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Apple TV Not Working On Sony TV (Won’t Turn On/Off TV)

Apple TV is a great device that allows you to stream some of your favorite movies and shows straight onto your TV and alongside a Sony TV is a great way to experience it. However, today’s technology can be frustrating because these pairings do not work well together sometimes. This article solves that problem.

When an Apple TV is not working on a Sony TV, often the issue lies with the HDMI connection. Ensure the HDMI cable is securely connected to both the Apple TV and the Sony TV. Sometimes, simply switching to a different HDMI port on the TV can resolve the issue.

Another common culprit could be the TV’s input settings. Like tuning to the right radio frequency to catch your favorite station, your Sony TV needs to be set to the correct HDMI input for the Apple TV signal to come through. Navigate through your TV’s input settings and select the HDMI port to which your Apple TV is connected. This small adjustment can sometimes be all that’s needed to bridge the communication gap between your Sony TV and Apple TV.

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Lastly, software compatibility issues can also prevent your Apple TV from working with your Sony TV. It’s akin to trying to fit a square peg into a round hole; if the software on either device is outdated, they may not work together seamlessly. Ensure both your Sony TV and Apple TV are updated to the latest firmware. An update can often fix compatibility issues, smoothing out any digital wrinkles that may be preventing your devices from communicating effectively.

We will look at the various factors concerning why your Apple TV will not connect, recognize or work at all with your Sony TV. We will also consider the Apple TV app and if it Works with Sony TVs and, if so, which TVs it works with. People get confused when differentiating the app and device, so we will clear that up and give you solutions and workarounds to any Sony TV problem you are having with your Apple TV device or app

Apple TV Not Working On Sony TV

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A Sony TV is phenomenal in terms of its quality and reliability. Not to mention that Sony has been developing audio and video equipment for many decades. In fact, Sony Group Corporation was founded all the way back in 1946, so it has been designing and manufacturing quality audio and video equipment for almost 100 years.

However, there are two instances where Sony TVs fall a bit shy of being a top-tier device, and this is with regards to the Apple TV device not working on some models and as well as the Apple TV app not working on various models. Some individuals do get confused by this, and it must be understood that these are two different circumstances; one regarding software and the other a physical device.

The foremost reason your Apple TV device will not work is that it is not connected correctly to your Sony TV via the HDMI port. The Apple TV device needs to “shake hands” with your Sony TV, and this can be seen by the Apple TV LED light shinning when it is working correctly. If the LED is grayed out, then the Apple TV is not connected to the TV via the HDMI port correctly.

To fix this, all you need to do is disconnect your Sony and Apple TV and then reconnect them via the HDMI port. Make sure you try as many HDMI ports as your TV supports because Apple actually recommends connecting the device to your second HDMI port. IF this does not work, you can use the optical cable to link the Apple TV to your Sony TV and then connect the Apple TV and Your TV to each other via your WIFI.

Apple TV App Not Working On Sony TV

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One of the most common factors that people do not realize is that even though Sony makes incredible TVs, only a couple of specific models support the Apple TV app. Namely Sony’s XBR X900H range of smart TVs.

If you do not have this model, then your sony TV will probably not support the Apple TV app, and you may find some TVs having a tough time connecting to the Apple TV device. However, one thing to note is that you may be in luck if your Sony Android TV and Apple device supports a feature called AirPlay 2 which we will discuss next.

How To Install Apple TV app Onto Various Sony Android TVs

Many individuals do not understand that Android does not support Apple and vice versa. Due to the fact that Sony Smart TVs are based on Android, most will not have the function of being able to support the Apple TV app, but there is a workaround with Airplay 2 if you own an Apple device.

If your Apple Device supports the feature of AirPlay 2, what you will need to do is first install the Apple TV app onto your Apple Device. You will be able to do this with most Apple devices, including an iPhone and iPad. Once the Apple TV app is installed, you will then use the feature of AirPlay 2, which enables you to display (mirror) the content from the Apple TV app that is being played on your Apple device to your TV screen.

Which Sony TVs Support the Apple TV app?

As we discussed above, Sony is based on Android and thus does not support the Apple TV app. However, a handful of Sony TV models allow you through a built-in app to install Apple AirPlay 2 and Apple HomeKit. These models include;

· XBR 800H series

· XBR 900H series

· XBR 950H series

· XBR A8H series

· XBR A9S series

· XBR Z8H series

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Furthermore, through a software update that is available for another handful of Sony TV models, you can install and run Appl AirPlay 2 and Apple Homekit. These models include;

· XBR A9F series

· XBR A9G series

· XBR X850G series

· XBR X950G series

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· XBR Z9F series

· XBR Z9G series

This means that all the models of TVs we have listed above, even though they are android TVs, will be able to support Apple TV in some way or another. This will allow you to watch Apple TV on your Sony TV, and thus you will not need to have multiple subscriptions to various streaming services.

Sony TV Not Recognizing Apple TV

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Some Sony TVs, as we discussed, have a difficult time recognizing the Apple TV device, and we went over what you can do if your Apple TV device is not working at all. The problem usually lies with a connection error do the HDMI cable or port.

If your Apple TV device is connecting to your TV but is not getting recognized, what you can do is reset your Apple Device. You will need to connect it to another TV or Monitor of sorts and then choose settings – general – reset – reset all settings. The next thing you can do is to factory reset your Sony TV to its original factory settings. You can find this in your settings menu on your TV.

Apple TV Not Connecting To Sony TV

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Connecting, recognizing, and not working is very ambiguous, and some would argue semantics. However, if your Apple TV is not connecting to your Sony TV, then the problem would lie in the fact that there is some connection problem regarding the cables or the connection points. This can either be the HDMI connection point or the optical connection point.

To fix this problem, make sure that all the cables are working correctly and that they are connected to the specific connection points correctly both for your Apple TV and then your Sony TV. If they are then, we recommend you reset both your Sony and Apple TV back to their factory defaults, which should solve the dilemma. .

Apple TV Won’t Turn Off Sony TV

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The Apple TV remote has a very cool feature that allows you to press and long hold the home button, and then you are able to select sleep all connected devices. This is a great feature and allows you with one remote to simultaneously switch off your Sony TV and Apple TV device.

Since the rollout of Android version 9, some Sony TVs have lost this functionality. This holds especially true for Sony Bravia TVs. Sony is aware of this problem and has been working to fix it; however, there is no solution as of yet. The only thing you can possibly do is rollback from Android version 9 to your previous version, and your Apple TV remote will then work as a universal remote.

Apple TV Won’t Turn On Sony TV

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We just saw that the Apple TV remote has a cool feature that allows you to simultaneously switch off all connected devices that are linked to your Apple TV device. This cool feature can also enable you to turn on your TV, essentially having the feature work in reverse.

Android version 9 has lost the ability to utilize this feature, and currently, there is no workaround, so some Sony TVs have lost this capability. What you will need to do if you would like this feature before Sony releases a fix is to roll back your Android version on your TV to a version that supports this feature.

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