem may emanate from a dead battery, dead adapter, broken cable, or a problem with the power outlet. 

You can suspect a dead battery if the orange charging indicator repeatedly flashes instead of producing a steady orange light.

When troubleshooting, start with the external hardware, like the charging adapter, cable, etc., before interfering with the battery. We shall explain this in another section. 

Hardware Problems

Besides the battery and other components in the charging system, the Kindle comprises features like the screen, controller board, etc., which are connected to make the unit. A  defect in any of these components may prevent the kindle from turning on. 

For instance,  a  defective control board may not respond to the start instructions from the power button, meaning that the kindle won’t start. On the same note, the device won’t start if the cable connecting the screen to the motherboard is broken. Or if the battery terminals connecting the motherboard to the battery are damaged.

Careful inspection is needed to identify the culprit and solve the problem.

Software Problem

Did you know that your kindle can misbehave simply because you are using outdated software? If you haven’t updated your device software for quite some time, that may be why the device won’t turn on. Though the device is automated to update its software by default, it can only succeed if your connection to the internet is stable.

So, connecting to a stable internet connection is the number one solution to this problem. You’ll need to contact the Amazon support team for help if the device can’t update automatically.

How To Fix Kindle Not Turning On Even When Plugged In

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Now that you understand why your Kindle won’t turn on, the next step is to look at the various ways of dealing with these causes.

Below are tips on how to fix a Kindle not turning on even when plugged in.

How  To Fix A Critically Low Battery Problem

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If your Kindle displays critically low battery text or battery with a lightning bolt sign, it means that you failed to recharge your battery until it reached its lowest level. Plug in the Kindle and give it some time to charge before starting it again. That can take approximately one to two hours.

Note: A Kindle should produce a steady orange light when charging normally.

However, sometimes the Kindle will remain stuck with a low battery sign even after charging it. 

In that case,  you need to hard reset the Kindle to revert it to clear the critically low battery or the battery with exclamation mark signs.

To hard reset: 

  • Connect the Kindle to power. This should light a steady orange light to  show that the device is charging
  • Press and hold the power button until  you see the screen blink once
  • Next, press the power button to see if it turns on
  • If the critical low/ battery with exclamation doesn’t clear, allow the Kindle to charge for at least 30 minutes and then repeat steps 2 and 3 above 

That way, you will have reset your Kindle, and it will turn on.

How To Solve A Charging Problem

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What if your device isn’t turning on and it’s not charging? In that case,  the chances are high that one or more elements in the charging system are defective. 

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More specifically,  the problem might result from a dead battery, faulty charging port, faulty cable, broken adapter, or any other issue in the charging system.

Inspect the external charging elements, like the charger and the power outlet, before interfering with the Kindle’s internal components.

If none of the above is the problem, remove the battery and try charging it in another functional kindle. If it charges, the charging port in your kindle is defective and needs replacement.  Replace the battery if it doesn’t charge.

How  To Solve A  Hardware Problem

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A  Kindle with a hardware problem will charge most of the time but won’t turn on. Regarding hardware problems, we refer to components like the kindle screen,  battery, controller boards, etc., and their connections. 

Your Kindle is probably experiencing a hardware problem if it doesn’t turn on even after resetting it. You may need to disassemble the device to identify and replace the problematic components. If your warranty coverage is still valid,  then you can take the device to the manufacturer for repair.

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How  To Solve Software Problems

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If none of the above steps helps, then your machine is using outdated software. Contact the Amazon support team to see if there is something you can do to revive your device. Sometimes, buying a new Kindle is always the option.

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