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Dell Laptop Keyboard is Not Working

If your Dell Laptop Keyboard is just not working, and you have a work deadline or family obligation to meet, it can be extremely frustrating. Luckily, there are usually a number of common reasons that could be causing this problem. Quick troubleshooting to find the reason for your Dell Laptop Keyboard not working can get your computer up and running so that you can finish work assignments or simply enjoy the family computer.

To begin your troubleshooting to see why your Dell Laptop Keyboard is not working, check to see if the problem is due to keyboard driver issues. To do this, first, connect your Dell Laptop to either a Bluetooth enabled or wired mouse and then uninstall and then reinstall the Dell Keyboard Driver.

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Go to the start menu and then click on Control Panel. Now click on Device Manager and go to the Keyboards section. Right Click on Driver Software and then click on Uninstall Device. After the uninstalling process is complete, then restart your Dell Computer.

After this, Windows should automatically reinstall the Dell Keyboard Driver. Now your keyboard will hopefully be operating properly. if this did not work, you will need to move on to further troubleshooting steps.

Dell Laptop Keyboard is not Working

The next thing to check if your Dell Laptop Keyboard is not working is to see if the Keyboard is in a Safe Mode status. Safe Mode is a specialized mode in which to boot your Dell Computer in which your operating system will reboot in a very basic state so that certain drivers and other system components will not run normally.

Once your Dell Laptop Keyboard is in Safe Mode, disable any outside software or outside drivers that may be disabling your Dell Keyboard Driver. Staying in Safe Mode, uninstall the Dell Keyboard Driver and then re-install it, and then try the keyboard again to see if it is functioning normally.

Oftentimes, if you tend to type in different languages or if you commonly use specialized software, this can disable your Dell Keyboard’s Driver. If the keyboard is functioning normally in Safe Mode, try to uninstall any special software that could be adversely affecting the Dell Keyboard Driver.

You can enter into Safe Mode by typing in “Start in Safe Mode” in the Search field on the bottom taskbar.

Dell Laptop Keyboard not Responding

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If you are still searching for other causes for your Dell Laptop Keyboard not responding, another step is to evaluate the Services Tab within the System Configuration Tab. Here you can further investigate a whole list of services to determine which one’s malfunction might be the cause of your Dell Laptop keyboard problem.

If your Dell Laptop Keyboard is not responding, check out the list of services available under the Services Tab. Check off or delete the check mark of each of the services that could be affecting your keyboard driver that you want to investigate and try the keyboard again.

Another possibility for your Dell Laptop Keyboard not responding could be due to a problem with your Startup Settings Screen. Go to the Advanced Options Screen and click on the Startup Settings option. Click on Restart and then on Enable Debugging.

Reboot your Dell Computer and then evaluate if this has fixed the keyboard failure problem. if not, then continue troubleshooting to try to determine the cause of the keyboard failure.

Dell Laptop Keyboard not Lighting Up

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Commonly, if your Dell Laptop Keyboard is not lighting up it is due to a problem in the BIOS. Check to see if the BIOS has been updated to the most current version available. Different options may be available for different Dell Laptop keyboards.

If your Dell Laptop Keyboard is not lighting up, it could be a problem with the Keyboard Backlit option not being enabled in the BIOS. First press the power button. Then start pressing the F2 key approximately one time every second. Now click on the “+” sign and go to System Configuration.

Now click on Keyboard Illumination and check to see if the Keyboard Illumination function is either disabled or is turned off completely. Also, check to see if the Dim function is turned on or is only on a half brightness level. Also, check to see if the keyboard illumination is at a full brightness level.

If your Dell Keyboard has an older version BIOS, the keyboard may automatically turn on its lighting function in low light conditions. If this is the case, make sure that the Ambient Light Sensor is enabled. First, click on the “+” sign that is found next to Video in the System Configuration Menu. Then click on the Ambient Light Sensor and then select Enable.

Dell Laptop Keyboard Won’t Type

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If your Dell Laptop Keyboard won’t type this can prove to be a frustrating and time-consuming problem. After some simple troubleshooting, this will usually turn out to be a keyboard driver problem that can be easily fixed.

Go to “Device Manager” and then Right Click on “Standard PS /2 keyboard and then click on “Update Driver.” Then delete the keyboard driver and reboot the computer. The Dell Laptop Keyboard Driver should then reinstall automatically. After this step, now see if the keyboard will type normally

Dell Laptop Keyboard not Working Beeping

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It is natural to get annoyed if you keep hearing a constant beeping sound from your Dell Laptop keyboard as you are typing. This can usually be due to a problem with an outdated driver or with other system issues.

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First, go to the Keyboards option on the Device Manager and Right-Click on the Installed Driver option. Then select “Update Driver” to see if this helps the problem. If not, try disabling the “Filter Keys”. You can also try to create a new User Profile to try to stop the beeping problem.

Dell Laptop Keyboard not Working After Windows Update

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Normally, a Windows update should ensure better functioning of your Dell Laptop computer and keyboard. Sometimes, though, a Windows update can lead to a malfunction of your Dell laptop keyboard.

A configuration error can be the cause of this issue. Click “Start” and then type “Troubleshooting” in the “Search” bar. Click on “Hardware and Sound” and then under “Device” click on “Hardware and Devices.” Now try out the keyboard to make sure it is working normally.

Dell Laptop Keyboard Stops Working

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If your Dell Laptop Keyboard stops working, it could either be from a hardware or a software problem. This can be further delineated by evaluating the Basic Input/Output System (BIOS) which is the program that your computer’s microprocessor to start your computer after it is turned on.

Go ahead and click on Restart and then on F2 in order to reenter the BIOS that manages the flow of information from your Dell computer’s operating system to external devices such as your Dell Computer Keyboard. Determine if the keyboard is still not working in BIOS.

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If this does not correct the problem, continue with troubleshooting measures until the issues are resolved and your Dell Laptop Keyboard is functioning again.

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