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Dell Laptop Bluetooth not Working

We live in a world that is connected and Bluetooth is a big part of it. If you are having problems with the Bluetooth on your Dell laptop, there are things you can do to get it working again quickly and easily.

Turning Bluetooth off on your Dell laptop and then back on resets it and will get it working again. Go into your settings and devices and turn off Bluetooth. After a few moments, turn it back on. After it restarts, it will enter pairing mode and should start working automatically.

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Like any piece of technology, your Dell laptop may experience some problems from time to time. Some of the issues that lead to a laptop Bluetooth not working are easy to fix but others may be more complicated.

Sometimes you may need to try a number of different options before you find one that works well. The following are some to consider.

Dell Laptop Bluetooth not Working

Try some of the following options when Bluetooth is not working properly. You may find that one works in one instance but if it stops working again, it may be another issue.

Limited Range – There is a fairly limited range for Bluetooth. Typically, you will have to be within 30 feet of the Bluetooth device for it to work.

Move the devices close to each other, perhaps a few feet apart, and pair them. Make sure that you don’t move out of range or that too many items are not blocking the devices from each other. In either case, it will limit the Bluetooth strength.

Discovery Mode – At times, you may need to ensure that Bluetooth is discoverable, both on the Dell laptop and on any device you are trying to connect to it.

On the laptop, you will have to go into the settings and enable pairing. This can sometimes be done by going into the action center, right-clicking on Bluetooth, and selecting settings.

On many other devices, Bluetooth is put into discoverable mode by holding down the Bluetooth button. You may also need to use an app to connect to the device if one is available.

Drivers – There may be times when you have to update the drivers to ensure that you can connect. The drivers are usually downloadable from the website associated with the product. It might not always be the laptop that is experiencing the problem.

Test Other Devices – If you are having problems connecting your Dell laptop to a specific device, see if it is possible to connect to other devices. Doing so will help you identify if it is a problem with the laptop or not. Be aware that some Bluetooth devices do not connect in both directions.

Remove Device – When you go into your Bluetooth settings on your laptop, you will see a list of devices that have been connected in the past. Try removing the device you are attempting to connect to if it exists and start from scratch.

Error Messages – If you are getting any type of error message, research it on the Dell website. Doing so will often identify the specific problem that is leading to the connectivity issue.

Update Windows – From time to time, Windows will have updates available and they may affect the ability of your laptop to connect to Bluetooth. Go into the Windows settings and check for any updates.

Bios Update – It is also a good idea to update the bios on occasion. If the bios is out of date, Bluetooth may stop working.

Dell Laptop Bluetooth not Pairing

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In order to enjoy the benefits of Bluetooth, you must pair your Dell laptop with another device. Here are some options to fix the issue if it is not working.

Go into system settings and troubleshoot the problem. Search for Bluetooth and run the troubleshooter that is in that section. You should be led through the troubleshooter and it will likely correct any issues that may exist.

Another reason why Bluetooth is not pairing is that it is not in pairing mode. The device you are trying to connect to must also be discoverable. This is usually done by pressing the Bluetooth button on the device or using the associated app.

Check the action center, which is in the lower right-hand corner of your desktop. Click on the Bluetooth icon and it will turn blue.

After turning on the Bluetooth icon on your Dell laptop, right-click and choose add device. If any devices are nearby in discoverable mode, the laptop should see them at that point.

Be aware that Bluetooth has a limited range of about 30 feet and any objects in the way will limit the range. It is best to have the device within a few feet of your laptop when it originally connects.

Sometimes, you have to reinstall the drivers or update them. If you go to the Dell website to troubleshoot the problem, it will detect your laptop and identify any drivers that need to be updated.

Your bios may need to be flash updated if it has an update available. This is a good thing to check, even if you aren’t having Bluetooth problems.

Dell Laptop Bluetooth won’t Turn On

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There are some simple ways to fix a Bluetooth connection on a Dell laptop that will not turn on. Try the following when you experience this issue.

Go into the action center and turn off airplane mode. You can also turn the Bluetooth on by clicking the icon and it will turn blue. After waiting for the Bluetooth to fully engage, you can put it in pairing mode. You should also make sure that any other devices in the area are discoverable.

If you are still experiencing a problem with your Bluetooth turning on, it may be necessary to restart the computer. Doing so is more than closing the lid or quickly touching the power button. That only puts it in hibernation mode or puts it to sleep.

After fully shutting off the computer, wait 30 seconds before turning it back on again. This may help to reset Bluetooth and allow it to turn on.

A Bluetooth troubleshooter is also available when you hold down the Windows key and press the Q key. Type troubleshoot in the box and scroll down through the list of system settings.

After running the troubleshooter, you can close the settings window. It should work at this point but you may need to restart the computer.

Dell Laptop Bluetooth driver Missing/not Working

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Drivers are necessary for anything to run on your Dell laptop. This includes Bluetooth.

If you are missing a driver or it is corrupted, you can go to the Dell website. Enter the troubleshooting and support area. The website should be able to detect your laptop and identify any drivers that need downloaded or updated.

At times, Bluetooth may stop working if it has been turned off in bios. You can check the bios by hitting F2 repeatedly at the Dell logo screen when you turn on the computer.

After entering the bios, make sure that Bluetooth is turned on. You should check for a BIOS update at that time.

Pressing the Windows key plus the R key will bring up a search box. Type in devmgmt.msc and look down through the list of available options for Bluetooth. If it is there, check to see if it needs updating.

Dell Laptop Bluetooth Keeps Disconnecting

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When Bluetooth disconnects it can really affect your enjoyment of your laptop. It will continually stop music or any other sound from playing through an external device.

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Search for the Windows device manager in the control panel and right-click on the Bluetooth adapter. Choose the power management tab and uncheck the box associated with allowing the computer to turn off the Bluetooth adapter. After clicking ok, Bluetooth should not disconnect any longer.

At times, you may also need to run the Bluetooth troubleshooter. Access the troubleshooter by holding down the Windows key and pressing Q. Type ‘troubleshoot’ in the search box.

Look for the option to ‘find or fix other problems’, select Bluetooth, and go through the troubleshooter. When completed, you may need to restart for the settings to finalize.

Restarting Windows may help clear out any problems that are leading to your Bluetooth continually shutting down. Make sure that you completely turn off the laptop, rather than putting it to sleep or into hibernation mode.

Once the laptop has been shut down fully, wait 30 seconds before turning it back on.

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Dell Laptop Bluetooth Not Showing

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If the Bluetooth icon has disappeared from the action center, there are some ways to get it back in again.

Restarting Windows will often help to clear any issues that cause the removal of the Bluetooth icon. Power down the computer fully, wait 30 seconds, and then turn it back on. Check the action center in the lower right-hand corner of your desktop for the Bluetooth icon.

At times, the Bluetooth icon may also go into the overflow area of the system tray. Look for the carrot to the left of the system tray and if the Bluetooth icon is there, you can drag it down to the system tray.

Hold down the Windows key and press the S key. Do a search for Bluetooth and when you get into the settings menu, make sure that Bluetooth is turned on.

Finally, it may be necessary to upgrade either the drivers or the BIOS for the Bluetooth icon to reappear.

When your Dell laptop Bluetooth is not working, go into the settings menu and choose Bluetooth and other devices. Turn off Bluetooth fully, wait 30 seconds and turn it back on. You may also need to remove Bluetooth devices from the list of known devices and add them again.

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